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Robert Mays was a civil engineer with the Townsville City Council and a member of various committees including the Townsville - Magnetic Island Swim Committee, the Australia Day Flag Raising Committee, the Royal Visit Committee and the Coronation Celebrations Committee.

These records, while not complete, show something of the work behind the presentation of Townsville's public face and some of the workings of theTownsville City Council.

Archive Location: 82R-83R

Detailed Listing

RMC/1 Historical notes and information about Townsville up until the 1960s compiled by R. Mays.

RMC/2 1950s Townsville City Council Parks expenditure.

RMC/3 1960/61 Townsville City Council budget.

RMC/4 1976 Townsville City Council expenditure for June.

RMC/5 'Titles Office Practice and Procedures as it affects local authorities' by A.E. Dean and W.J. Gillman - a paper presented to the N.Q. Local Authorities Clerks' Association Conference, Townsville, 28 May 1956.

RMC/6 1973-1976 Townsville City Council papers relating to the subdivision of Douglas and the sale of council owned land.

RMC/7 1951-1952 correspondence re. the Townsville Jubilee Celebrations Committee.

RMC/8 1953 correspondence re. the Townsville Coronation Celebrations Committee.

RMC/9 "Queen Elizabeth's Coronation Book," Courier Mail, Brisbane, 1953.

RMC/10 Coronation 1953: Celebrations in Brisbane, Government Printer, Brisbane, 1953.

RMC/11 1953 Coronation Celebrations Committee meeting records.

RMC/12 1954 letter from the Communist Party of Australia re: the Burdekin Bridge delays.

RMC/13 The Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand in Pictures, Colorgravue, Melbourne, 1954.

RMC/14 Photograph of royal visitors being presented flowers in Townsville.

RMC/15 Programmes, tickets, etc. regarding royal visit in Townsville.

RMC/16 Route lay-outs and plans for royal visit to Townsville.

RMC/17-20 Four folders containing correspondence, meeting records and other matters relating to the royal visit to Townsville.

Australia Day Flag Raising Ceremonies:

RMC/ADFR/1 1952-1965 correspondence re. the Australia Day Ceremony Committee in Townsville.


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