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David Haigh, former lecturer in environmental law at James Cook University in Townsville and heavily involved in the campaign to stop the development near Hinchinbrook, donated these documents, interview transcripts, taped interviews, photographs, reports, correspondence, etc. In its early days it was called the 'Oyster Point Campaign' because the name 'Port Hinchinbrook' gave people the idea that there was already an established port there. The struggle over whether to develop the site of the development during the 1990s was a complex and drawn-out one. The complexity of the struggle lies not so much with Hinchinbrook's ecological value, which has been documented in a variety of scientific reports, but the process that allowed entrepreneur Keith Williams to proceed. Williams purchased the site with development approval from Tekin Australia Limited in 1993. In 1994 (in the absence of Queensland coastal legislation, with no Hinchinbrook Island National Park Management Plan or Hinchinbrook Channel Marine Park Management Plan, and with greater permitting laxity within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and World Heritage Area), Keith Williams aimed to develop a resort, marina and boat ramp that had been approved by Cardwell Shire Council in 1995. According to the records no environmental impact assessment was conducted before approval was given.

Much of this collection of Hinchinbrook Island documentation is concerned with environmental groups and lobbyists wanting federal and state governments to be consistent with their own environmental regulations and guidelines, and to protect the Hinchinbrook Passage and Hinchinbrook Island as World Heritage areas. This event was well documented and debated in the local and national media. The proclamation of the area encompassed by Keith Williams' Oyster Point development under the World Heritage Properties Conservation Act (covering the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park), on 15 November 1995, meant that any further development required the federal environment minister's approval. Many of the documents, photographs, recorded interviews, etc. that make up this collection reflect the great deal of tensions between environmental groups and some scientists on the one hand, and those who supported the local council and developers in the belief that the resort development had economic and social benefits for the local community.


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Detailed Listing

Hinchinbrook Island Development Issues

HIC/Reports/1/ Cardon & Davies, Port Hinchinbrook Resort at Cardwell: Compilation of Information Requested by the Office of the Co-ordinator-General of Queensland, March 1994

HIC/Reports/2/ WBM Oceanics Australia, Port Hinchinbrook-Cardwell Harbour Entrance and Coastal Environment, October 1993

HIC/Reports/3/ Winders, Barlow & Morrison Pty Ltd., Resort Village Cardwell: Coastal Engineering Investigation, September 1988

HIC/Reports/4/ Tekin Australia Ltd., Dredge Spoil Disposal Study - Hinchinbrook Harbour Resort, February 1989

HIC/Reports/5/ James Pierson, Native Title at Hinchinbrook, December 1994

HIC/Reports/6/ Peter Valentine, Hinchinbrook Area, World Heritage Values, August 1994

HIC/Reports/7/ Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage, Hinchinbrook Island National Park: Draft Management Plans, 1993 and 1994

HIC/Reports/8/ Sinclair Knight Merz, Port Hinchinbrook - Environmental Risk Assessment with reference to activities requiring Ministerial Consent, April 1996

HIC/Reports/9/ Parliamentary Research Service, Port Hinchinbrook - To be or not to be?. Current Issues Brief no. 30, 1994

HIC/Reports/10/ Anne Reynolds, The Sustainable Use of the Hinchinbrook Area, May 1994

HIC/Reports/11/ Submissions to Senate Environment Recreation, Communications and the Arts References Committee, Hinchinbrook Channel Inquiry, vol. 1, Submissions 1-79, May 1998

HIC/Reports/12/ Michele Bird, Cultural Heritage Assessment of the Proposed Port Hinchinbrook Resort Development Site, Oyster Point, North Queensland, March 1994

HIC/Reports/13/ Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage, Environmental Review Report: Proposed Marina and Resort: 'Port Hinchinbrook', Oyster Point, Cardwell, North Queensland, May 1994

HIC/Reports/14/ Draft Terms of Reference for Environmental Impact Assessment Studies Proposed Port Hinchinbrook Development Oyster Point, Cardwell, North Queensland, February 1995

HIC/Reports/15/ NECS, "Port Hinchinbrook": Assessment of Potential Environmental Impacts on World Heritage Property, July 1995

HIC/Reports/16/ DEH, Proposed Port Hinchinbrook Development Oyster Point Cardwell: Review of Public Submissions, June 1994

HIC/Reports/17/ Cardwell Properties Pty. Ltd., "Port Hinchinbrook" Oyster Point-Cardwell: Project Description, December 1993

HIC/Reports/18/ David Haigh, Discussion Paper: Re: Hinchinbrook-Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, December 1994

HIC/Reports/19/ Brief on the Proposed Oyster Point Development, 1994

HIC/Reports/20/ Colin Trinder and Stephen Sparkes, Port Hinchinbrook and Beyond: Background to the Controversy and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority's Role in Protection of World Heritage [undated]

