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This is a collection of seven wooden boxes of lantern slides from approximately the beginning of this century. Some are broken or cracked. Those of North Queensland significance have been copied and added to the University's collection of historic photographs. There are, in addition to these, slides of scenes from other states of Australia, from Europe, Asia and the United States and illustrations of animals, etc.

B&W indicates the slide is black and white.

Archive Location: 72


Box Listing

Box 1 Miscellaneous Slides, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia.
Box 2 Marble statues, Animal Illustrations, World War I (Middle East), Army Auxiliary Forces and Navy G.W.W., G.W.W. Slides (View), G.W.W. Slides, Cloud and Water Effects by G.W.W., Cloud Studies by G.W.W., R.W.S.
Box 3 New Zealand, Great Towns & C., Highlands of Scotland, Ireland, Asia, Saratoga & C., The Moon.
Box 4 Birds, Africa, Anatomical Slides, Factory, South Africa, Miscellaneous.
Box 5 Japan (Scenic views), Factory Scenes (in Japan?), Scenes of Japanese Daily Life, Possibly Firemen Demonstrating or Practising Drill, Scenes of Japanese Daily Life, Factory.
Box 6 United States, Miscellaneous, Ireland, Miscellaneous.
Box 7 Queensland and some North Queensland Slides, Advertisements, Brisbane and Environs, Queensland, Miscellaneous Slides (parts of unfinished slides)..


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Detailed Listing

Box 1
AF/1/1 – AF/1/2 Miscellaneous Slides

AF/1/1 Map of Australia. Hand coloured.
AF/1/2 A living Union Jack – display by ten thousand children. Hans coloured.

AF/1/3 - AF/1/48 New Soth Wales

AF/1/3 TraB&Way to the Spit, Middle Harbour, N.S.W. B&W
AF/1/4 The road to Jenolan Caves, B&W
AF/1/5 Skeleton Cave, Jenolan, B&W
AF/1/6 Jenolan Caves - Lot’s wife. R. Imperial, B&W
AF/1/7 Grand Column, Jenolan Caves, N.S.W. (H. King) B&W
AF/1/8 Pitt St. Sydney N.S.W. W.H. Cooper, Lantern Slide Maker, Royal Arcade, Melbourne. B&W
AF/1/9 N.S. Wales, Australia, Darling Point and Clarke Island, Sydney Harbour, B&W
AF/1/10 N.S.Wales, Australia, Millers Point from McMahon’s Point, Sydney, B&W
AF/1/11 The Spit, Middle Harbour, Sydney, B&W
AF/1/12 N.S.Wales, Australia, Circular Quay, Sydney, B&W
AF/1/13 General Post Office, St. Martin’s Lane, Sydney (G.W.W.) B&W
AF/1/14 Queen Victoria Market, B&W
AF/1/15 Botanical Gardens, Sydney, B&W
AF/1/16 National Art Gallery, Sydney, B&W
AF/1/17 Lover’s Walk, Hyde Park, Sydney. B&W
AF/1/18 New South Wales, A CAFsize at Sydney Harbour. B&W
AF/1/19 New South Wales, Australia, Yacht Racing, Sydney Harbour. B&W
AF/1/20 N.S.Wales Australia, Circular Quay, Sydney. B&W
AF/1/21 New South Wales. Sailing Vessels at Anchor, Sydney Harbour. B&W
AF/1/22 New South Wales. Surf Bathing and Sun Bathing, Manly. B&W
AF/1/23 New South Wales, Australia. Oversea Steamers Coaling. Newcastle. B&W
AF/1/24 N.S. Wales, Australia. Misc. Surf Bathing, Coogee near Sydney. B&W
AF/1/25 N.S.Wales, Australia. Sunlight Gold Mine, Hillgrove. B&W
AF/1/26 N.S.Wales, Australia. Hyde Park, Sydney. B&W
AF/1/27 New South Wales. Hawkesbury River Railway Bridge. B&W
AF/1/28 No title (mining site). B&W
AF/1/29 Great Cobar Mine, N.S.W. B&W
AF/1/30 N.S. Wales, Australia. The Dyke, Newcastle. B&W
AF/1/31 N.S. Wales, Australia. Giant Spotted Gum, Bodalla. B&W
AF/1/32 N.S. Wales, Australia, B&W
AF/1/33 Irrigation Canal near Nerrandera. B&W
AF/1/34 New South Wales. A Sheep Station, Liverpool Plains. (Geo. Bell) B&W
AF/1/35 No title (Waterfall). B&W
AF/1/36 Orphan Rock, N.S.W. B&W
AF/1/37 New South Wales - Wool teams on the road to Bathurst. (Geo. Bell) B&W
AF/1/38 Kerry, LandscAFe PhotogrAFher, 308 George St., Sydney. Discharging cargo - Bourke. B&W
AF/1/39 N.S. Wales, Australia - The Hotel Kosciusko from the Golf Links. B&W
AF/1/40 Junction of Clarence River with Aluway Creek. B&W
AF/1/41 Shawls Nafeking Cave. Jenolan Caves, New South Wales. B&W
AF/1/42 New South Wales, Hotel Kosciusko. B&W
AF/1/43 N.S. Wales, Australia. Trout RAFid at the Creek on the Thredbo River, Mt. Kosciusko. B&W
AF/1/44 Icicles and rapids on Digger’s Creek. Hotel Kosciusko, N.S,W. B&W
AF/1/45 N.S. Wales, Australia. Sheep crossing the Billabong, Nalirindry Station, Riverina District. B&W
AF/1/46 New South Wales. Stanwell Park, Coast Scene, Illawarra District. B&W
AF/1/47 N.S. Wales, Australia. On thebeach, at Terrigal. B&W
AF/1/48 New South Wales. Ship in dock, Sydney Harbour. B&W

