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Alliance to Save Hinchinbrook (ASH Inc.) Archive

This large archive concerning the environmental organisation known as Alliance to Save Hinchinbrook (ASH), was donated to JCU by Margaret Moorhouse. It has been organised in terms of: firstly, themes; and secondly, chronology. Many of the documents in this collection deal with what became a legal battle over the development at Oyster Point having a detrimental and irrevocable impact on the ecological and aesthetic values of the region. Removal of mangroves along the foreshore and dredging the Hinchinbrook Channel was believed to pose a significant threat to the survival of wildlife in the area, particularly the already endangered dugong communities.

The correspondence also notes the debate concerning build-ups of acid sulphate soil as having the potential to wreak great ecological damage on the area. Non-government organisations involved in the movement against developing Port Hinchinbrook (and represented in the archive here) included the Friends of Hinchinbrook, the Wilderness Society, Wildlife Preservation Society, North Queensland Conservation Council, etc. Throughout all proceedings, the development companies firmly held that there would be no detrimental environmental impacts, that adequate environmental controls would be strictly adhered to and that any small impacts would be overridden by the potential for social and economic gains generated from a strong tourism industry in the area.

Archive Location: 426L-428R


Detailed Listing


ASH/Environmental Groups/1/ Australian Academy of Science

ASH/Environmental Groups/2/ Australian Conservation Society

ASH/Environmental Groups/3/ Friends of Hinchinbrook

ASH/Environmental Groups/4/ North Queensland Conservation Council

ASH/Environmental Groups/5/ North Queensland Conservation Council – October-December, 1993

ASH/Environmental Groups/6/ North Queensland Conservation Council – Outgoing, 1995-1998

ASH/Environmental Groups/7/ Wildlife Preservation Society

ASH/Environmental Groups/8/ The Wilderness Society

ASH/Environmental Groups/9/ Margaret Moorhouse

ASH/Environmental Groups/10/ Letters of Support for Hinchinbrook Campaign

ASH/Environmental Groups/11/ David Haigh

ASH/Environmental Groups/12/ Applications for legal funding

ASH/Non-Environmental Groups/1/ Cardwell Properties

ASH/Non-Environmental Groups/2/ Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

ASH/Non-Environmental Groups/3/ Queensland Police

ASH/Non-Environmental Groups/4/Office of the Co-ordinator General

ASH/Non-Environmental Groups/5/ James Cook University

ASH/Non-Environmental Groups/6/ Commonwealth: Internal Documents, 1993-1994

ASH/Non-Environmental Groups/7/ Criminal Justice Commission


Correspondence: Media Releases

ASH/Media Releases/1/ North Queensland Conservation Council

ASH/Media Releases/2/ Environmental Groups other than the North Queensland Conservation Council, 1997

ASH/Media Releases/3/ North Queensland Conservation Council and partnering groups, 1997

ASH/Media Releases/4/ Politicians' media releases and letters

ASH/Media Releases/5/ All non-government organisations, 1994 and earlier

ASH/Media Releases/6/ All non-government organisations, 1995-1996


Briefing Papers, Action Plans

ASH/Briefing Papers/1/ Responses to the proposed Port Hinchinbrook development

ASH/Briefing Papers/2/ Oyster Point campaign discussion papers, 1994

ASH/Briefing Papers/3/ Draft versions of arguments on maintaining Hinchibrook region free of development, 1994-1995

ASH/Briefing Papers/4/ Dugongs at Oyster Point

ASH/Briefing Papers/5/ Cardwell Properties proposals for Oyster Point: comments

ASH/Briefing Papers/6/ Hinchinbrook draft management plan


Legal, Court Matters

ASH/Legal/1/ Cardwell Properties development at Oyster Point

ASH/Legal/2/ Hinchinbrook Environment Lawyers League

ASH/Legal/3/ Hinchinbrook Environment Lawyers League: Oyster Point consent proposal documents

ASH/Legal/4/ Hinchinbrook Environment Lawyers League, 1993-1994: application to remove mangroves, dredging, preliminary assessment record, special leave, tripartite deal

ASH/Legal/5/ Townsville Community Legal Service Inc.: advice to protestors, correspondence with police, Queensland government state departments

ASH/Legal/6/ Hinchinbrook: file with notes

ASH/Legal/7/ Friends of Hinchinbrook Court Judgements, 1996-1997

ASH/Legal/8/ Friends of Hinchinbrook Legal Action Documents, including notes for affadavits

