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Kenneth Royce Orr, BA, MEd, MACE, joined the staff of the Education Department of the University College of Townsville in 1964. He was a staff member of that department and its successors until 1985. Orr was actively involved in university life and committee work throughout this time and these papers reflect some of that activity.

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Series Listing

Series 1   Academic Planning Committee, 1969
Series 2   Asian Study Courses, 1966 - 1972
Series 3   Consultative Committee of James Cook University, 1973 - 1974
Series 4   Correspondence with Edward Scott, 1967 - 1985
Series 5   School of Education James Cook University, 1964 - 1984
Series 6   Debate in State Parliament, 1972
Series 7   Academic Board Election
Series 8   Tertiary Teacher Training, 1972 - 1973
Series 9   Academic Structure Review Committee, 1974 - 1977  

Detailed Listing

Series 1 Academic Planning Committee

KO/1/1 Letter to Professor Trollope, unsigned, undated
KO/1/2 Letter to K Orr from Professor Trollope, 11 November 1969
KO/1/3 Letter to Professor Trollope, from K Orr, 17 November 1969
KO/1/4 Memo to Chairman of Academic Board from Edward Scott, 23 October 1969
KO/1/5 Memo to D K Back, from P P Courtenay, 23 October 1969
KO/1/6 Memo to All members of Education Department staff from Edward Scott, 13October 1969
KO/1/7 Memo to Heads of Departments in Faculties of Commerce & Economics, Education, Engineering and Science, from P P Courtenay, 8 October 1969
KO/1/8 Memo to Members of the Arts, Science and Engineering Committees, from R J Barnett, 8 October 1969, with Report of the Academic Planning Committee


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Series 2 Asian Study Courses

KO/2/1 Courses on Asian cultures in Queensland Schools, updated (2 copies)
KO/2/2 Report of Asian studies sub-committee, undated
KO/2/3 Memo to K Orr from P P Courtenay, 31 October 1966, with Asian Studies Sub committee, notes for consideration of meeting on 2 November 1966
KO/2/4 Untitled, undated notes on proposed course
KO/2/5 Proposal to the Warden recommending the introduction of Asian Studies on this campus, undated.
KO/2/6 Report of Asian Studies Subcommittee, undated.
KO/2/7 Letter to K Orr from K Back, 12 October 1966
KO/2/8 Letter to K Back from K Orr, 11 October 1966, with Proposal to the Warden recommending the introduction of Asian Studies on this campus.
KO/2/9 University College of Townsville Annual Degree Examination 1969 South East Asian Studies Second Paper
KO/2/10 Memo to SEAS Board of Studies from R J Pryor, 26 January 1972
KO/2/11 South East Asian Studies, 1972 (2 copies)
KO/2/12 Committee of Studies of SEAS has discussed future developments.
K Orr, R B Pryor, B B Herring, 25 February 1972
KO/2/14 Letter to K Orr from ‘Philip,’ 11 September 1972
KO/2/15 Letter to ‘Dear Phillip’ from K Orr, 19 July 1972
KO/2/16 Letter to K Orr from I H Welch, 11 April 1975
KO/2/17 A case for SEAS as our allowable course ..., unsigned, undated.
KO/2/18 Memo to Professor Sussex from K N Chester, 17 March 1972
KO/2/19 Memo to ‘K O’ from ‘B B H,’ 1 March 1972
KO/2/20 Memo to K Orr from B B Herring, 1 March 1972
KO/2/21 Memo to K Orr from Professor Sussex, 3 March 1972
KO/2/22 Lecture/Seminar outline
KO/2/23 Memo to Professor Dalton from B B Herring, 11 February 1972
KO/2/24 Proposals for future development of SEAS, K Orr, 11 February 1972
KO/2/25 Draft response to request for report on future of SEAS course, 25 November 1971
KO/2/26 Letter to Professor Sussex from K Orr, 9 December 1971, with handwritten drafting notes
KO/2/27 South East Asian Studies, topics included in 1971 course.
KO/2/28 Comments on SEAS courses for 1971, R J Pryor, 11 October 1971
KO/2/29 Lecture outline, Seminar topics.
KO/2/30 Letter to Milton Simms from Robin Pryor, 15 March 1971
KO/2/31 Memo to Members of SEAS Committee of Studies from Philip Courtenay, 9 September 1971
KO/2/32 Letter to K Orr from H T Fry, 13 May 1971

Series 3 Consultative Committee of James Cook University

KO/3/1 Agenda papers for meeting of 1 March 1974
KO/3/2 Agenda papers for meeting of 17 October 1973


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Series 4 Correspondence with Edward Scott

KO/4/1 Letter to ‘Kenneth’ from ‘Ted,’ 22 April 1985
KO/4/2 Letter to ‘Kenneth’ from ‘Ted,’ 19 April 1985
KO/4/3 Memo to Professor Scott from K Orr, 18 April 1985
KO/4/4 Opinion survey, Edward Scott, 17 April 1985
KO/4/5 Memo to Academic Staff- School of Education from Edward Scott, 25 June 1984
KO/4/6 Letter to K Orr from Edward Scott, 1 September 1978, with associated reply, 7 September 1978
KO/4/7 Copy of Bull Sheet, 22 September 1978
KO/4/8 Notes for memo to ‘E S,’ 26 September ?
KO/4/9 Letter to ‘Kenneth’ from ‘Ted,’ 2 May 1973
KO/4/10 Memo to J Parker from ‘Kenneth,’ 24 September 1970 with associated letter to ‘Kenneth’ from ‘Ted,’ 29 September 1971
KO/4/11 Memo to Professor Scott from K Orr, 8 September 1969
KO/4/12 Letter to K Orr from ‘Ted,” 25 March 1969, with associated reply, 27 March 1969
KO/4/13 Letter to ‘Kenneth’ from ‘Ted,’ 2 September [1968] with associated reply, 18 September 1968
KO/4/14 Letter to Professor Scott from K Orr, 21 November 1968
KO/4/15 Letter to K Orr from E Scott, 7 August 1968
KO/4/16 Letter to K Orr from E Scott, 2 December 1968
KO/4/17 Notes on “Confabulation with E Scott,” 8 September 1968
KO/4/18 Letter to E Scott, unsigned, 24 June 1968
KO/4/19 Letter to K Orr from E Scott, 19 March 1968
KO/4/20 Letter to ‘Ted,’ 25 March 1968 with associated note and itinerary.
KO/4/21 Memo to E Scott from K Orr, 18 May 1967