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AF/1/49 - AF/1/59 South Australia

AF/1/49 St. Peter’s Church of England. Adelaide. B&W
AF/1/50 Grigin House on Burs Mine, Nimbirly, S.A. (Alex Gunn, 242 Little Collins St., Melbourne). Hand coloured
AF/1/51 National Park. B&W
AF/1/52 Cherryville Gardens, S.A. B&W
AF/1/53 Clarendon. B&W
AF/1/54 No title (Town View). B&W
AF/1/55 River Murray. B&W
AF/1/56 Blue Lake, Mt. Gambier, S.A. B&W
AF/1/57 Renmark, Vineyards. B&W
AF/1/58 No title. (View of hillside with orchard). B&W
AF/1/59 Hay Carting. B&W

AF/1/60 – AF/1/76 Tasmania

AF/1/60 Hobart from Bellerive. (Prepared by J.W. Beattie, Hobart, Tasmania). B&W
AF/1/6l River Derwent at New Norfolk (Prepared by J.W. Beattie, Tasmania). B&W
AF/1/62 River from Kettering (Prepared by J.W. Beattie, Hobart, Tasmania). B&W
AF/1/63 Mosquito Point, Huon River (Tasmanian series - copyright, J.W. Beattie, Hobart). B&W
AF/1/64 Picton River at Pine Creek (Tasmanian series, copyright, J.W. Beattie, Hobart). B&W
AF/1/65 Rossers River and Bay at Oxford (Tasmanian series, copyright, J.W. Beattie, Hobart). B&W
AF/1/66 Cada Lottah - East Coast (Prepared by J.W. Beattie, Hobart, Tasmania). B&W
AF/1/67 Orchards in Bagdad Valley (Prepared by J.W. Beattie, Hobart, Tasmania). B&W
AF/1/68 Glenord (Prepared by J.W. Beattie, Hobart, Tasmania). B&W
AF/1/69 River Derwent at Claremont (Prepared by J.W. Beattie, Hobart, Tasmania). B&W
AF/1/70 Cynthia Bay, Lake St. Clair, Entrance to River Derwent (Prepared by J.W. Beattie, Hobart, Tasmania). B&W
AF/1/71 Mts. Manfred ~ Cuvier from Lake Marion. (Beattie, Hobart). B&W
AF/1/72 King River Gorge (Prepared by J.W. Beattie, Hobart, Tasmania). B&W
AF/1/73 Junction of Franklin Gordon R. (Spurling & Son, Brisbane Street, Launceston, Tasmania). B&W
AF/1/74 Launceston from Trevallin (Prepared by J.W. Beattie, Hobart, Tasmania). B&W
AF/1/75 Montezuma Falls (Prepared by J.W. Beattie, Hobart, Tasmania). B&W
AF/1/76 King with Pines, Lake Marion. (Prepared by J.W. Beattie, Hobart, Tasmania). B&W

