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S. Purcell, Mareeba, Archive

Steven Purcell was an Examiner with the Railway Department who, at the end of World War One, became a builder and contractor in the Mareeba district. While the 1920s were boom years, the 1930s brought the Depression, the effect of which can be discerned in these records.

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Detailed Listing

SP/1     Railway Department, "Rules and Regulations for the Guidance of Employees, 1911” Amendment to Rule II, dated 30 November 1916.

SP/2     Railway Department, "Schedule of Allowances to Employees" Amendment to Clause 70, dated 23 February 1917.

SP/3     Railway Department, "Staff Regulations of 1915" Amendment to Clause 49, dated 1 March 1917.

SP/4     Train notice no. 58, dated 6 June 1917.

SP/5     Train notice no. 158, dated 7 June 1917.

SP/6     Train notice no. 167, dated 14 June 1917.

SP/7     Train notice no. 168, dated 15 June 1917.

SP/8     Department of Railways, "The Railways Act of 1914" Amendment of By-Law 102, dated 19 October 1917.

SP/9     Notice of Election of Employees' Representatives (Northern Division), dated 2 January 1918.

SP/10   Election of Employees’ Representatives. Availability of Ballot boxes.

SP/11   Pamphlet: "Staff Regulations" February 1916.

SP/12   Telegrams (Railway) 1917 – 1919 (15 in all).

SP/13   Memoranda (Railway) 1917 (24 in all).

SP/14   Circular memo no. 17/9, dated 16 February 1917.

SP/15   Miscellaneous correspondence to Examiner S. Purcell from the Locomotive Superintendent, Cairns, between 1917/1918 (37 letters in all).

SP/16   Handwritten train timetable.

SP/17   Circular memo no. 17/94, dated 11 December 1917.

SP/18   Letter re transfer to Loco Branch, dated 5 May 1917.

SP/19   Miscellaneous bills and receipts 1916/1919 (19 in all).

SP/20   Miscellaneous accounts 1922 – 1929. Mainly business but some household accounts (296 in all).


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SP/21   Specifications. Building not identified.

SP/22   Workers’ Compensation Acts, 1916 – 1921. Notice of expiry, dated 1 June 1923.

SP/23   Workers’ Compensation Acts, 1916 – 1921. Notice of Acceptance, dated 15 June 1923.

SP/24   Workers' Compensation Acts, 1916 – 1925. Notice of Expiry, dated 1 June 1926.

SP/25   Workers’ Compensation Acts, Notice of Expiry, dated 1 June 1927.

SP/26  State Government Insurance Office (SGIO) Queensland Workers' Compensation (Policy) Department. Policy no. 70591, dated 14 September 1927.

SP/27   SGIO Memo: Agency Instructions re Commission (Life Department), n.d.

SP/28   Mutual Life and Citizens Assurance Co Ltd., Annual Bonus Certificate

SP/29   Dog Registration Certificate 1919 – 1920.

SP/30   SGIO Queensland. Statement of Adjustment.

SP/31   Receipt for donation to Mareeba District Hospital, dated 9 April 1925.

SP/32   Letter from Woothakata Shire Council re tenders for demolition, dated 10 July 1926.

SP/33   Letter from the District Land Office, Cairns, re lack of compliance with the conditions of improvement to Perpetual Town Lease no 6185, dated 24 July 1926.

SP/34   Surrender of all right, title and interest in and to the lease of Perpetual Town Lease no. 6185. In duplicate and neither signed nor dated.

SP/35   Statement of Votes Polled on the 9 April 1927 for the election of two Councillors for Division No. 3. Woothakata Shire, dated 16 April 1927.

SP/36   Notice re annual rent on Miners' Homestead No 2594, dated 1 May 1927.

SP/37   Receipt re SP/36, dated 3 May 1927.

SP/38   Rate notice, dated 21 May 1928.

SP/39   Mareeba Water Authority. Arrears of Rates, dated 26 February 1929.

SP/40   SGIO (Life Department) Bonus Certificate, 1928.


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SP/41   SGIO (Life Department) Bonus Certificate, 1929.

SP/42   Shire of Woothakata. Unpaid rates. Final Notice, dated 26 February 1928.

SP/43   Letter of Attorney for sale of a hut, dated 25 August 1919.

SP/44   Letter from Rev. and Mrs M McDonagh n.d.

