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This archive consists of topographical maps of the North Queensland Region from the 1940’s and 1960’s. These are all well-preserved fold-out colour maps housed in canvas covers. Each one is stamped 'Geology Dept./University Townsville'. Some of the maps, such as the Dalrymple and Charters Towers Maps from 1942, are “Emergency Editions” with labels in bold red type stating, “This map is an official document. If found, it must be handed in to the nearest military headquarters or police station.”

Archive Location: 458L

Detailed Listing

GDM/1 Abbot Point. 1:100,000

GDM/2 Ayr (Special). 1 inch/mile (2 copies)

GDM/3 Ayr. 4 mile/inch

GDM/4 Bartle Frere. 1 inch/mile (2 copies)

GDM/5 Bowen. 1 inch/mile

GDM/6 Cairns. 1 inch/mile (2 copies)

GDM/7 Cardwell. 1 inch/mile

GDM/8 Carmila. 1 inch/mile (2 copies)

GDM/9 Cashmere. 1 inch/mile (2 copies)

GDM/10 Charters Towers. 1 inch/mile (2 copies)

GDM/11 Charters Towers. 4 mile/inch

GDM/12 Clare. 1 inch/mile (2 copies)

GDM/13 Clarke River. 4 miles/ 1 inch

GDM/14 Clarke River. 4 mile/inch

GDM/15 Clump Point.1 inch/mile (2 copies)

GDM/16 Cooktown.1 inch/mile

GDM/17 Cooktown. 4 mile/inch

GDM/18 Dalyrmple. 1 inch/mile (2 copies)

GDM/19 Dotswood. 1 inch/mile .

GDM/20 Dotswood. 1:100,000

GDM/21 Ewan. 1:100,000

GDM/22 Gordonvale. 1 inch/mile (2 copies)

GDM/23 Halifax. 1 inch/mile (2 copies)

GDM/24 Herberton. 1 inch/mile (2 copies)

GDM/25 Ingham. 1 inch=1 mile (2 copies)

GDM/26 Ingham. 4 mile/inch (2 copies)

GDM/27 Innisfail. 1 inch/mile (2 copies)

GDM/28 Innisfail. 4 mile/inch

GDM/29 Innisfail. 1 inch/4 mile

GDM/30 Kirrama. 1 inch/mile

GDM/31 Magnetic [Island]. Eastern Half. 1 inch/mile

GDM/32 Magnetic [Island]. Western Half. 1 inch/mile (2 copies)

GDM/33 Mingella. 1:100,000

GDM/34 Mt. Elliot (Special). 1 inch/mile

GDM/35 Mt. Garnet. 1 inch/mile (2 copies)

GDM/36 Musgrave. 1 inch/mile

GDM/37 Palmerston.1 inch/mile

GDM/38 Paluma Range. 1 inch/mile

GDM/39 Paluma. 1:50,000

GDM/40 Rollingstone. 1:50,000

GDM/41 Thorton Gap. 1 inch/mile

GDM/42 Townsville. 1:100,000

GDM/43 Townsville. 1 inch/mile

GDM/44 Townsville. 4 mile/inch

GDM/45 Tully. 1 inch/mile


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