AF/1/77 - AF/1/99 Victoria

AF/1/77 Irrigation in Victoria - the Goulburn Weir. B&W
AF/1/78 Goulburn Weir. B&W
AF/1/79 No title (Botanical Gardens, Melbourne). B&W
AF/1/80 Government Hours, Melbourne. B&W
AF/1/81 Federal Parliament House, Melbourne. B&W
AF/1/82 A Glimpse to the Australian Alps. B&W
AF/1/83 No title (Famr). B&W
AF/1/84 No title (Yard with cattle) B&W
AF/1/85 No title. (Canoeing). B&W
AF/1/86 No title. (Mountain road). B&W
AF/1/87 No title. (Crocodile). B&W
AF/1/88 Botanical Gardens, Melboune. B&W
AF/1/89 Bendigo. B&W
AF/1/90 Town Hall, Melbourne (American Fleet Illuminated) B&W
AF/1/91 Student’s Hall, Melbourne University. B&W
AF/1/92 Mr. Walker’s S.S.W. Melbourne. B&W
AF/1/93 Law Courts, Bendigo (W.H. Cooper, Lantern Slide Maker, Royal Arcade, Melbourne). B&W
AF/1/94 Law Courts, Camperdown. (Cooper & Co., Lantern Slide Maker Melbourne). B&W
AF/1/95 Soldiers memorial, Ballarat. B&W
AF/1/96 Caves on Beach, Airey’s Inlet. B&W
AF/1/97 Lion at the Public Library, Melbourne. B&W
AF/1/98 No title (Sea). B&W
AF/1/99 Wallace – Ballarat Gardens (J.H. Harves). B&W


AF/1/100 - AF/1/126 Western Australia

AF/1/100 The GAF - Albany. B&W
AF/1/101 No title (View from a mountain). B&W
AF/1/102 No title (Narrow street leading to a home). B&W
AF/1/103 Slimes. B&W
AF/1/104 Street, Busselton. B&W
AF/1/105 Sheep tank, Murchinson. B&W
AF/1/106 Eagle’s Wings, Mammoth Cave, W.A. B&W
AF/1/107 Crystal Terrace, Mammoth Cave, W.A. B&W
AF/1/108 Meteor Showers, Calgardup Cave, W.A. B&W
AF/1/109 Shawls, Yallingup Caves, W.A. B&W
AF/1/110 Garabs tent, Yallingup. B&W
AF/1/111 Switchboard Railwork Shop. B&W
AF/1/112 No title (Factory). B&W
AF/1/113 Wallaroo Copper Smelter. B&W (Suspect it is South Australia)
AF/1/114 Swan River, W.A. B&W
AF/1/115 Mattaning, an agricultural town, Southern W.A. B&W
AF/1/116 No title (Haystacks). B&W
AF/1/117 AFple Orchard, Mt. Bartlea, W.A. B&W
AF/1/118 No title (Dam). B&W
AF/1/119 No title (Quarry). B&W
AF/1/120 No title (Jarrah Forest). B&W
AF/1/121 No title (Timber Cutting). B&W
AF/1/122 No title (Cattle Dray). B&W
AF/1/123 G.P.O. Perth, 1916. B&W
AF/1/124 Yacht, Swan River. B&W
AF/1/125 Yacht Racing, Swan River. B&W
AF/1/126 Katoomba Berthing, Fremantle. B&W