SP/45   Letter to W P Montgomery, Solicitor, Atherton, re claims against Jamieson’s Estate. n.d.

SP/46   Miscellaneous accounts, 1930 – 1934 (44 in all).

SP/47   SGIO (Life Department). Bonus Certificate, 1931.

SP/48   SGIO Non-forfeiture Regulations Notice, dated 9 September 1931.

SP/49   SGIO Non-Forfeiture Regulations Notice, dated 6 April 1932.

SP/50   SGIO Life Policy No 695534. Outstanding premiums, dated 14 July 1932.

SP/51   SGIO Workers' Compensation Policy, dated 19 April 1933.

SP/52   Further letter re SP/50, dated 8 May 1933.

SP/53   Further letter re SP/50 and SP/52 dated 18 October 1933.

SP/54   Letter from SGIO Cairns office re SP/53, dated 27 October 1933.

SP/55   Letter from SGIO Cairns office re interim payments.

SP/56   Further letter re SP/55, dated 9 March 1934.

SP/57   Letter from SGIO Cairns office re an order on the State Advances Corporation, dated 18 May 1934.

SP/58   Specifications. Builder not identified.

SP/59   Memorandum from Apprenticeship Office re Ernest William Lepinath, dated 3 August 1934.

SP/60   Letter from the Electrical Workers' Board and Apprenticeship Office re the indenture forms of Ernest William Lepinath, dated 4 September 1934.


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SP/61   Letter from B McDonagh re timber quotes, dated 13 June 1934.

SP/62   Further letter from B McDonagh re SP/61.

SP/63   Article: "Federal Cabinet: The Reconstruction," Cairns Post, 27 September 1934.

SP/64   Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners of Australia. Working card. Quarter ending December 1937.

SP/65   Draft. Specifications of work and materials required in the erection of a dwelling.

SP/66   Receipt from the Mareeba Water Authority, dated 31 December 1934.

SP/67   Notice of arrears of water rates.

SP/68   Shire of Woothakata. Rate notes and receipts (6 in all).

SP/69   Letter from the Woothakata Shire Council re arrears of rates, dated 14 November 1930.

SP/70   Letter from the Woothakata Shire Council re the proposed footbridge, Basalt Gully, dated 20 January 1934.

SP/71   Letter from the Woothakata Shire Council re the re-roofing of the Shire Office at Mareeba, dated 15 February 1930.

SP/72   Letter from the Woothakata Shire Council re arrears of water rates, dated 26 March 1934.

SP/73   Letter from the Woothakata Shire Council re quotations for sanitary cabinets, dated 20 April 1934.

SP/74   Voucher for payment of SP/73 and credit towards SP/69 and SP/72, dated 25 June 1934.

SP/75   Letter from B McDonagh re patterns of gates, dated 5 September 1934.

SP/76   P C items page 2. Unidentified and page 1 missing.

SP/77   Letter from the State Advances Corporation (workers’ dwelling) re Building Revival Scheme, dated 9 February 1934.

SP/78   Letter from the State Advances Corporation re improvements to dwelling – M A Adams, Abbot Street, Mareeba, dated 5 April 1934.

SP/79   Letter from State Advances Corporation re payment for SP/78, dated 29 May 1934.


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SP/80   Correspondence: Nine letters, both personal and business, which reflect the effect of the depression years on S Purcell as a Builder and Contractor. These letters span the years 1931 to 1934.

SP/81   Commercial Union Assurance Co. Ltd, Renewal certificate, dated 8 November 1930.

SP/82   Commercial Union Assurance Co Ltd, Renewal notice, dated 28 October 1933.

SP/83   Woothakata Shire Council. Rate notice for year ending 31 December 1941.

SP/84   Receipt from Lawson & Son, dated 1 March 1941.

SP/85   Pamphlet: "The Mutual Provident Messenger," Vol 38, No 3, 1 March 1929.

SP/86   Pamphlet: "The Mutual Provident Messenger," Vol 38, No 5, 1 May 1928.

SP/87   Pamphlet: "How to Identify Japanese Aircraft," George B Graham, Melbourne, National Press, 1942.

SP/88   Tritton’s catalogue, Brisbane. n.d.

SP/89   Coupon Furniture Co Ltd. catalogue, Brisbane. n.d.

SP/90   Mareeba Joinery Works, catalogue of doors, casements and French lights.


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