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Brothers, George Edward, Henry (Harry) James and Walter (Wally) John Pope, were all experienced coach and motor body builders and general wheelwrights. Using the slogan “We worked for others for you now let us work for you without the others,” they began their own operation as Pope Brothers in Townsville in June 1923. At that time, transport was making the transition from horses to motorised transport and the brothers believed Townsville offered a good business opportunity to which they could put their combined skills.

George was born in Charters Towers in 1891. He began work there with coachbuilders, Gelling Brothers, and ten years later, still with Gelling brothers (who also operated in Cairns), George moved to Townsville. On 20 October 1915 he married Miss Emma Rose (Rose) Furmedge, an employee of Burns Philp & Co. in Cairns. George and Rose had five children – Edith, Roy, Jack, Kevin and Dell. By 14 December 1925, however, George had to sell his share of the business to Harry and Walter and retire due to ill health. After a long period of illness, in September 1930 George and his family moved to Ravenswood in the hope his health would improve. The family had only been there a week when George died on 26 September 1930 aged thirty-nine. George was survived by Rose and their children, his mother, Mrs John Pope, three brothers, Frank, Harry and Walter Pope, and sister, Mrs M Turley.

Rose later remarried to Mr A W Campbell. Edith married RAAF serviceman, Clifford Douglas Robinson, at St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane, on 15 November 1941. Dell married John Kevin O’Donnell at St Francis Church, Railway Estate, in November 1948. In the 1940s, Roy and Jack took over the business from their uncles, Harry and Wally.

Harry Pope’s first job was in Charters Towers at Parnell’s cyanide works. He left Parnell’s to take up a position with Guthrie and Collins, wheelwrights, where he progressed quickly through his informal apprenticeship to complete it in three and a half years, rather than the usual five. When the family later moved to Townsville, Harry immediately secured a position with wheelwright, Dave Edwards, where he was made foreman after only four months and remained there for seven years until beginning Pope Brothers. Harry was the last surviving Pope brother and, at the time of Wally’s death in 1954, he was retired and living at South Townsville.

Wally Pope, born in Charters Towers in 1899, moved to Townsville in 1919 at the age of twenty. By 1931 Wally was married and had two children. At the time of his death in May 1954, aged fifty-five, he lived at Lytton Road, Morningside, in Brisbane. He was survived by his widow.

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PB/WB1 Jan 1925–Mar 1926

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PB/J1 1924-1929 (Workbook)

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