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William Jack, a Scotsman, came to Queensland in 1858 and first went to Herberton with John Newell, Thomas Brandon and John Brown in search of tin. Jack and Newell Pty Ltd originated from a firm founded in 1879 by William Jack, of Herberton, trading under his own name. In 1880 John Newell joined the firm and the name was changed to Jack and Newell. As new mining areas were established, branches of the firm opened to cater for the miners and their families. Eventually there were twenty-six branches including Muldiva, Mt Mulligan, Kooboora, Bamford, Mount Albion, Stannery Hills, Irvinebank, Watsonville, Lappa Lappa, Port Douglas and Coolgarra. John Newell became an MLA and was the first mayor of Herberton. He died in Cairns in 1910. In February, 1916, the firm was floated and became Jack and Newell Limited.


These records cover a period from 1880 to World War I.


Archive Location: 37R, 43L-46R, NQ Collection room (see detailed list)

Series listing

Ledgers, Herberton Branch, 1880-1909

Ledgers, Mount Garnet Branch, 1888-1926

Journals, 1888-1908

Cash books, 1894-1913

Legal documents, 1916


Newspaper clippings, 1973-1974

Letter books, Herberton, 1898-1909

Detailed Listing

Ledgers Herberton Branch JNR/LED/1 – JNR/LED/18

JNR/LED/1 Ledger 1880 - 1881; index in front. Enclosures: (i) Original copies of transfer of 4,000 shares from Janet Newell to Janet Isabel Amos of Rockhampton, dated 11/12/1920. Manuscript
JNR/LED/2 Ledger 1882-1886 [Includes some Irvinebank branch entries]. Manuscript
JNR/LED/3 Ledger 1886-1889; index in front. Manuscript
JNR/LED/4 Ledger 1890-1893. Manuscript
JNR/LED/5 Ledger 1890-1905. Manuscript
JNR/LED/6 Ledger 28/2/1893 - 6/11/1897. Manuscript. (NQ Collection room)
JNR/LED/7 Ledger 1898. Manuscript. (NQ Collection room)
JNR/LED/8 Ledger May 1900 – September 1901. Manuscript. (NQ Collection room)
JNR/LED/9 Ledger October 1901 – February 1904. Manuscript. (NQ Collection room)
JNR/LED/10 Ledger 1904 – 1908. Manuscript. (NQ Collection room)
JNR/LED/11 Ledger June 1906. Manuscript. (NQ Collection room)
JNR/LED/12 Ledger March 1909. Manuscript. (NQ Collection room)


Ledgers Mount Garnet Branch JNR/LED/13 - JNR/LED/16

JNR/LED/13 Ledger Mt. Garnet April, 1903 – 1907. Manuscript
JNR/LED/14 Ledger July 1907 – 1910; index in front. Manuscript
JNR/LED/15 Ledger Muldiva Branch 1891-1894 Includes: (i) entries for Jack and Newell Port Douglas branch 1894 (ii) list of bad and doubtful debts (iii) stock account, 1891 (iv) list of stock, 1893 (v) general and expenses account for Herberton, 1892. Manuscript
JNR/LED/16 Ledger Watsonville Branch, November 1912 Includes: (i) Profit and loss accounts to 1926. Manuscript.
JNR/LED/17 Ledger 1888-1889. Manuscript
JNR/LED/18 Ledger 1889-1890 Manuscript Manuscript


Journals JNR/J/1 - JNR/J/6

JNR/J/1 Journal Mt. Garnet Branch 1902; index in front. Includes: (i) entries for Jack and Newell Irvinebank Branch December 1901 - March 1903. Manuscript
JNR/J/2 Journal Herberton October 1882 - September 1886. Manuscript
JNR/J/3 Journal Herberton 1900-1904. Manuscript
JNR/J/4 Journal Herberton 1906-1918. Manuscript
JNR/J/5 Journal Herberton Office. Bills payable 14/5/1888 - 9/10/1896. Bills receivable 14/12/1887 - 7/7/1897
JNR/J/6 Journal Herberton 1904-1908. Manuscript


Cash Books JNR/CB/1 - JNR/CB/3

JNR/CB/1 Cash Book Cairns and Mareeba 1/11/1894 -17/10/1896. 183p. Enclosures: (i) despatch receipt (for Manuscript goods delivered to Jack and Newell, Herberton by I. McDonald, licensed carrier), 26 March, 1896. l.p. (ii) Letter from D. Flint, 10 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane, to John Newell Esq., Herberton, re unpaid account of £20, 16 July, 1900. 1p. Typescript and manuscript
JNR/CB/2 Cash Book Herberton April, 1910 - August, 1913. Manuscript
JNR/CB/3 Cash accounts book 1891-1894. Manuscript