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Box 2
AF/2/1 – AF/2/8 Marble Statues

AF/2/1 No title (Cupid). B&W
AF/2/2 No title (Family scene). B&W
AF/2/3 Modesty. B&W
AF/2/4 Lady Godiva by R. Monti. B&W
AF/2/5 The Prisoner of love. B&W
AF/2/6 No title (Clothed woman). B&W
AF/2/7 No title (Blindfolded girl) B&W
AF/2/8 Spirit of Liberty and 3 others. B&W

AF/2/9 - AF/2/17 Animal Illustrations

AF/2/9 Beaver. Hand coloured
AF/2/10 Fox. Hand coloured.
AF/2/11 Vizcacha. Hand coloured
AF/2/12 Prairie marmot. Hand coloured
AF/2/13 Badger. Hand coloured.
AF/2/14 Aard-vark. Hand coloured
AF/2/15 Hornbill. Hand coloure
AF/2/16 Tufted umbre. Hand coloured
AF/2/17 No title (Cat). B&W

AF/2/18 - AF/2/47 World War I (Middle East)

AF/2/l8 Delphi, by T.W. Cameron, Slide Specialist, 430 Bourke St, Melbourne. B&W
AF/2/19 No title (Steamship). B&W
AF/2/20 No title (View of hillside). B&W
AF/2/21 (View of hillside, ANZAC). B&W
AF/2/22 (Landing barge). B&W
AF/2/23 (View of village by sea, with. soldiers). B&W
AF/2/24 (View of soldiers’ camp,.horses and wagons). B&W
AF/2/25 (View of gun positions, sandbagged). B&W
AF/2/26 (View of hillside), by T.W. Cameron, Slide Specialist, 430 Bourke St., Melbourne. B&W
AF/2/27 No title (View of sailors on beach, steamships in background), by T,W. Cameron, B&W
AF/2/28 No title (Landing barges ~n,harbour), by T.W. Cameron. B&W
AF/2/29 No title (Officers walking to a village), by T.W, Cameron. B&W
AF/2/30 No title (Men working on supply lines), by T.W. Cameron. B&W
AF/2/31 No title (Bunkers), by T.W. Cameron. B&W
AF/2/32 No title (Aerial view of camp), by T.W. Cameron. B&W
AF/2/33 No title (View of shoreline), by T.W. Cameron. B&W
AF/2/34 No title (View of hillside), by T.W. Cameron. B&W
AF/2/35 No title (View of hillside), by T.W. Cameron. B&W
AF/2/36 No title (Defence position), by T.W. Cameron. B&W
AF/2/37 No title (Graves),by T.W. Cameron. B&W
AF/2/38 No title (Small Building), by T.W. Cameron. B&W
AF/2/39 No title (Hillside), by T.W, Cameron. B&W
AF/2/40 No title (Gun carriage), by T.W. Cameron. B&W
AF/2/41 No title (Shoreline), by T.W. Cameron. B&W
AF/2/42 No title (Hillside), by LW. Cameron. B&W
AF/2/43 No title (Bushes), by T.W. Cameron, B&W
AF/2/44 No title (Hillside), by T.W. Cameron. B&W
AF/2/45 No title (Soldiers by a memorial), by T.W. Cameron. B&W
AF/2/46 No title (Graves), by T.W. Cameron. B&W
AF/2/47 No title (Marchpast of soldiers), by T.W. Cameron. B&W


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AF/2/48 - AF/2/61 Army, Auxiliary Forces, and Navy. G.W.W.

