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Ravenswood Picnic Hack Club Archive

(also known as Ravenswood Picnic Race Club)


As Ravenswood’s population increased - by 1920 it stood at 1,117 - there was sufficient interest to support the establishment of a Picnic Race Club.

Archive Location: 67L


Detailed Listing

RPHC/1 Five accounts/receipts for December 1919

RPHC/2 Nineteen accounts/receipts for January 1920

RPHC/3 Three accounts/receipts for February 1920

RPHC/4 Seven accounts/receipts for April 1920

RPHC/5 Thirty accounts/receipts for May 1920

RPHC/6 Calcutta on flying handicap 3 May 1920 (?betting account sheets)

RPHC/7 Two undated accounts

RPHC/8 Cheque book butts 11 November 1919 - 19 May 1920


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