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The Edmund Kennedy Memorial Walking Track was a project of the Cardwell Shire Bi-Centennial Community Committee. It was constructed with assistance from various government and voluntary organisations and the local indigenous community. The 3.5 km track which runs from South Mission Beach to Kennedy Bay is named in honour of the explorer Edmund Kennedy who in 1848 landed at Tam O’Shanter Point to lead an overland expedition to Cape York. The expedition failed to reach the Cape, and ten of the thirteen party members died or were killed. Kennedy was fatally speared by Aborigines as he and his Aboriginal assistant Jacky Jacky made a last desperate dash for the Cape. The records in this collection include submissions, correspondence and minutes of meetings of several organisations involved in the construction of the track.

Archive Location: 346a, 352a; 505 (folio)


Series Listing

Submissions Submissions for the Edmund Kennedy Walking Track and guidelines on how to raise money.
Minutes of Meetings Minutes of meetings from the Friends of The Edmund Kennedy Walking Track and the Cardwell Shire Council Bi-centennial Committee. Included is also the Cardwell Shire Community Committee attendance book.
Correspondence Correspondence involving the parties participating in the development of the Edmund Kennedy Memorial Walking Track.
Information General information concerning the Edmund Kennedy Memorial Walking Track and information useful for bushwalking.
Costs, Equipment
and Time Schedules
Financial records such as expence sheets, time schedules and cost sheets.
Publications Newsletters, factsheets and certificates from the Australian Bi-centennial Authority and pamphlets and brochures about the Edmund Kennedy Memorial Walking Track.
Reports Reports from the Sub-committee of the Edmund Kennedy Memorial Walking Track to Bi-centennial Community Committee, the Cardwell Shire Council and other Sub-committees.
Photographs Photographs taken by Mrs. Margaret Thorsborne during the process of constructing the Edmund Kennedy Memorial Walking Track and additional photos by an unknown photographer.
Visitor's Records Visitors records of the people who have walked the Edmund Kennedy memorial Walking Track - includes Name, City-State-Country and Remarks including a visitors activity questionaire.
Diaries Diaries from the volunteers who helped with the constructon of the Edmund Kennedy Memorial Walking Track.
Miscellaneous Lapel badges
Articles Newspaper articles regarding the Edmund Kennedy Memorial Walking Track
Maps Maps over Cardwell Countys Parish of Rockingham, Cardwell Shire Council, the Tom O'Shanter Point and a pictoral representation of Edmund Kennedy Memorial Walking Track route and program.

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Detailed Listing

EKWT/SUBMISS/1 Submissions 1985-1990
EKWT/SUBMISS/2 Submissions 1987-1988
Minutes of Meetings  
EKWT/MINUTE/1 Copies of minutes, 6 February 1985 - 3 March 1987
EKWT/MINUTE/2 Friends of the Kennedy Walking Track, Minutes and Correspondence 1985-1987
EKWT/MINUTE/3 Cardwell Shire Council Bi-centennial Committee Minutes, 6 March 1985 - 4 May 1988
EKWT/MINUTE/4 Complete Minutes
EKWT/MINUTE/5 Cardwell Shire Community Committee Attendance Book

Archive Location: Archives, box 1

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EKWT/CORRES/1 General Bi-centennial Business (Not walking track)
EKWT/CORRES/2 Community Organizations, 1985-1988
EKWT/CORRES/3 Individuals, 1985-1988
EKWT/CORRES/4 Cardwell Shire Council
EKWT/CORRES/5 Government Organizations, 1985-1988
EKWT/CORRES/6 Local Government Organizations, 1985-1988
EKWT/CORRES/7 Quasi Government Organizations, 1985-1988
EKWT/CORRES/8 Correspondence 1984
EKWT/CORRES/9 Correspondence 1985
EKWT/CORRES/10 Correspondence 1986
EKWT/CORRES/11 Correspondence, January - April 1987
EKWT/CORRES/12 Correspondence, May - December 1987
EKWT/CORRES/13 Correspondence 1988
EKWT/CORRES/14 Correspondence 1989-1996
EKWT/CORRES/15 Bi-centennial Business (but not walking track), 1986-1987

Archive Location: Archives, box 2

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EKWT/INFORM/1 General information
EKWT/INFORM/2 Bushwalking information
Cost, Equipment
and Time Schedules
EKWT/COSTEQUIP/2 Cost sheets, 84/85-85/86, numerical order
EKWT/PUBLICAT/1 Various publications from Bi-centennial Authority
EKWT/PUBLICAT/2 Pamphlets and brochures
EKWT/PHOTOS/1 Photographs [By Mrs. Margaret Thorsborne]
EKWT/PHOTOS/2 Photographs [by unknown photographer]

Archive Location: Archives, box 3

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Visitor's Records  
EKWT/VISITOR/1 Visitors questionaire
EKWT/VISITOR/2 Visitors records, 1992-1993
EKWT/VISITOR/3 Visitors records, 1991-1994
EKWT/VISITOR/4 Visitors records, 1994
EKWT/VISITOR/5 Visitors records, 1989-1990
EKWT/DIARY/1 Diary, 1986-1988
EKWT/DIARY/2 Diary, 1985-1987
EKWT/MISCELL/1 Lapel badges

Archive Location: Archives, box 4

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EKWT/ARTICLES/1 Articles and newspaper clippings.
EKWT/MAPS/1 Maps covering the Parish of Rockingham in Cardwell County, Queensland.

Archive Location: Archives, folio 1A


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