Legal Documents JNR/LD/1 - JNR/LD/2

Memorandum and Articles of Association, 1916
JNR/LD/1 Memorandum of Association, 1916. Solicitors: Thynne and Macartney, Brisbane. Companies Act 1863 to 1913 (Company limited by shares). Name and address of those who formed the company, registered in Brisbane, 19/4/1916 by Mr. F. S. Kennedy (Registrar of Joing Stock Company). List of objects of the company. 10p. Typescript
JNR/LD/2 Articles of Association. Includes: Interpretation of articles, regulations, commencing business, shares, certificates, calls, forfeiture, transfer and transmission of shares, consolidation and subdivision of capital, increase and reduction of capital, shares issued with special rights, modification of rights, borrowing powers, general meetings, proceedings at general meetings, vote of members, directors, proceedings of directors, powers of directors, minutes, secretary, the seal cheques, bills etc., dividends, accounts, notices, local management and branch register, secrecy, winding up, indemnity. 33p. Typescript [Document missing]

Names and addresses of subscribers to the Memorandum of Association
John Newell, Grace Street, Herberton.(Merchant)
John Moffat, 18 Bridge Street, Sydney. (Mine Owner)
Alexander Corrie, 127 Eagle Street, Brisbane.(Sharebroker)
Frank Beresford Corrie, 127 Eagle Street, Brisbane. (Sharebroker)
Witness to the above signatures:
Francis Lionel Mooney, Villa Street, Annerley, South Brisbane. (Law Clerk)


Miscellaneous JNR/MIS/1 — JNR/MIS/2/2

JNR/MIS/1 Booklet titled Pioneers of Queensland, published by the Bank of New South Wales, no date. l7p. Typescript


Newspaper Clippings JNR/MIS/2/1 - JNR/MIS/2/2

JNR/MIS/2/l The Australian, Friday, April 27, 1973 article on history of Jack and Newell’s store in Herberton.
JNR/MIS/2/2 Townsville Daily Bulletin, November, 1974 article regarding University Library's acquisition of Jack and Newell’s records.


Letter Books – Herberton JNR/LB/1 - JNR/LB/6

JNR/LB/1 Copy letters; outward correspondence. Index in front. 17/11/1898 - 20/4/1900. Includes: (i) copies of 4 telegrams from Electric Telegraph, Townsville, Qld. Manuscript and typescript.
JNR/LB/2 Copy letters; outward correspondence. Index in front 27/8/1906 - 11/9/1907. Manuscript and typescript
JNR/LB/3 Original letters from J. L. Cardno (Mercantile Broker, Eagle Street, Telephone 500) to Jack and Newell, Herberton. 12/10/1906 - 1909.
JNR/LB/4 Copy letters; outward correspondence 1907- 1909.
JNR/LB/5 Copy letters; outward correspondence. Index in front. 1907-1909.
JNR/LB/6 Copy letters; outward correspondence. 12/12/1910 - 1913. Includes: (i) valuation of property in the Estate of William Jack deceased, 17/5/1910.
Enclosures: (i) Original copy of account from P. D. Parker proprietor of Chillagoe Hotel and Livery stables to Secretary Earl’s Election Committee Dec. 1, 1909, Manuscript and £5.15.O for Sulky, horse and cab hire. Typescript lp. (ii) Original copy of account from W. Johnson (Junction Hotel) Dimbulah (Mail Coaches to Kingsborough and Wolfram Camp). Oct. 11, 1909. £1.3.O to Government Election Committee - horse hire and 2 meals. lp. Manuscript and Typescript (iii) Original copy of account and receipt from The Walsh & Tinaroo Miner Newspaper Co. Ltd. (Mareeba, Irvinebank, Chillagoe). 10/9, 1909 Printing of 500 cards to W. J. Chamberlain. 2p. Manuscript and Typescript (iv) Original copy of a/c and receipt from Cairns Argus Printing Works (Spence Street, Cairns) Octave Lannoy Proprietor. September 30, 1909. £5.3.6 lp. Manuscript and Typescript. (v) Original copy of letter from Chillagoe Livery Stables (corner Frew and Tower Streets, Chillagoe) December 3rd, 1909 to J. & Newell Esq. Herberton re: unpaid account with Earl’s Election Committee. 1p. Manuscript. (vi) Newspaper Clipping No details: re: Independent Workers’ Association meeting held at head office at 226 Flinders Street. Typescript

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