AF/2/48 Guard turned out, Coldstreain Guards.
AF/2/49 Ambulance Waggon, Army Service Corps.
AF/2/50 Ordinance Store Corps. B&W
AF/2/51 Squads at work. Aldershot Gymnasium.
AF/2/52 Sword Drill. B&W
AF/2/53 Fencing Contest. B&W
AF/2/54 Fencing Contest. B&W
AF/2/55 Fencing Contest - Disarmed. B&W
AF/2/56 Bayonet v. Bayonet Contest. B&W
AF/2/57 Cyclist, 20th Middlesex (Artists) R.V. B&W
AF/2/58 Torpedo Boat, H.M.S. “Camperdown”. B&W
AF/2/59 Boatswain. B&W
AF/2/60 Firing 22-Ton Gun. B&W
AF/2/61 Scrubbing the Decks. B&W

AF/2/62 - AF/2/68 G.W.W. Slides (Views)

AF/2/62 Bridlington Quay. B&W
AF/2/63 Entrance to Mossman’s Bay, Sydney. B&W
AF/2/64 Entrance to Botany Bay, Sydney. B&W
AF/2/65 Sydney from Kerosene Bay. B&W
AF/2/66 Sydney from Berry’s Bay. B&W
AF/2/67 Harbour, Bridlington Quay. B&W
AF/2/68 Shipwreck at Scarboro. B&W

AF/2/69 - AF/2/74 G.W.W. Slides

AF/2/69 North Berwick Law. B&W
AF/2/70 Peebles, from Neidpath Castle. B&W
AF/2/71 Grey Mare’s Tail, Moffat. B&W
AF/2/72 Burns’ Mausoleum. B&W
AF/2/73 Tantallon Castle. B&W
AF/2/74 The Silent Woods in Winter’s Toils are Bound. B&W

AF/2/75 – AF/2/80 Cloud and Water Effects by G.W.W.

AF/2/75 On the Beach at Filey. B&W
AF/2/76 On the Beach at Filey. B&W
AF/2/77 Loch of Park. B&W
AF/2/78 Echoes of a Far-off Storm, B&W
AF/2/79 Ebb Tide. B&W
AF/2/80 In Largs Bay. B&W

AF/2/81 - AF/2/85 Cloud Studies by G.W.W.

AF/2/81 Arran – from Cumbrae. B&W
AF/2/82 Pentland Firth at Duncansby Head. B&W
AF/2/83 Breaking Wave. B&W
AF/2/84 Breaking Wave. B&W
AF/2/85 Testing the Breakwater. B&W

AF/2/86 - AF/2/89 R.W.S.

AF/2/86 Sorrento. B&W
AF/2/87 Penguin Sorrento. B&W
AF/2/88 Spray Apollo Bay. B&W


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Box 3

AF/3/1 - AF/3/29 New Zealand

AF/3/1 No title (Fishing). B&W
AF/3/2 No title (Fishing). B&W
AF/3/3 No title (Fish). B&W
AF/3/4 No title (Goats Head). B&W
AF/3/5 No title (Bulls head). B&W
AF/3/6 No title (Boars head). B&W
AF/3/7 No title (Maori’s in a canoe). B&W
AF/3/8 No title (Boating). B&W
AF/3/9 No title (Swimming event - in sea), B&W
AF/3/10 No title (Boating). B&W
AF/3/11 No title (Bales of wool in shed). B&W
AF/3/12 No title (Sheep). B&W
AF/3/13 No title (Sheep). B&W
AF/3/14 No title (Horses). B&W
AF/3/15 No title (Ploughing). B&W
AF/3/16 No title (Hayfield). B&W
AF/3/17 No title (Cutting hay). B&W
AF/3/18 No title (Gathering produce). B&W
AF/3/19 No title (View of Hay stQOks). B&W
AF/3/20 No title (Factory). B&W
AF/3/21 No title (Dredging). B&W
AF/3/22 Wanganui River. B&W
AF/3/23 No title (Bridge over river). B&W
AF/3/24 No title (Boat on a lake). B&W
AF/3/25 No title (Boats on a lake). B&W
AF/3/26 No title (Lake). B&W
AF/3/27 Clinton River, Mt McKenzie. B&W
AF/3/28 No title (Cottage in Pine forest), B&W
AF/ 3/29 Roaring Creek. B&W

