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James Cook University Commemorations Archive

Collection of records in the form of videotapes, DVDs, audio-cassettes, 16mm film reels, and photographs recording significant events in the history of James Cook University, from the 1960s to the early 1990s.

Archive Location: 424R

Detailed Listing

JCUC/1/ VHS and DVD copies of Queen Elizabeth II's visit to James Cook University in April, 1970; colour footage is just over four minutes' in length, no sound

JCUC/2/ Foundation Stone Laying by Prime Minister Harold Holt, 29 July 1966; master and reference copies of cassette - 16 minutes

JCUC/3/ Official Opening - Sir George Fisher Centre for Tropical Marine Studies, 28 October 1983; master and reference copies of cassette

JCUC/4/ 25 Years Celebration of teaching and research; master and reference copies of cassettes 1 & 2, 9 August, 1986

JCUC/5/ Oral History: Mr Ross Smith (English), 28 April, 1981; A/Prof. Ian Moles (History), 28 April, 1981; Mr. Robin Blyth (Admin.), 4 May, 1981; Mr. Bruce Knight (Chemistry), 4 May, 1981; master and reference copies of cassette

JCUC/6/ LF Power Lecture, August, 1982

JCUC/7/ LF Power Lecture, 1983; master and reference copies of cassettes, August, 1983

JCUC/8/ LF Power Lecture by Sir Sam Edwards, 1984; master and reference copies of cassettes, 17 April,1984

JCUC/9/ Graduation speeches, 1985: Sir George Kneipp and Prof. Ken Back; master and reference copies of cassette

JCUC/10/ Convocation Dinner, 1986; master and reference copies of cassette

JCUC/11/ Convocation Bicentennial Geological Rock Garden opening ceremony, 5 November, 1988; master and reference copies of cassette

JCUC/12/ Case for Cairns Campus by Prof. Henry Crowther, 21 September, 1987; reference copy, 43 minutes

JCUC/13/ Henry Reynolds, Noel Loos, Paul Behrendt, 1989; cassette originally History Department, James Cook University

JCUC/14/ Two colour photographs of Presentation of the Mace, James Cook University, 31 May, 1991; annotations on back


16mm film reels

JCUC/15/ NRT. 2059 Uni Electrical Equipment

JCUC/16/ James Cook University Department of Engineering. “Harbour” colour/sound, 350 feet. Kinetone Productions Pty Ltd. 

JCUC/17/ Copy Film: “James Cook University Development: Pimlico to first Chancellor”. Original lodged C’Wealth Bank Vault, Townsville February 1980:

(i) Silent

(ii) Campus construction

(iii) Opening of University Hall by Harold Holt in July 1966

(iv) Visit of Queen and Duke etc in 1970

JCUC/18/ ‘University of the North’ 2 reel set:

(i) On first is inscription ‘These two cans contain: (1) the original work prints, in black and white, on A & B rolls (2) The original sound track, optical only’;

(ii) On second is inscription ‘History of uni of North large blank pieces of film with short cuts of colour film of Pimlico TAFE 1960s

JCUC/19/ On cover of reel box: 'Townsville University Colour Originals: Details Roll ‘A’ and Roll ‘B’ Sound Track and Work Print (photo section). Note: Photographic Section'.  Kinetone Productions Pty Ltd.  On the actual tape is the inscription: ‘Soundtrack for Original Uni. College Film c. 1960’ [tape shows signs of damage]

JCUC/20/ Aerial Shots: Early campus (colour)

JCUC/21/ Pimlico Graduation 1966

JCUC/22/ Commemoration 1968: Procession; contains two reels

JCUC/23/ Orientation 1968 - 1

JCUC/24/ Orientation 1968 - 2

JCUC/25/ Presentation to Library University College of Townsville of Jean Devanny Collection

JCUC/26/ “Art of the Space Age”. University College of Townsville, Opened 22.10.69

JCUC/27/ Stuyvesant Art Display Offcuts. Archives 22.10.69

JCUC/28/ Public Relations Officer Mr. M. Mellick Townsville University Library

JCUC/29/ Burdekin Trial

JCUC/30/ Obscure b/w

JCUC/31/ Original Film of T.H.B. [Townsville Harbour Board?] Model

JCUC/32/ Spare Film of Model

JCUC/33/ Duplicate

JCUC/34/ Scratched Dupe [Duplicate?]. Australian Broadcasting Commission Cinecamera Section, with date 17 August 1970

JCUC/35/ Early Graduation

JCUC/36/ Start TCC Model

JCUC/37/ No title or any form of identification

JCUC/38/ No title or any form of identification

VHS Videotape/DVD
Approximately 50 minutes in duration, the videotape and DVD are compilations of the 16mm reel material. There is no soundtrack on this compilation and film quality does vary but is nonetheless watchable. Written on VHS videotape is the inscription: 'Historical footage of JCU; Queen Elizabeth Opening JCU; Old Pimlico Footage'

JCUC/39/ Videotape and DVD: JCU footage



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