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Irvinebank Mining Company and John Moffatt Archive

John Moffat, mining pioneer of North Queensland, founded Irvinebank in 1880 when he formed a private company, the Irvinebank Mining Company. Moffat was the first person to develop the Station Creek (now Chillagoe) copper, silver and lead deposits. These records were filmed by James Cook University in 1980-1981 from originals held by the Cairns Museum.

Archive Location: MF FY 92


Detailed Listing

Reel 1

1. John Moffat. Letterbook (April 1883 - December 1884)
2. John Moffat. Letterbook (June 1890 - June 1892)
3. Koorboora Tin Company. Letterbook (August 1903 - July 1904)


Reel 2

3. Koorboora Tin Company. Letterbook (August 1903 - July 1904) continued
4. John Moffat. Private accounts (1878 - 1885)
5. Agreement John Moffat, John Reid, George Young, Glen Smelting Coy,1882
6. Report on sugar lands at Bailey's Creek, 1 December 1915
7. Robert D. Low, Report on Tropical Sugar Lands Ltd February 1910
8. Glen Smelting Company, Journal (July 1889 - July 1891)
9. John Moffat. Share Register


Reel 3

9. John Moffat. Share Register continued
10. Irvi Library.

Also includes: Mt Garnet Copper and Silver Mining Company letterbook 1902-1903; Plans of mines

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