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Born in Durban, South Africa, and coming to Mackay, Queensland, in 1913, Andrew Brough Milne (1890-1979) was a pioneering Mackay motor industry inventor and engineer. In 1915 he took the first photograph of Mackay from the air, using a box kite that was oversized at almost six feet (approximately two metres) in length. In order to hold the extra weight of a specially-designed, lightweight camera that could be activated by a gentleman's watch (see website for Mackay City Library - Local History). Milne's talent for invention took him into such areas as treating pineapple disease, experimenting with talking movies, chocolate Easter egg making machine, boat building and designing. His auto transmission system was accepted in 1936 as a patent, and its complete specification was accepted in June, 1937.

Archive Location: 102R

Detailed Listing

ABM/1/ Newspaper article, 'Mackay inventor dies, aged 89' (undated), unknown newspaper

ABM/2/ Letter addressed to Nanette (undated) concerning copy of tape that Andrew Brough Milne made in 1972 with regard to the 1915 aerial photograph and how it was accomplished; accompanying cassette tape with 'Andrew Milne' heading

ABM/3/ Patent (no. 101,487) for a "Variable ratio drive", invented by Andrew Brough Milne, with specifications and drawings attached. Officially documented by the Department of Patents, Commonwealth of Australia, dated 15 July 1937



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