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Dorothy Jones was commissioned to write the history of the Shire of Johnstone to commemorate the discovery of the Johnstone River in 1873. She had already written a successful history of the Cardwell Shire. Hurricane Lamps and Blue Umbrellas is a history of the Johnstone Shire up to 1973. This collection consists of photocopies of correspondence and research notes collected while this book was being written.

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Detailed Listing

DJP/1     Letter to D Jones from L G Alexander 1 June 1959 re the Cutten family. Includes a list of early selectors in the Tully, Murray, Hull and Banyan areas. Mss. 5p

DJP/2     Letter to Innes from Nesta 16 August 1959. Mss. 3p

DJP/3     Innisfail Joss House. Compiled by Jack Fossey, 4 May 1972. Mss. 2p

DJP/4     Innisfail’s monument to the pioneers of the sugar industry. Compiled by Jack Fossey, 4 May 1972. Mss. 3p

DJP/5     Letter to D Jones from Barton Campbell, 2 November 1972. Includes information about Charles E Jodrell and Johnstone Shire history. Mss. 10p

DJP/6     Letter to D Jones from the Surveyor-General, Brisbane 6 December 1972 in reply to one dated 25 November 1972. Typescript. 2p

DJP/7     Letter to D Jones from the Acting Oxley Librarian, Miss M Walker 14 March 1973 with notes on the Miskin family. Typescript. 2p

DJP/8     Letter to D Jones from N S Dempster, Officer-in-Charge, Joint Tropical Research Unit, Innisfail 20 August 1973. Includes a draft of the Research Unit brochure. Printed. 5p

DJP/9     The North Queensland Conservatorium of Music Innisfail. Mss. 1p

DJP/10   Letter to the Secretary, Centenary Committee, Innisfail, from M Mitchell, 1 January 1973 re a souvenir book. Mss. 2p

DJP/11   Letter to D Jones from P D Wilson, Archivist, State Library of Queensland, 27 December 1972. Typescript. 2p

DJP/12   Letter to G Groom from C E Jodrell. s.d. Includes notes on Mourilyan Harbour. Typescript. 2p

DJP/13   Notes from Mr A S Mellick, Draper, Innisfail. Typescript. 3p

DJP/14   The Geraldton/Innisfail Post Office. Typescript. 3p

DJP/15   History of Geraldton/Innisfail. Typescript. 7p

DJP/16   Letter to D Jones from Noel Burman, Publicity Officer, Cairns & District Centenary Celebrations, 3 February 1976. Includes a letter from J Flanagan, Director, Australian War Memorial, Canberra, and note on activities of RAAF flying boat squadrons operating from Cairns, Qld, 1942-1945. Typescript. 6p

DJP/17   Letter to D Jones from Henry Scheu 6 September 1972. Includes record of oath of allegiance, marriage certificate, and one newspaper article. Printed. 1p. Mss. 6p. In toto: 7p

DJP/18   List of savings bank agencies 1913-1958. Typescript. 2p

DJP/19   Cyril Graham memoir. Typescript. 4p

DJP/20   Letter to D Jones from P D Wilson, Archivist, State Library of Queensland 26 January 1973 re early state schools. Typescript. 2p

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DJP/21   Letter to D Jones from Cardwell Peters, 11 June 1959. Mss. 2p

DJP/22   Letter to D Jones from J B Stevenson, (for Under Secretary), Dept of Justice, Brisbane 22 January 1973. Typescript. 1p

DJP/23   Further letter re DJP/22. Includes records of the Public Service Commissioner’s Department, 7 September 1959. Typescript. 3p

DJP/24   Letter to D Jones from the Manager, Bank of New South Wales 1 October 1959, re Cardwell Branch of the bank. Typescript. 1p

DJP/25   Letter to the Shire Clerk, Cardwell Shire Council, from the Under-Secretary, Department of Mines, 6 July 1959, re history of shire. Typescript. 1p

DJP/26   Council Minutes, Johnstone Shire: 1817-1929, 1935-1937, 1943-1950, 1970-1971. Typescript.

DJP/27   Duplicate of DJP/3.

DJP/28   Duplicate of DJP/4.

DJP/29   Duplicate of DJP/1.

DJP/30   Duplicate of DJP/2.

DJP/31   Letter to D Jones from L G Alexander, 20 June 1959. Includes notes on the Cutten family of Bicton. Mss. 1p. Typescript. 5p

DJP/32   Letter to D Jones from R Marchant, 27 June 1961, re place names. Typescript. 2p

DJP/33   Tropical Trials establishment, Cadey Beach. Typescript. 2p

DJP/34   Particulars required by Shire Clerk, Cardwell, re certain schools. Typescript. 1p

DJP/35   Letter to the Town Clerk, Cardwell Shire Council, 23 November 1959, re opening of Land Office at Cardwell. Typescript. 2p

DJP/36   W W Campbell, Authorised Surveyor. Includes a report, 5 January 1925, by W W Campbell to the Surveyor General. Typescript. 8p

DJP/37   Letter to D Jones from L Howell, Brownhill, Kirk & Co Pty Ltd, 26 March 1973. Includes a copy of Christofero Palmerston Carandim’s marriage certificate. Typescript. 2p

DJP/38   Further letter to D Jones from Hugh Borland, 22 May 1959. Includes letter dated 30 October 1959 to D Jones, Murray-Mackay-Hull namings and notes on George Elphinstone Dalrymple. Mss. 5p

DJP/39   Cardwell’s first ten years. Mss. 15p

DJP/40   Letter to D Jones from Hugh Borland, 2 May 1959. Mss. 4p


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DJP/41   Goold Island. Mss. 2p

DJP/42   Notes on George Elphinstone Dalrymple. Mss. 1p

DJP/43   First far northern sugar plantation. Mss. 1p

DJP/44   Letter to D Jones from Hugh Borland, 16 August 1959. Mss. 1p

DJP/45   Tully River. Mss. 2p

DJP/46   Letter to D Jones from Hugh Borland, 6 May 1959. Mss. 1p

DJP/47   Cardwell. Mss. 2p

DJP/48   Place names. Mss. 1p

DJP/49   Letter to D Jones from Rev F H Douglas, Secretary, Archdiocesan Office, St Stephen’s Cathedral, Brisbane, 10 March 1973, re T H Fitzgerald. Typescript. 2p

DJP/50   To whom it may concern. Information re first commercial flights from Cairns to Innisfail. Typescript. 1p

DJP/51   Letter to D Jones from A H F O’Neill, Archivist, National Bank of Australasia Ltd, 7 December 1972. Includes information relative to the bank’s two branches in Innisfail. Typescript. 5p

DJP/52   Our first school (Banyan Provisional School). Typescript. 3p

DJP/53   Frederick Odin Meyer. Includes letter to D Jones from Charles Meyer, 16 December 1972, and notes on Frederick Odin Meyer as well as D Jones's summary. Typescript. 1p. Mss. 5p

DJP/54   Notes on the Dallachy family and E R Brooke. Typescript. 1p

DJP/55   Letter to D Jones from Valentine J Murray, 30 July 1959. Includes a letter to D Jones from Matt J Murray, 30 October 1959, and notes on the Lyons family. Typescript. 1p. Mss. 2p

DJP/56   Letter to D Jones from Heather M Hassall, 4 January 1968. Includes information relating to her grandfather, Robert Arthur Johnstone. Mss. 9p

DJP/57   Duplicate of DJP/26


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