Series 5 School of Education James Cook University

KO/5/1 Memo to full time academic staff of the School of Education from K Back, 8 May 1984
KO/5/2 Letter to Sir George Kneipp from K Orr, 3 May 1984, with three associated letters with multiple signature
KO/5/3 Proposals for a new pattern of teacher preparation, undated
KO/5/4 Proposed developments, Education 1967-69
KO/5/5 Memo to E Scott from K Orr, 11 August 1965, with associated reply, 29 August 1965
KO/5/6 Memo to K Orr from E Scott, 22 March 1965, with associated reply, 25 March 1965
KO/5/7 Proposals for full time teacher education in the University College of Townsville, 8 June 1965
KO/5/8 Senior Educators’ Seminars, Second term, 1964

Series 6 Debate in State Parliament, 1972

KO/6/1 Memo to University staff from K Back, 9 November 1972
KO/6/2 Draft Letter to ‘Ken’

Series 7 Academic Board election

KO/7/1 Statement of personal position
KO/7/2 Statement of personal position


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Series 8 Tertiary teacher training

KO/8/1 Report to the Faculty of Arts on the Second Tertiary Teaching Seminar
KO/8/2 Subcommittee established to consider tertiary teaching techniques First report, 1972
KO/8/3 Committee on teaching practices agenda papers, 10 July 1973

Series 9 Academic Structure Review Committee

KO/9/1 Agenda item papers, interdisciplinary programs, 28 June 1977, with associated papers on this topic
KO/9/2 Agenda papers, 24 June 1977
KO/9/3 Agenda papers, 15 June 1977
KO/9/4 Agenda papers, 6 June 1977
KO/9/5 Agenda papers, 26 May 1977
KO/9/6 Letter to K Orr from B J Dalton, 11 May 1977, with associated paper on faculty membership
KO/9/7 Agenda papers, 11 May 1977
KO/9/8 Memo to Deputy Registrar from N Milward and others, 15 April 1977
KO/9/9 Agenda papers, 13 April 1977
KO/9/10 Memo to K Back from N Milward, 13 April 1977
KO/9/11 Agenda papers, 7 March 1977
KO/9/12 Memo to K Orr from K Back, 24 December 1976
KO/9/13 Memo to K Back, 17 December 1976, with associated paper on Faculty structure
KO/9/14 AVCC paper on appointment of Heads of Departments
KO/9/15 Agenda papers, 30 November 1976
KO/9/16 Letterto J Coll from J Oliver, 4 November 1976
KO/9/17 Memo to K Orr from I N Saunders 3 November 1976, and associated papers about Science and Engineering Faculties
KO/9/18 Memo to Deputy Registrar from N Milward, K Orr and others, 3 November 1976, and associated drafts
KO/9/19 Review paper, ? October 1976
KO/9/20 Agenda papers, 22 October 1976
KO/9/21 Letter to D J Smith from E Scott, 13 October 1976
KO/9/22 Agenda papers, 12 October 1976
KO/9/23 Agenda papers, 17 September 1976
KO/9/24 Letter to K Back from N Milward, 30 August 1976
KO/9/25 Agenda papers, 24 August 1976
KO/9/26 Agenda papers, 10 August 1976
KO/9/27 Agenda papers, 23 August 1976
KO/9/28 Agenda papers, 18 June 1976
KO/9/29 Agenda papers, 27 May 1976
KO/9/30 Agenda papers, 25 March 1976
KO/9/31 Agenda papers, 1 December 1975
KO/9/32 Structure review working party report, 27 November 1975
KO/9/33 Agenda papers, 12 September 1975
KO/9/34 Agenda papers, 1 August 1975
KO/9/35 Existing structure subcommittee first report, 24 July 1975
KO/9/36 Memo to staff from K Orr, 16 July 1975
KO/9/37 Memo to K Orr from K Stark, 14 July 1975, with associated papers about workloads.
KO/9/38 Draft of Open letter to the Staff Association from K Orr, 26 April 1979
KO/9/39 Draft report of the Academic Structure Review Committee [1979?] with associated notes.
KO/9/40 Minority report of a member of the Academic Structure Review Committee, E Scott, undated
KO/9/41 Letter to K Back from S Macdonald, 25 June 1975
KO/9/42 Agenda papers, 25 June 1975
KO/9/43 Memo to Members of the Academic Staff from K Orr, 3 June 1975
KO/9/44 Agenda papers, 28 May 1975
KO/9/45 Papers relating to Academic Structure Review Committee Election, 13 May 1975
KO/9/46 Report of the Standing Committee of the Academic Board on the proposed review of the academic structure of the University, 1974.
KO/9/47 As KO/9/46 with handwritten annotations.
KO/9/48 Review of the academic structure D Trollope, 19 May1974
KO/9/49 Planning, unsigned, undated
KO/9/50 Subcommittee 2, Academic Structure Review discussion paper, K Stark, undated.

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