AF/3/30 - AF/3/49 Great Towns & C.

AF/3/30 Glasgow, The University. B&W
AF/3/31 No title (Street scene). B&W
AF/3/32 Leeds Town Hall. B&W
AF/3/33 Sheffield Fargate. B&W
AF/3/34 No title (Town Hall?). B&W
AF/3/35 Bristol, Wine Street. B&W
AF/3/36 No title (Civic building). B&W
AF/3/37 Town Hall - Bradford. B&W
AF/3/38 No title (River in Industrial town). B&W
AF/3/39 Town Hall, Leicester. B&W
AF/3/40 Portsmouth - Town Harbour.B&W
AF/3/41 Blackburn, King William Street. B&W
AF/3/42 Brighton, The Sea Front. B&W
AF/3/43 Birkenhead. B&W
AF/3/44 Norwich. B&W
AF/3/45 No title (Street scene). B&W
AF/3/46 Swansea. B&W
AF/3/47 Portsmouth, from Harbor. B&W
AF/3/48 No title (Street scene). B&W
AF/3/49 No title (Street scene). B&W


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AF/3/50 – AF/3/52 Highlands of Scotland

AF/3/50 No title (Church building). B&W
AF/3/51 No title (Harbour). B&W
AF/3/52 (Church building). B&W

AF/3/53 – AF/2/54 Ireland

AF/3/53 Auld Light Manse, Kirriemuir. B&W
AF/3/54 Donegal Harbour, Belfast. B&W

AF/3/55 - AF/3/68 Asia

AF/3/55 Elephant pushing a tree down, carvae does the directing. B&W
AF/3/56 No title. (Village scene). B&W
AF/3/57 No title. (Pagoda). B&W
AF/3/58 No title. (River scene). B&W
AF/3/59 No title. (Street scene). B&W
AF/3/60 No title. (Street scene). B&W
AF/3/61 No title. (Street scene). B&W
AF/3/62 No title. (Street scene). B&W
AF/3/63 No title. (Garden). B&W
AF/3/64 No title. (Doorway). B&W
AF/3/65 No title. (Pack animal). B&W
AF/3/66 No title. (Street scene). B&W
AF/3/67 No title. (Dancer). B&W
AF/3/68 No title. (Street scene). B&W

AF/3/69 - AF/3/74 Saratoga & C.

AF/3/69 No title (Ruins). Hand coloured
AF/3/70 No title (Seascape). Hand coloured.
AF/3/71 No title (Jetty). Hand coloured.
AF/3/72 No title (Town from the sea). Hand coloured
AF/3/73 No title (Building on rocks from the sea). Hand coloured.
AF/3/74 No title (Buildings from the sea). Hand coloured

AF/3/75 - AF/3/81 The Moon

AF/3/75 Dilambre, Manilius, Besser, Mare Serenity, Mare Tranquilli Mare VAForum, Longest cleft on Moons surface on plain Ceron a Aridacus and Silverschlage reeled with Hygenus Rill. B&W
AF/3/76 Sea of Serenitas Bessel and Linne Caucasus Plato Alpine Valley Archimedz Autolycus Arisfichus Thealelus Cassini in Palus Nebulasus. J. Searle, Lantern Slide Manufacturers Melbourne and Carlton. B&W
AF/3/77 Pilatus Gassendi, Mare Kurrorum Rheinhold Bullialdus Birt Straight Wall Kesiodus. B&W
AF/3/78 Tycho cleft or Valley longest on moon. Hesiodus. Birt and straight wall. B&W
AF/3/79 Taurus nebulae. Ellery. Reflector Melbocetue. B&W
AF/3/80 Comet Perine October 10 1902. Exposure 52 minutes showing star trails. Last interesting slide B&W
AF/3/81 Terrenul Southern Hemisphere. Vebécuen minor. Stupendous object centre bloxe? ruildy?. B&W


