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Brian H. Hughes Archive

Brian H. Hughes - Hughes Grazing Company, Sarina, North Queensland. This collection consists of depictions of family trees and copies of articles and family letters from the late nineteenth to early twentieth century.

Archive Location: 4L

Detailed Listing

BHH/1/ Letter to Professor B Dalton regarding sample of family history material for a proposed family history, 18 December, 1984

BHH/2/ Copies of 2 letters dated 26 December 1872 and 11 August 1873, both from Herbert W Hughes to his son, also named Herbert

BHH/3/ 21-page summary of Hughes Family Tree with photocopies of family member portraits and letters, and newspaper articles. The major headings are as follows:

1. John Hughes married Maria Bristow in 1813

2. Timothy Bristow Hughes married Anna Maddock in 1843

3. Timothy Bristow Hughes' 3 sons all came to Australia

4. The Late Miss Marianne Bristow Hughes (newspaper report, 1 February, 1890)

5. Herbert Maddock Hughes married Laura Matilda Lucas in 1879

6. The Lucas Family

7. Letter written by Herbert M. Hughes in Bundaberg Daily News and Mail (1926)

8. Herbert Maddock Hughes: birth, marriage, family, death

9. Letter from A. Lucas Hughes to sister Enid, 8 December, 1909

10. A. Lucas Hughes letters describing conditions in the army and experience of war on Western Front, 1912-1919

11. Demobilisation of A. Lucas Hughes, 1919

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