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Strathleven Station is situated near the Palmer River on Cape York Peninsula. The area was initially taken up in 1874 by two Frenchmen, Willie and Henry de Sallis, and the original homestead was located at the junction of the King and Palmer Rivers. The Station prospered, finding a good market for its beef on the surrounding gold fields and selling horses, some of which saw service in the Indian Army.

In 1948, when these records start, the property of 600 square miles came into the hands of the Martel brothers.

Archive Location: 194L

Detailed Listing

SSR/1/1 Annual accounts of Strathleven Station, 1948-1949 to 1950-1951

SSR/1/2 Annual accounts of Strathleven and Wilandspey Stations, 1951-1952 to 1955-1956

SSR/1/3 Annual accounts of Strathleven, Wilandspey and Denbigh Stations, 1956-1957

SSR/1/4 Annual accounts of Elimeek, Wilandspey and Denbigh Stations, 1957-1958 to 1961-1962

SSR/2/1 Employees' wages records from 1948 to 1970-71

SSR/3/1 Photographic copies and negatives of the annual accounts and wages records.

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