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Anthony Ronald Huntington was born in Townsville, Queensland in 1960. He studied at James Cook University, graduating with a degree in psychology. He has written and published several books.

Archive Location: 18L


Detailed Listing

TH/MS/1 The Coin, The Temple Dog, The Sword
TH/MS/2 Behemoth
TH/MS/3 Luv
TH/MS/4 Calcutta, O Calcutta
TH/MS/5 Telepath Planet
TH/MS/6 Ladykiller
TH/MS/7 Lust
TH/MS/8 Writers Writing About Writers Writing
TH/MS/9 When Brixton Came To Brisbane
TH/MS/10 The Chinese and I
TH/MS/11 Pattaya after Dark
TH/MS/12 Friday Night at the Campus
TH/MS/13 5000 Clash City Rockers
TH/MS/14 Transtime Heist in Ash Magazine, no. 5, Summer, 1981
TH/MS/15 Final engagement in Ash Magazine, no. 4, Spring, 1980
TH/MS/16 A Story by Anthony R. Huntington in Ash Magazine, no. 7, Winter, 1981


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