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Brigadier L.H. Lemaire served in the Australian forces at Townsville during the Second World War, afterwards becoming Director of Immigration in North Queensland and President of the New Settlers' League of Australia Townsville branch. This large collection of slides with detailed commentary notes encapsulates tours of Australia, the United States, Europe and Asia. Of note is the series of slides promoting the post-1945 immigration program, 'Cavalcade of Citizenship', produced for the Department of Immigration's Australian Citizenship Convention, Canberra in 1962.


Archive Location: 429L

Detailed Listing

LHL/Commentary Notes/1/ "Cavalcade of Citizenship": Picture Story, compiled by Brigadier L. H. Lemaire; originally produced for the Australian Department of Immigration's Australian Citizenship Convention held in Canberra, 1962 [fragile]

LHL/Commentary Notes/2/ A Look Around Australia; a trip through Australia commencing in tropical North Queensland to Western Australia

LHL/Commentary Notes/3/ Colour Slide Notes. A Look Around Australia (Series 651/1-129); with inscription 'From Cairns to Tasmania 1 to 144'; and marginalia on missing slides [fragile]

LHL/Commentary Notes/4/ Colour Slide Notes. University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales (Series C649/1-36)

LHL/Commentary Notes/5/ Colour Slide Notes. The Cathedral City of Armidale, New South Wales (Series C650/1-23); marginalia on missing slides

LHL/Commentary Notes/6/ Perth. Commentary notes on set of 36 colour slides. Series M644/1-36

LHL/Commentary Notes/7/ Untitled list of World Tour slides, M1-M378

LHL/Commentary Notes/8/ Notes on visit to the United States, Europe and Asia

LHL/Commentary Notes/9/ Small note with headings 'Immigration ex USA' and 'Aboriginals'

LHL/Slides/1/ Cavalcade of Citizenship - C1 (1-36) to C7 (217-246), 7 boxes

LHL/Slides/2/ Tour of Australia and Tasmania - Series 651, 5 boxes

LHL/Slides/3/ Western Australia, M1-36, 1 box

LHL/Slides/4/ World Tour/ 8 Boxes, slide nos. 1-36, 37-72, 73-108, 109-144, 181-216, 253-288, 289-324, 361-379

LHL/Slides/5/ World Tour/ 3 Bundles, slide nos. 145-180, 217-252, 325-360

LHL/Slides/6/ 1 Bundle, 13 slides from series 651


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