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Lower Burdekin Branch Records

The Lower Burdekin Branch of the United Graziers’ Association of Central and Northern Queensland was inaugurated in September 1954 by A R Foot of Utopia Station (formerly Cardington). The foundation members included L Cox of Gainsford, R Rea of Kirknie, T G Williams of Tondara, and D S Cormack of Ayr. The Lower Burdekin Branch extends from Jerona, near Giru, to Gumlu and west to stations along the Bogie and Burdekin Rivers. The Lower Burdekin Branch is also known as the Lower Burdekin and District Branch and the Burdekin Branch. These records consist of correspondence and meeting records from 1954 to 1984.

Archive Location: 154

Detailed Listing

UGA/LB/1                  September 1954 - March 1963 correspondence - includes 1962 members list.

UGA/LB/2                  1954-68 meeting records.

UGA/LB/3                  June 1963 - December 1966 correspondence - includes newsletters.

UGA/LB/4                  February 1967 - December 1968 correspondence.

UGA/LB/5                  October 1969 - July 1970 correspondence and meeting records.

UGA/LB/6                  July 1970 - June 1972 correspondence and meeting records.

UGA/LB/7                  June 1972 - May 1974 correspondence and meeting records.

UGA/LB/8                  June 1974 - January 1976 correspondence and meeting records.

UGA/LB/9                  January 1976 - December 1976 correspondence and meeting records.

UGA/LB/10                January 1977 - December 1979 correspondence and minutes.

UGA/LB/11                January 1980 - October 1981 correspondence, meeting records and 'Facts on compound 1080 and its use in Queensland' booklet.

UGA/LB/12                October 1981 - December 1984 correspondence and meeting records.

UGA/LB/13                March 1973 Cattle Committee meeting minutes:

  • June 1980 UGA of Qld 90th annual council meeting minutes
  • April 1981 UGA of Central and Northern Qld 61st annual conference minutes
  • June 1984 UGA Qld 94th annual council meeting minutes
  • September 1984 Cattle Committee meeting minutes.
  • September 1984 UGA Central and Northern meeting minutes.
  • October 1984 UGA Qld executive council meeting minutes.


UGA/LB/14                Secretary's file:

  • 1977-80 correspondence note book.
  • Graziers' Association of Central and Northern Qld, 1962 rules booklet.
  • 1970-73 account (exercise) book.
  • various material relating to 1080, drought bonds, formation of new district branch and Qld Rural Industry Training Committee 1984 newsletters.

Publications and pamphlets

UGA/LB/PUB/1         “Foot and Mouth Disease: Early Warning Advice,” published by Commonwealth Dept of Health, n.d. colour pamphlet.

UGA/LB/PUB/2         1983 Report of the General Secretary, UGA Qld. 24p

UGA/LB/PUB/3         Fibre: the Official Journal of the Wool Council of Australia, No. 2, August 1983.

UGA/LB/PUB/4         C and N Monthly Bulletin, Graziers’ Association of Central and Northern Qld, Vol 5 (new series), no.47, December 1983. 16p

UGA/LB/PUB/5         “FACTS: Facts You Should Know about the NFF (National Farmers’ Federation),” n.d., pamphlet.

UGA/LB/PUB/6         The Grazier, UGA, November 1981.

UGA/LB/PUB/7         The Grazier, UGA, March 1979.

UGA/LB/PUB/8         “The United Graziers’ Association of Queensland asks… Are You a Member?” leaflet, n.d.

UGA/LB/PUB/9         “The Australian Assistance Plan and You,” Social Welfare Commission pamphlet, n.d.

UGA/LB/PUB/10       Newspaper clipping, “Worldwide Demand Will Keep Our Beef Prices Up,” Courier Mail, by Doug Stewart, n.d.

UGA/LB/PUB/11       Farm Focus: The 80's, NFF, January 1981.

UGA/LB/PUB/12       Page (3-4) torn from C & N Bulletin of February 1980 containing various articles.

UGA/LB/PUB/13       Programme for UGA “Decade of the Archivers” conference held at Surfers Paradise, 1-8 June 1980.


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