HIC/Reports/21/ Draft Cardwell Shire Planning Scheme [undated]

HIC/Reports/22/ Oyster Point - Background [undated]

HIC/Reports/23/ Report on a site inspection of the mangroves and foreshore at the Port Hinchinbrook development, Cardwell, 1995

HIC/Reports/24/ Cardwell Properties Pty. Ltd., "Port Hinchinbrook": Extension of Formal Consent Application to Federal Department of Environment, April 1996

HIC/Reports/25/ Department of Primary Industries, Queensland, Distribution of Seagrasses at Oyster Point, Cardwell - a reconnaisance survey, September 1994

HIC/Reports/26/ Minter Ellison Morris Fletcher, The State of Queensland: Cardwell Properties Pty. Ltd.. Council of the Shire of Cardwell, 1994

HIC/Reports/27/ The Wilderness Society, Joint Advice: Proposed Port Hinchinbrook Development at Oyster Point, Queensland, 1996 [2 reports]

HIC/Reports/28/ Ben Boer and R.J. Fowler, The Management of World Heritage Properties in Australia: Report to the Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories, Part II [undated]

HIC/Reports/29/ Preliminary Permit Assessment Record, Port Hinchinbrook Preliminary Marine Park permit assessment, July 1994

HIC/Reports/30/ The Wilderness Preservation Society of Queensland, A Submission on the Environmental Review Report, Developer's Report, and Supporting Documents, Relating to the Proposed "Port Hinchinbrook" Resort Development at Oyster Point, Cardwell, North Queensland, May 1994

HIC/Reports/31/ Norman C. Duke, A Supplementary Report to the World Heritage & Biodiversity Branch, Department of Environment, Sport & Territories, The Impact of Clearing Mangroves on the World Heritage Area (WHA) at Oyster Point, December 1994

HIC/Reports/32/ H. Marsh et al., The Status of the Dugong in the Southern Great Barrier Reef Marine Park [brief version], October 1995


Friends of Hinchinbrook

HIC/Friends of Hinchinbrook Society, Inc. /1/ Correspondence, media releases, emails, faxes, etc., 1990s

HIC/Friends of Hinchinbrook Society, Inc. /2/ Correspondence, media releases, emails, faxes, etc., 1990s


North Queensland Conservation Council Inc.

HIC/North Queensland Conservation Council, Inc. /1/ Correspondence, media releases, emails, faxes, etc., 1990s

HIC/North Queensland Conservation Council, Inc. /2/ Correspondence, media releases, emails, faxes, etc., 1990s


World Heritage Aspects

HIC/World Heritage /1/ World Heritage Executive Summary [undated]

HIC/World Heritage /2/ World Heritage advice document in 3 parts [undated]

HIC/World Heritage /3/ The World Heritage Convention and its Operational Guidelines, March 2002

HIC/World Heritage /4/ Art. 11: World Heritage List and In Danger List to be monitored by World Heritage Committee

HIC/World Heritage /5/ 2nd Draft Anotated Revisions: Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention, UNESCO, Annex IV; and Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Commission, UNESCO, March 1999

HIC/World Heritage /6/ UNESCO, Establishment of the World Heritage List [undated]

HIC/World Heritage /7/ UNESCO, Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage: Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention, 1995

HIC/World Heritage /8/ Folder headed 'World Heritage', with notes, letters, papers on World Heritage matters


Documents on Legal Aspects of Hinchinbrook Island Campaign

HIC/Legal /1/ Folder headed 'Legal'

HIC/Legal /2/ Folder with material on Hinchinbrook Case: James Johnson and Counsel

HIC/Legal /3/ Friends of Hinchinbrook Society vs. Minister of Environment, Cardwell Properties Pty Ltd. and the State of Queensland

HIC/Legal /4/ Federal Court of Australia, no. 164 of 1997, Friends of Hinchinbrook Society vs. Minister of Environment, Cardwell Properties Pty Ltd. and the State of Queensland

HIC/Legal /5/ Trespass, Cardwell Properties, 1995

HIC/Legal /6/ Townsville Community Legal Service Inc.