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Box 4

AF/4/1- AF/4/41 Birds

AF/4/1 No title (Sea birds on the beach). B&W
AF/4/2 A Fostle Bird S1 cinerea. B&W
AF/4/3 Satin Bower Bird. B&W
AF/4/4 Spotted Bower Birds Bower. B&W
AF/4/5 Magpie Nest nesting in house. B&W
AF/4/6 Young blue crane. B&W
AF/4/7 Rufous butcher bird Caucticus nufescens. B&W
AF/4/8 Nankeen Heron. N. caledomar. B&W
AF/4/9 Bittern’s Nest. B. pocilopterus.B&W
AF/4/10 No title (Bird’s egg). B&W
AF/4/11 Black and white Flycatcher Sauluprocta motacioleidei. B&W
AF/4/12 More Pork Nat. in Australia. B&W
AF/4/13 Lyre Bird. Menura superba. B&W
AF/4/14 Black cockatoo. Calyptorphyachus. B&W
AF/4/15 Mallie. Hen. Lipou ocellata. B&W
AF/4/16 Native companion. B&W
AF/4/17 Pacific Gull. Calianus pacificus. B&W
AF/4/18 Regent Birds Nest. Sericulus melinus. B&W
AF/4/19 Black faced Cuckoo. Shriku cracatus. B&W
AF/4/20 White eye. Zosterops cocralescens. B&W
AF/4/21 Miner. Myzantha garrula. B&W
AF/4/22 Laughing Jackass. B&W
AF/4/23 Blue Wren. B&W
AF/4/24 Whitling Eagle. Haliaster sphenurus. B&W
AF/4/25 Turkey. B&W
AF/4/26 Nest of Black Swan. B&W
AF/4/27 Warty-faced Honey Eater. Meliphuga phrygio - B&W
AF/4/28 Black Swan. B&W
AF/4/29 Bee Eater. Merops ornatus. B&W
AF/4/30 Ant Hillock, showing nest of the Beautiful Parrakeet (illustration) from Campbell’s Nests and Eggs of Australian Birds p.646, v.11 North West Australia. B&W
AF/4/31 White plumed honey eater Ptilotis pencellata. B&W
AF/4/32 Rifle Bird. B&W
AF/4/33 Wedge Tail Eagle. Uroatus audax. Hand coloured.
AF/4/34 Butcher Birds Nest. B&W .
AF/4/35 Mallie Hen Nest. B&W
AF/4/36 Saidlie Callinagu Australis. B&W
AF/4/37 White Ibis. I. Moluca. B&W
AF/4/38 Emu Wren. Stipiturus nulaghurus B&W
AF/4/39 White Tailed Kingfisher’s Nest. B&W
AF/4/40 Curlew Stone Plover. Hand coloured.
AF/4/41 Spur wing plover. B&W

AF/4/42 – AF/4/57 Africa – Slides produced by T.W. Cameron, Slide Specialist, 430 Burke Street, Melbourne. B&W

