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L.J. Freer (Willis Island) Archive

Mr Freer, an architect practising in Townsville instructed by the Townsville Divisional Works Officer, Department of Works and Housing in 1948, to inspect the Willis Island Radio/Meteorological Station to determine the requirements for its good repair. This collection includes correspondence, clippings and photographs relating to that task. The photographs have been copied and included in the University's collection of historic photographs.

Archive Location: 141L

Detailed Listing

LJF/1 Newspaper clipping "Weather causes launch change of plans"

LJF/2 Willis Island booklet prepared by Mr L J Freer, 17 March 1952

LJF/3 Correspondence

3.1 Letter to Mr Neil from Mr Freer, 22 November 1949, concerning the design and construction of homes to withstand North Queensland's climatic conditions

3.2 Memo to Department of Works, Townsville 18 August 1952, from Mr Freer (Architect) concerning the distribution of new system - monthly report files covering major works valued 10,000 (English pounds) or over, or a job or special interest below 10,000 (English pounds). 1p.

Extract from Metals Have Feuds by E L Ellis dated June 1950. 1p.


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