HIC/Legal /7/ Queensland Police/1/ - Hinchinbrook incident

HIC/Legal /8/ Queensland Police/2/ - Hinchinbrook incident

HIC/Legal /9/ Folder headed 'Appeal'

HIC/Legal /10/ Folder headed 'Defamation'

HIC/Legal /11/ Stephen Keim, Higgins Chambers regarding Wilderness Society, 1994

HIC/Legal /12/ Form 2 - Environmental Lawyer / Environmental Defender's Office

HIC/Legal /13/ Minter Ellison, Deed of Variation: The State of Queensland and Cardwell Properties Pty. Ltd. and the Council of the Shire of Cardwell and the Commonwealth of Australia, 1996

HIC/Legal /14/ Attorney-General's Department, Documents relating to Item 1 of Notice to Produce dated 8/1/92, Part 2

HIC/Legal /15/ no. 164 of 1997, Friends of Hinchinbrook Society vs. Minister of Environment and others


Media/Newspaper reports

HIC/Media/1/ Newspaper articles, etc.

HIC/Media/2/ Newspaper articles, etc.

HIC/Media/3/ Press cuttings and releases

HIC/Media/4/ Newspaper cuttings, interview transcriptions, etc.



HIC/Plans and Images/1/ Various Hinchinbrook Island-related plans, maps, schedules for proposed development and likely impacts



HIC/Correspondence/1/ Senator John Faulkner

HIC/Correspondence/2/ Senator Robert Hill

HIC/Correspondence/3/ David Haigh


Miscellaneous Hinchinbrook Island Campaign files

HIC/Miscellaneous/1/ Folder headed '(H) Inquiry'

HIC/Miscellaneous/2/ Oyster Point, Hinchinbrook

HIC/Miscellaneous/3/ Environmental Organisations - procedures, constitutions, etc.

HIC/Miscellaneous/4/ Cairns Community Legal Centre, Inc.

HIC/Miscellaneous/5/ Election '95

HIC/Miscellaneous/6/ Folder with working papers regarding Port Hinchinbrook and related environmental issues

HIC/Miscellaneous/7/ Marine Pollution Inquiry

HIC/Miscellaneous/8/ Folder with notes, documents regarding dredging works

HIC/Miscellaneous/9/ Cardwell Properties

HIC/Miscellaneous/10/ Goss Government Submission

HIC/Miscellaneous/11/ Folder headed Specific'; inside cover is notation 'What must be done BEFORE...any further development be done at Oyster Point'

HIC/Miscellaneous/12/ Folder containing package of material marked 'David Haigh, Faculty of Law'

HIC/Miscellaneous/13/ Boat Harbour feasiblity study: Summary and Recommendations

HIC/Miscellaneous/14/ CAFNEC

HIC/Miscellaneous/15/ Folder headed 'Discovery'

HIC/Miscellaneous/16/ Office of the Co-ordinator General, Queensland, Annual Report 1992-93

HIC/Miscellaneous/17/ Office of the Co-ordinator General

HIC/Miscellaneous/18/ GBRMPA consultancy decisions

HIC/Miscellaneous/19/ Public hearings

HIC/Miscellaneous/20/ Acid Sulphate Soil Conditions reports

HIC/Miscellaneous/21/ Beach management strategy papers, notes, correspondence, etc.

HIC/Miscellaneous/22/ Folder headed '6/1994 Record N.T. - Hinchinbrook'

HIC/Miscellaneous/23/ Correspondence regarding Keith Williams, principal executive of Cardwell Properties Pty. Ltd.

HIC/Miscellaneous/24/ Material on Hinchinbrook turbidity control plans, Oyster Point

HIC/Miscellaneous/25/ Newspaper cuttings, faxes, notes, newsletters for 1993

HIC/Miscellaneous/26/ Balaklava Island

HIC/Miscellaneous/27/ Helicopter

HIC/Miscellaneous/28/ Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

HIC/Miscellaneous/29/ COAG policies and their implementation - Finch Hatton Creek Dam, 1998

HIC/Miscellaneous/30/ Proposal for Commercial Pearl Farm and Pearl Shell Nursery, Hinchinbrook Channel, Cardwell, North Queensland

HIC/Miscellaneous/31/ Folder containing Australian Heritage Commission and GBRMPA material

HIC/Miscellaneous/32/ North Queensland Conservation Council material: media releases, media updates, correspondence

HIC/Miscellaneous/33/ Canals Regulation 1992

HIC/Miscellaneous/34/ Masterplan Port Hinchinbrook and related documents, notes, correspondence

HIC/Miscellaneous/35/ Oyster Point materials: correspondence, notes, newsletters, etc.

