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Meatworks Tasks


Series 1:   Task/Job Descriptions

AMIEU/TJD/1  Descriptions of Slicing Tasks

AMIEU/TJD/2  Agreements: Task descriptions

AMIEU/TJD/3  F.J. Walker Boning Teams

AMIEU/TJD/4  F.J. Walker, Tennant Creek [Northern Division, Townsville]

AMIEU/TJD/5  Mackay Export: Bakers Creek

AMIEU/TJD/6  F.J. Walker, 1984

AMIEU/TJD/7  Q.M.E. Company – Ross River: Task Descriptions & Mannings: Quarter Boning

AMIEU/TJD/8  Ross River Meatworks: More Job/Task descriptions

AMIEU/TJD/9  Ross River Task descriptions

AMIEU/TJD/10  Swift Australian Company (Pty.) Ltd.

i. Beef Slaughtering Incentive Teams – Task descriptions

ii. Can-Pak Follow On Labour, Task descriptions & Valuations Units of Labour per 100 Head

iii. Contract gangs skinning feet & saving sinews

iv. Contract gangs NOT skinning feet & saving sinews

AMIEU/TJD/11  Stuart Hide Gang: Tally Handling

AMIEU/TJD/12  Task Descriptions. Ross River. Boning Room. Boning

AMIEU/TJD/13  Palletisers; F.J. Walker, Stuart

AMIEU/TJD/14  Thomas Borthwick & Sons: Merinda Meatworks. Task Descriptions

AMIEU/TJD/15  Task Descriptions 1967 to 1975

AMIEU/TJD/16  Proposals Boning, Mannings and Task Descriptions, 1984

AMIEU/TJD/17  Swift Australian Co. Pty.  Ltd. Stuart Meatworks – Task Descriptions

AMIEU/TJD/18  H. Fay. Can-Pak Gangs and Task Decriptions. Swifts

AMIEU/TJD/19  Slicing Manual – The Angliss Group

AMIEU/TJD/20  Alligator Creek

Archives Location: 444M


Series 2:   Task/Job Descriptions (Various)


Items not individually numbered

Archives Location: 444M


Series 3:   Tallies

AMIEU/TAL/1 Abbatoirs Tallies

AMIEU/TAL/2 Meatworks Slaughter Rates

AMIEU/TAL/3 Cape River Meatworks

AMIEU/TAL/4 Can-Pak Tallies. H. Fay. Merinda Tally Rates

AMIEU/TAL/5 Chain Boning Tallies

AMIEU/TAL/6 Tancreds Slaughtering Team, 1979

AMIEU/TAL/7 Stuart Boning Team Output (Maximum Tally)

AMIEU/TAL/8 F.J. Walker. Stuart Packer Manning, 1982

AMIEU/TAL/9 Ross River, Can-Pak, 1984

Archives Location: 444R


Series 4:   Tallies (Various)


Items not individually numbered

Archives Location: 444R


Series 5:  Staffing Arrangements

AMIEU/STA/1 1967 Freezers. Overtime Calls

AMIEU/STA/2 Alligator Creek Registrations, 1950-1951 Season

AMIEU/STA/3 Alligator Creek Registrations, 1953-1954

AMIEU/STA/4 Australian Meatworks

AMIEU/STA/5 Industry Reports/Meatworks Operations

AMIEU/STA/6 Queensland Meat Export Co. Pty. Ltd. lists, 1968

Archives Location: 444R