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Magnetic Island to Townsville Annual Swim Committee Archive

The Magnetic Island Swim Committee operated in Townsville from 1954-1972. It consisted of a group of public-minded citizens who felt there was a great need for some sort of local festival and for public involvement in it. Funds raised by various activities organised by the Committee - the Magnetic Island Annual Swim, the Mardi-Gras, the Tagged Fishing Competition - were all donated to various local charities. The Committee abandoned its activities when another committee commenced the Townsville Pacific Festival.

Records of the Committee were given to JCU Library by the Secretary, Mr Robert Mays, in 1981.

Archive Location: 84L-R, 85L, 86R


Series Listing

Minutes of Meetings, 1955 - 1970 (PDF document, 3 pages)

Correspondence, 1956 - 1980, inward (PDF document, 14 pages)

Correspondence, 1956 - 1980, outward (PDF document, 9 pages)

Swim festival, Manilla Folder (Financial Records), Newspaper Clippings, Additional Correspondence 1957 - 1967 (PDF document, 1 page)