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With an accomplished career of research and education in the field of black/white history in Australia, Professor Noel Loos began work at the Townsville College of Advanced Education prior to joining James Cook University in 1970, where he taught until retiring in December 1996. He lectured on the history of black-white relations and conducted close research into Aboriginal mission history, frontier conflict, the place of Aborigines in colonial society and government, and the evolution of government policies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people. During the 1970s he pioneered the development of teacher education programs in Queensland for Aboriginal and Islander people. Professor Loos was also a friend to Eddie Mabo for twenty-five years. During Loos’s time at the CAE and JCU, Mabo often sat in on lectures and also delivered occasional guest lectures to Loos’s students. In 1981 Loos, along with colleague Prof Henry Reynolds, informed Mabo that he had no legal ownership of his traditional land. A shocked Mabo, from the beginning of his fight for land rights, was supported and advised by Loos.
Professor Loos has written the Australian Dictionary of Biography entry for Eddie Mabo and edited the 1996 book Edward Koiki Mabo: His Life and Struggle for Land Rights. He has published widely on indigenous history and politics, including: Invasion and Resistance; Aboriginal-European Relations on the North Queensland Frontier 1861-1897 (1982); Succeeding Against the Odds: Townsville's Aboriginal and Islander Teacher Education Program (1989); and Indigenous Minorities and Education: Australian and Japanese Perspectives of their Indigenous Peoples, the Ainu, Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders (1993). He also contributed to the 2008 SBS series, First Australians, and several books that have issued from the series.
This collection consists of items pertaining to Professor Loos's research on the history of white-indigenous relations in northern Australia - principally regions of Queensland - since the late nineteenth century.

Archive Location: 167 and Folios 506

Detailed Listing

NLP/Palm Island/1/ - 1972 Regulation Act and By-Laws Folder

NLP/Palm Island/2/ - 1972 [unreadable] and Departures

NLP/Palm Island/3/ - 1972 Pay Sheets and Sheets/Visit to Townsville on day off

NLP/Palm Island/4/ - Race and Culture 1976 [empty]

NLP/Palm Island/5/ - 1973 Police Charge Book

NLP/Palm Island/6/ - 1973 - 1974 - 1975 Police Court Book Fines

NLP/Gold Frontier/1/ - Hodgkinson (Thornborough Kingsborough to Port Douglas and Cairns)

NLP/Gold Frontier/2/ - Etheridge Georgetown and Woolgar

NLP/Gold Frontier/3/ - Gilbert (Gilberton) to Henry

NLP/Gold Frontier/4/ - Cooktown-Palmer

NLP/Complaints/State Archive/1/A/58695/ - 1915-21

NLP/Complaints/State Archive/2/A/58696 - 1922-26 and A/58697 - 1927

NLP/Complaints/State Archive/3/A/58698 - 1930

NLP/Complaints/State Archive/4/A/58699 - 1931

NLP/Complaints/State Archive/5/A/58700 - Misc. 1930

NLP/Complaints/State Archive/6/A/58692 - 1933-34

NLP/Complaints/State Archive/7/TRI827/57 - 1935 and A158693 - 1937-37

NLP/Complaints/State Archive/8/A/58694 - 1938-39

NLP/Complaints/State Archive/9/A/58692 - 1933-34 (complaints from whites)

NLP/Aboriginal Welfare/1/ - 1937 Conference on Aboriginal Welfare: State and Commonwealth Authorities

NLP/Chief Protector/1/ - Report on the Sub-Dept. of the Chief Protector 1923

NLP/Association/1/ - Associations File 1935-1937

NLP/Police Union/State Archive/1/ - Fight with Police Union 1928

NLP/Tax and Administration/State Archive/1/ - 1932 Proposed tax system to pay for native administration; 1934 administration actions of the dept. under E. M. Hanlon

NLP/Awards/State Archive/1/ - 1919 Award for Stockmen; 1920 Petition against Regulations; 1932 Station Hand's Award

NLP/Correspondence/State Archive/1/ - State Archives letters and Series Registration Sheets

NLP/Native Police/State Archive/1/ - Native Police Material: Primary Sources

NLP/Tranby/1/ - Tranby Aboriginal Co-operative College

NLP/Clint/1/ - Alf Clint and the Christian Socialists

NLP/Lockhart/1/ - Lockhart River Mission

NLP/Aboriginal Protection/State Archives/1/ - Aboriginal Protection papers

NLP/1897 Act/1/ - Implementation of 1897 Act

NLP/1897 Act/2/ - 1897 Legislation (1) The Victorian Connections

NLP/1897 Act/3/ - Drafting 1897 Act/W.A. and U.S.

NLP/1897 Act/4/ - Governmental action as prelude to 1897 Act in North Queensland

NLP/1897 Act/5/ - Extra Parliamentary Reaction to Meston and 1897 Bill

NLP/1897 Act/6/ - Implementation of the Act in Northern Queensland

NLP/1897 Act/7/ - Implementation of the Act in Sth Queensland

NLP/Mining/1/ - Ab[out?] The Mining Frontier: Cloncurry and Burke District

NLP/Local Government/1/ - Local Government Action

NLP/Government Policy/1/ - De facto Govt. Policy Emerging 1884 - 1896; Native Police Debates from Supply

NLP/Home Office/State Archive/1/ - Home Office papers

NLP/General/1/ - notes on themes to be covered in research

NLP/Cannibalism/1/ - Papers on allegations of cannibalism

NLP/Social Services/State Archives/1/ - Emergence of a pre-1897 Govt Social Service to Abs.

NLP/Land Rights/State Archive/1/ - Aboriginals and Rights to Land

NLP/Opinion/1/ - Public Opinion and sub-folders for 1860s, 1870s, 1880s, 1890s, 1900+

NLP/Coops/1/ - Correspondence on and sources for Christian Cooperative Societies

NLP/Nehwu/1/ - folder with 'Joanne Newhu' on cover and dated 16 January 1985

NLP/Reynolds/1/ - folder marked 'To H Reynolds Draft Thesis. Introdn. and Concln'.


NLP/Misc/1/ - 1 copy of Cooperative for Aborigines, The Meeting Tree (Glebe, 1986)

NLP/Misc/2/ - Folder with various notes on cards/cue cards

NLP/Misc/3/ - 1 copy of map: Aboriginal Languages of Australia, by G. O'Grady, S.A. Wurm and K.L. Hale (1966)

NLP/Misc/4/ - 1 copy of 'Native Huts on the Sachs River, North Queensland', from Illustrated Sydney News (26 May 1877) with illustration

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