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The North Queensland Conservation Council is a voluntary organisation which began in Townsville in 1975. The council puts out a newsletter, holds various fundraising activities and actively promotes NQ Conservation issues.

* Also see John Busst Collection for further information.

Archive Location: 362R - 363L


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Meeting Records

Working Papers




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NQCC/CORR/1 Letters, memos and faxes 1975 - 1992.

Meeting Records:

NQCC/MR/1 Land Care Action Group meeting 15.10.91 minutes, G.B.R. Ministerial Council meeting communique 1982.

NQCC/MR/2 Conference Papers - Rainforest Conference June-July 1983 and February 1984, Aboriginal and Islander Catholic Council Conference January 1976.

Working Papers:

NQCC/WP/1 Islands and Tourism.

NQCC/WP/2 Project Jonah.


NQCC/RPT/1 Evaluation of Agricultural Land Eacham Shire 1983, Critical Review of Queensland Forestry Department, September 1981.

NQCC/RPT/2 Recommendations for Zoning Far Northern Section of G.B.R. by T.R.C.C., November 1983.

NQCC/RPT/3 Notes on Tedi Mining Ltd. 1983, notes of Herbert River Valley Cane versus Forestry issue, March 1982, briefing note on Coastal surveillance, n.d.

NQCC/RPT/4 Proposals - P & O proposal for pontoon Masthead Island, proposal for national campaign to defend Queensland Aboriginals.

NQCC/RPT/5 Plans - Council of the Shire of Torres advisory plan, draft management plan for Michaelmas Reef, strategic plan for G.B.R. World Heritage area.

NQCC/RPT/6 Environmental Study Advice - Coniferous Plantations 1975, Residential D Zoned Land T.C.C. 1993.

NQCC/RPT/7 Comments - on draft zoning plan for Cairns and Cormorant Pass, on the Reef Link Floating Hotel 1985, on rainforest research in N.Q., on management and boundaries of Cairns zone, on western boundary for Cairns zone, on Conifer plantation project 1975.


NQCC/PUB/1 Media Releases 16.8.77, 3.6.83, 15.5.84, 19.3.90 and 2.2.88.

NQCC/PUB/2 Government and Ministerial media releases, senate proceedings, G.B.R.M.P.A. Act 1975, Statutory Rules No. 108, N.Q. a Special Place booklet on first anniversary of Hawke Labor Government.

NQCC/PUB/3 G.B.R.M.P.A. information pamphlets.

NQCC/PUB/4 Wet Tropics and Tropical Rainforest leaflets.

NQCC/PUB/5 Newsletters - "Health and Soil" November 1978 - August 1988 (incomplete).

NQCC/PUB/6 Newsletters - Wet Tropics Update March - April 1985, Ebb and Flow June - September - November 1983 - May 1986 and June 1987, Townsville Environment Centre June - July 1977 and June - July - September 1976, G.A.S.P. March - July - August 1973, Town Common Natural History Association August 1983 - November 1986 and October 1987, Spout March 1976.

NQCC/PUB/7 Newsletters - The Volunteer March 1983, Beach Conservation January - May - November 1986 - December 1987, Society for Growing Australian Plants Tablelands Branch September 1985 - March 1987 (incomplete).

NQCC/PUB/8 Newspaper - clippings RE: conservation issues mainly from the Townsville Bulletin.

NQCC/PUB/9 Extracts from publications on various environmental issues including the reef, rainforest, mining and fishing.

NQCC/PUB/10 Appendix 6 of Wave and Wind Data for John Brewer Reef - Young 1985.

NQCC/PUB/11 Questionnaire for recreational groups, information papers, by-laws for Quinkan Reserves Trust etc.

NQCC/PUB/12 Programme Development without Destruction Conference 1980, Map - Cairns Strip Chart and Townsville Peace Calendar 1992.


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