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August Karl (Alf) Glindemann was born in Brisbane in 1885. Having married Mary Caroline Smith of Townsville, they and their three sons and a daughter lived at Doncaster Street, Hendra, for many years before moving to North Queensland. Mary died in 1942 and Alf died in August 1944 at his Lone Pine camp at Mount Fox near Ingham in 1944. Glindemann was at various times a bushman, horseman, labourer, timber-cutter, kangaroo shooter, miner, and naturalist. Also an avid collector and propagator of orchids, Glindemann was a long term member of the Queensland Orchid Society and lectured and wrote on the subject of North Queensland orchids.


Archive Location: 367R

Detailed Listing

AKG/D/1 1907-1941 diary. Entries on the first few pages appear to be added in reverse chronological order. Enclosed between pp.89-90 is a slip of paper with a child’s pencil drawing of a crocodile, tree and kite. Enclosed between pp.133-34 is a sprig of pressed fern, probably maidenhair. The final page contains an entry in the form of a humorous poem that plays on end-rhymes and spelling with words such as mawn, bawn and dawn.

AKG/PUB/1 Australian Orchid Review, June 1995 containing an account of Glindemann's work.

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