ASH/Legal/9/ Brief to Barrister: witness statements regarding protest at Hinchinbrook development site

ASH/Legal/10/ Hinchinbrook: statement of reasons; appeal dismissed; notes and observations regarding the brief

ASH/Legal/11/ Hinchinbrook development/Cardwell Properties-related documents:

i. latest leaks

ii. Hinchinbrook Environmental Lawyers League - checklists

iii. legal aid

iv. draft court documents

v. briefs to counsel

vi. advices of counsel

vii. other legal advices (David Haigh)

viii. correspondence to Queensland state government departments


Hinchinbrook Development Decisions

ASH/Decisions/1/ Proclamations, including media releases by Senator John Faulkner, 1994

ASH/Decisions/2/ Statements by Senator Robert Hill regarding Consent, 1996

ASH/Decisions/3/ Deed of Agreement, Oyster Point; including analysis, amendments, comments


Development of Management Plans for Hinchinbrook, Coastal Region

ASH/Plans/1/Historical File: Tekin, Resort Village Cardwell; Company Searches; Permits; Keith Williams' purchase 1993

ASH/Plans/2/ Oyster Point and Hinchinbrook Regional Coastal Plan [blue file]

ASH/Plans/3/ Oyster Point and Hinchinbrook Regional Coastal Plan [green file]

ASH/Plans/4/ Senate Environment, Recreation, Communications and the Arts References Committee, Hinchinbrook Channel Inquiry: Cardwell Hearing; on spine of file is inscription '1998-99 Senator Margaret Reynolds' file-submissions'

ASH/Plans/5/ Cardwell/Hinchinbrook Regional Coastal Management Plan (CHRCMP): letter from ATSIC; newsclips; summary of submissions; miscellaneous; briefing to DG (EPA); this file includes CD: 'Files from ASH Collection' comprising Regional Coastal Management Plan, correspondence, and dredging and sea-dumping issues


Chronology Files

ASH/Chronology/1/ Documented events/issues, 1983-1993

ASH/Chronology/2/ 1993-1994: Freedom of Information and advice (legal, Attorney-General)

ASH/Chronology/3/ 1993-1994: GBRMPA files

ASH/Chronology/4/ 1993-1994: Project Description (Oyster Point development proposal), and Freedom of Information

ASH/Chronology/5/ 1994, January-June

ASH/Chronology/6/ 1994: Attorney-General, Seagrass Draft, Valentine Report, Freedom of Information

ASH/Chronology/7/ 1994: Development of Deed, and Monitoring Programs

ASH/Chronology/8/ 1994: PPAR, Proclamation

ASH/Chronology/9/ 1994: Freedom of Information requests, letters

ASH/Chronology/10/ 1994: GBRMPA Freedom of Information requests; cultural assessments; dredging assessments

ASH/Chronology/11/ 1994: Reports-

i. Resort Village Cardwell

ii. Harbour Entrance

iii. Dredge Spoil Disposal

iv. Cultural Heritage

v. Coastal Engineering

vi. Information Compilation: Office of Co-ordinator General

ASH/Chronology/12/ 1994-1995: GBRMPA documents regarding Oyster Point development

ASH/Chronology/13/ 1995: Oyster Point development documents

ASH/Chronology/14/ 1995-1996: GBRMPA documents - reports, correspondence, memos, minutes, media releases, marginalia

ASH/Chronology/15/ 1995-1996: GBRMPA Freedom of Information requests; 1996: Oyster Point development consent

ASH/Chronology/16/ 1995-1996: North Queensland Conservation Council/Friends of Hinchinbrook: submissions and correspondence

ASH/Chronology/17/ 1996: Oyster Point development consent: statement of reasons; GBRMPA documents; marginalia


Media/Newspaper reports

ASH/Newspaper articles/1/ 1995 to August 1996

ASH/Newspaper articles/2/ Oyster Point: September 1996 to December 1996

ASH/Newspaper articles/3/ 1997, January-August

ASH/Newspaper articles/4/ 1997, September-December

ASH/Newspaper articles/5/ Oyster Point-Hinchinbrook, 1997-1998

ASH/Newspaper articles/6/ Oyster Point, 1999



ASH/Additions/Correspondence/1/ Original faxes, 1995-1996

ASH/Additions/Correspondence/2/ Original faxes, 1996-1997

ASH/Additions/Photographs/1/ Oyster Point, late 1994 or early 1995: after mangroves were cleared

ASH/Additions/Tekin/1/ Microfilm


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