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Drover, Edward Hayes Talbot (b. “Blue Anchor Hotel,” Hammersmith, Middlesex, England, 1848 - d. Ayr, Queensland, 3 December 1928), and his wife, Maria Amelia (nee Gooch, b.3 October 1852 at Stepney, London; m.1873; d.29 March 1935) lived at Redcliffe Vale, Byfield, west of Mackay, Queensland. Talbot came out to Australia in 1862 on the “City of Brisbane,” which was lost on the return journey.

Between the years 1874 and 1896 they had ten children, nine daughters and one son: Eleanor Amelia (10 August 1874); Eliza Lucy (April 1877 - 13 March 1879); Elizabeth Ann Walton (1881, m. J Brennan); Mary Lucy (1884-1962, m. George Rennie); Phillip Thomas (29 December 1886 - 1916); Nora Charlotte (19 March 1888); Janet (1890); Clara Isabel (1892); Alice Maud (1894); and Victoria Pansie (1896). When Talbot died, he and Maria had been married for fifty-four years. Their son, Phillip, died aged nineteen on 12 June 1916 from pneumonia following a bout of measles while training at Enoggera, having enlisted for WWI.

This is a drover's diary from the late nineteenth century, given the title “Talbot Diary: Droving Trip in the Central Division of Qld by Mr. E. H. Talbot in 1878.”

Archive Location: 102R


TAL/Diary/1 - note book sized document with comments in pen and pencil.

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