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During research for a book on the history of Far North Queensland, journalist and ex-high school teacher, Mike Rimmer, interviewed many original pioneers and their relatives. This collection consists of 40 audio cassettes focusing on oral history.

Archive Location: 42L


Detailed Listing

Audio Cassette Recordings:

RC/ 1     Edwards, Ernie (Ravenshoe); Prior, ‘Sonny’ (Chillagoe area)

RC/ 2     Gordon, Hay (Dimbulah); Mansfield, Chris (Milla Milla)

RC/ 3     Mansfield, Chris (Milla Milla); Knudson, Mrs (Milla Milla)

RC/ 4     Knudson, Mrs (Milla Milla); Edmondson, Mr (Cape York)

RC/ 5-12 Wardle, Mrs

RC/ 13   Wardle, Mrs; Christie, S. (Ravenshoe); Samundsett; Allen, Mrs

RC/ 14   Wardle, Mrs; O’Callaghan; Mike (Irvinebank); Edmondson, Mr (Cape York)

RC/ 15   Wardle, Mrs; O’Callaghan, Mike

RC/ 16   O’Callaghan, Mike; Allen, Mrs

RC/ 17   Dean, Winnie (Watsonville); O’Callaghan, Mike

RC/ 18   O’Callaghan, Mike

RC/ 19   O’Callaghan, Mike; Callaghan, Frank (Stannary Hills)

RC/ 20   Callaghan, Frank; Glidden, Mrs; Wardle, Mrs

RC/ 21   George, Cooper (‘G’ String George); O’Callaghan, Mike

RC/ 22   Jones, Fred; O’Callaghan, Mike

RC/ 23   Morris, Pat (Watsonville); Kelly, Barry (Stannary Hills)

RC/ 24   Hoddie; ‘the young fella’; Cooktown Bushland; Cooper, George

RC/ 25   Cooper, George; Hoddie; ‘the young fella’; Morris, Pat; Wardle, Mrs; Keogh, Les

RC/ 26   Keogh, Les; Gillespie, Mrs (Ravenshoe); Gennings, Tom (Tumoulin); Barney, Kelly (Stannary Hills)

RC/ 27   Kean, Percy (Ravenswood)

RC/ 28   Kean, Percy (Ravenswood)

RC/ 29   Ravenswood; Ravenshoe

RC/ 30   MacNamara, Darby (Mr Carbine)

RC/ 31   MacNamara, Darby

RC/ 32   MacNamara, Darby

RC/ 33   MacNamara, Darby; George, Cooper

RC/ 34   Castles, Bill; Sycamore, Mrs (Mungana); Henson, Mrs (Chillagoe); Sorenson, Mrs

RC/ 35
  Skipper, Ernie; Bill, Harris (Tent Hill); Kelly,Barney

RC/ 36   Macauleys (Coolgarra); Bowe, John (Coolgarra)

RC/ 37   Lucy Family (Mt. Garnett); Johnson; Verge; Condon; Henry; Gillespie

RC/ 38   Sorenson, Mrs; Jackson, Archie


RC/Extra Photocopies of Ray Langford's notes on tapes 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 of the Rimmer Collection. 15p.


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