HIC/Miscellaneous/36/ Folder headed 'David's stuff': faxes, letters, notes, all regarding Port Hinchinbrook development, 1990s

HIC/Miscellaneous/37/ Cardwell Shire Council

HIC/Miscellaneous/38/ Brief to Counsel: Hinchinbrook World Heritage Area

HIC/Miscellaneous/39/ Len Martin file

HIC/Miscellaneous/40/ The Co-ordinator General, Queensland

HIC/Miscellaneous/41/ Papers on heritage matters authored or co-authored by David Haigh

HIC/Miscellaneous/42/ Indigenous cultural matters regarding Hinchinbrook Island and proposed development of resort

HIC/Miscellaneous/43/ North Queensland Conservation Council Inc. – additions

HIC/Miscellaneous/44/ Friends of Hinchinbrook Society Inc. – additions

HIC/Miscellaneous/45/ Petition – Oyster Point

HIC/Miscellaneous/46/ Handwritten notes, ideas, etc. on various Hinchinbrook development issues; various authors not identified

HIC/Miscellaneous/47/ Discussion Paper: Hinchinbrook – Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, 1994

HIC/Miscellaneous/48/ Folder headed ‘Imogen’ [rest is indecipherable]; first document within folder is addressed to Imogen [Zethoven?]

HIC/Miscellaneous/49/ Correspondence/Senator John Faulkner – additions; and other correspondence


David Haigh’s Notebooks

HIC/Notebooks/David Haigh/1/ Nos. [1?], 2, 4-23, 25, 27, 33-36, 39-40, 42-48, 50, 52, 54

HIC/Notebooks/David Haigh/2/ Oyster Point Expenditure Record Nov. 3-94


Videos (VHS Tapes) and Audio-cassettes

HIC/Video/1/ NQCC Oyster Point: PAL dub converted to NTSC 14/10/96

HIC/Video/2/ Oyster Point. Erosion January 1995

HIC/Video/3/ 4 Corners Oyster Point NTSC Dub for Canada

HIC/Video/4/ Oyster Point: mangrove clearing

HIC/Video/5/ Oyster Point

HIC/Video/6/ Oyster Point - 5/11/94

HIC/Video/7/ Oyster Point [7/1/94?]

HIC/Video/8/ Oyster Point 2.

HIC/Video/9/ Oyster Point 3. 31/10-26/11 [1994?]

HIC/Video/10/ Oyster Point. Tape of protected mangrove removal - 20/10/94

HIC/Video/11/ Hinchinbrook - 7/11/94

HIC/Video/12/ Stephen Austin Researcher/Journalist 7.30 Report: Keith Williams Speaking at B.O.M.A.

HIC/Video/13/ Dugongs

HIC/Video/14/ B. Katter

HIC/Video/15/ Stateline for David Haigh

HIC/Video/16/ Assault Tape, Monday 13/11/94

HIC/Video/17/ November 18 (?)

HIC/Video/18/ Friday 21/10 [indecipherable] T.V. clip - no on-site

HIC/Video/19/ (Bronsen) Dirtwater Dynasty

HIC/Video/20/ 16/11/94 [rest of heading on cover and tape indecipherable]

HIC/Video/21/ I Spy II .2.

HIC/Video/22/ No title or description

HIC/Video/23/ No title or description

HIC/Video/24/ No title or description

HIC/Video/25/ Keith Williams Interview


HIC/Cassette/1/ K. Williams 13/2/96

HIC/Cassette/2/ David Haigh, Northern Extra 24/4/96

HIC/Cassette/3/ Keith Williams 31/1/96

HIC/Cassette/4/ ABC Wayne Sherman, David Haigh, Helene March

HIC/Cassette/5/ David and Williams [24/10/94?]

HIC/Cassette/6/ Note attached: 'Dear David, Here's the tape-Margaret'

HIC/Cassette/7/ Various people's initials and dates, from 3 March 1995 to 12 April 1996



HIC/Photographs/1/ Colour shots of protestors at mangrove site, Oyster Point, 14-16 November 1994: all photos annotated on reverse side

HIC/Photographs/2/ Colour shots of bulldozers and development activities at Oyster Point, November 1994 and November 1996; with descriptive list

HIC/Photographs/3/ Colour shots of protest meeting and speakers; shots of the local environment - no annotation or description

HIC/Photographs/4/ Colour shot of anti-development march

HIC/Photographs/5/ Port Hinchinbrook Heritage promotional postcards

HIC/Photographs/6/ Colour shots including panorama views with explanations/descriptions of environmental damage

HIC/Photographs/7/ Colour laminated photographs of Hinchinbrook Island

HIC/Photographs/8/ NQCC Hinchinbrook Campaign cards with Hinchinbrook Island on them, addressed to: Paul Erlich; Tony Clunies-Ross; Alistair Robertson; David Attenborough; Charles Birch

HIC/Photographs/9/ B/w photograph of anti-development protestors at mangrove site

HIC/Photographs/10/ Oyster Point protest, 1/9/96, laminated; photographs by Rob Parsons



HIC/Additions/1/ Illustrations, cards; 2 floppy discs (Hinchinbrook docs, JCU)

HIC/Additions/2/ Scenic Transparency (overhead)



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