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Manchester Unity - Loyal North Kennedy Lodge Archive

Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows began in England in 1810 to foster mutual self-help and charity towards others. It emigrated to Australia along with the British who came here in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

In 1908, Manchester Unity was the largest friendly society operating in Queensland. Boasting a non-discriminatory policy with regard to race, creed and gender, its financial members received friendship and assistance with medical and other expenses during a time when government-sponsored social security benefits were not available. The Loyal North Kennedy Lodge opened in Townsville in August 1871.


Archive Location:78L - 79R

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Meeting Records

Financial Records




Detailed Listing

Meeting Records:

MUNK/MR/1 1871 minutes book.

MUNK/MR/2 1875-1885 minutes book.

MUNK/MR/3 1881-1885 minutes book.

MUNK/MR/4 1885-1888 minutes book.

MUNK/MR/5 1888-1889 minutes book.

MUNK/MR/6 1888-1892 minutes book.

MUNK/MR/7 1889-1893 minutes book.

MUNK/MR/8 1890-1895 minutes book (Royal Blossom of Friendship Lodge).

MUNK/MR/9 1892-1895 minutes book.

MUNK/MR/10 1897-1899 minutes book.

MUNK/MR/11 1942-1945 minutes book.

MUNK/MR/12 1945-1948 minutes book.

MUNK/MR/13 1948-1951 minutes book.

MUNK/MR/14 1951-1954 minutes book.

MUNK/MR/15 1954-1957 minutes book.

MUNK/MR/16 1957-1960 minutes book.

MUNK/MR/17 1958-1962 minutes book.

MUNK/MR/18 1960-1963 minutes book.


Financial Records:

MUNK/FIN/1 1886-1891 contributions book.

MUNK/FIN/2 1890-1894 cash book.

MUNK/FIN/3 1893-1895 contributions book

MUNK/FIN/4 1900-1915 cash book.

MUNK/FIN/5 1915-1918 night book.

MUNK/FIN/6 1915-1958 accounts book.

MUNK/FIN/7 1930-1936 contributions book.

MUNK/FIN/8 1940-1946 cash book.

MUNK/FIN/9 1946-1955 contributions book.

MUNK/FIN/10 1949-1954 audited accounts file.

MUNK/FIN/11 n.d. contributions book.

MUNK/FIN/12 1942-1958 hall rents (exercise book).

MUNK/FIN/13 1929-1958 sick register.

MUNK/FIN/14 1939-1946 sick register.

MUNK/FIN/15 Annual Returns 1914, 1919, 1921, 1926, 1936 to 1939.

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MUNK/CORR/1 1900-1901 letter book (fragile).

MUNK/CORR/2 1901-1902 letter book (fragile).

MUNK/CORR/3 1916-1919 letter book (fragile).

MUNK/CORR/4 1958-1959 correspondence and accounts files.



MUNK/MISC/1 1871-1901 Candidates proposed for admission register.

MUNK/MISC/2 1906-1925 roll book.

MUNK/MISC/3 1907-1915 roll book.

MUNK/MISC/4 1917-1928 roll book.

MUNK/MISC/5 1950-1962 attendance book.

MUNK/MISC/6 1938 Members under national insurance - register.

MUNK/MISC/7 1955-1958 Clearance records and one 1913 record.

MUNK/MISC/8 Members' register.

MUNK/MISC/9 1935-1940 Certificates of declaration for membership.

MUNK/MISC/10 c. 1940s leaflets.

MUNK/MISC/11 1893 Charters Towers District Meeting record, 1898 North Kennedy Lodge half-yearly progress statement, 1900 Grandmaster Certificate for J.E. Clegg, 1910 Centenary Newsletter, 1915 Grandmaster Certificate for C.F. Edwards, 1967 Oddfellows' Magazine, vol. LVI/8.

MUNK/MISC/12 Rules booklets 1918, 1922, 1930, 1934, 1939, 1945, 1950, 1951 and 1955.

MUNK/MISC/13 Lodge Ritual and Lecture booklets 1917, 1924, 1936 and 1949.

MUNK/MISC/14 List of Lodges booklets 1881 and 1882.

MUNK/MISC/15 1890 Pocket diary.


Archive Location


MUNK/MR/1-4 78L


MUNK/FIN/1-4 78R

MUNK/FIN/6-7 78R


MUNK/MR/5-9 79L

MUNK/MR/10-18 79L








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