AF/4/42 No title (Elephants in river). B&W
AF/4/43 No title(Elephans leading cart). B&W
AF/4/44 No title (Village scene). B&W
AF/4/45 Elephant harrowing. B&W
AF/4/46 No title (Elephants in river) B&W
AF/4/47 Elephant ploughing. B&W
AF/4/48 Okapi de Congo. B&W
AF/4/49 No title. (a waterfall). Hand coloured
AF/4/50 No title. (Bottle feeding an Okapi). B&W
AF/4/51 No title. (Elephants carrying load). B&W
AF/4/52 No title. (Man riding elephant). B&W
AF/4/53 Elephant pulling a log. B&W
AF/4/54 Native chief in Central Africa. B&W
AF/4/55 No title (Elephants on river bank). B&W
AF/4/56 No title (Elephants sitting down). B&W
AF/4/57 Camel pulling cart. B&W


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AF/4/58 – AF/4/61 Anatomical Slides

AF/4/58 Tuberculosis Foci in and around the knee joint. B&W
AF/4/59 Sarcoma of radius. B&W
AF/4/60 Ribboned Structure. Hand coloured
AF/4/61 No title (From Cooper & Co., Lantern Slide Maker, Melbourne). Hand coloured

AF/4/62 - AF/4/66 Factory

AF/4/62 No title. B&W
AF/4/63 No title. B&W
AF/4/64 No title. B&W
AF/4/65 Westinghouse (Factory building). B&W
AF/4/66 Westinghouse. B&W

AF/4/67 - AF/4/68 South Africa

AF/4/67 Searching Tables. De Beers Diamond Mines, Kimberley by Alex Gunn. 242 Little Collins Street, Melbourne. Hand coloured.
AF/4/68 Parliament House, Cape Town from North East by Alex Gunn, 242 Little Collins Street, Melbourne. Hand coloured

AF/4/69 - AF/4/79 Miscellaneous

AF/4/69 No title (Waterlillies). B&W
AF/4/70 No title (Waterlillies in greenhouse) B&W
AF/4/71 No title (Steps on a cliff). B&W
AF/4/72 No title (Fountain in a lake), B&W
AF/4/73 Portion of the town of Bellingin from McSmally’s Hill B&W
AF/4/74 No title (Quarry NSW). B&W
AF/4/75 No title (Shipping in a Bay). B&W
AF/4/76 Mr. Peacock’s route through Africa. B&W
AF/4/77 A Birds-Eye View of the Fifth National Industrial Exhibition. B&W
AF/4/78 Morehork (Podargus). B&W
AF/4/79 No title (Man, girl and Emu). B&W


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Box 5

AF/5/1 – AF/5/37 Japan (Scenic views)

AF/5/1 No title (Contour map of Japan). B&W
AF/5/2 No title (Map of Japan coloured by T.W. Cameron, 110 Lyon Street, Carlton. Hand coloured
AF/5/3 Spinza Street, Tokyo. Hand coloured
AF/5/4 Pine trees on castle wall, Tokyo. Hand coloured
AF/5/5 A Cooper at work. Hand coloured
AF/5/6 A quiet country scene. Hand coloured
AF/5/7 Myagino beyond Myanoshita. Hand coloured
AF/5/8 Isi shrine on the Nogi Hill, Yoko. Hand coloured
AF/5/9 Hioto Yojo Bridge. Hand coloured
AF/5/10 Temple Garden Kamasani. Hand coloured
AF/5/11 Bell Tower, Nikko. Hand coloured
AF/5/12 Fishing with a net. Hand coloured.
AF/5/13 Cherry blossom at Ninopark, Tokyo. Hand coloured.
AF/5/14 Imperial Castle, Tokyo. Hand coloured.
AF/5/15 Cherry blossom at Mukoyima, Tokyo. Hand coloured.
AF/5/16 No title (Procession welcomed by a crowd). Hand coloured.
AF/5/17 Cherry time, Kyoto. Hand coloured.
AF/5/18 Rakito, Kyoto. Hand coloured
AF/5/19 Girls Festival, March 3rd. Hand coloured
AF/5/20 No title (Mountain). B&W
AF/5/21 Kiyomizu temple at Kioto. B&W with some colour
AF/5/22 Kioto town from Maruyama. B&W with some colour
AF/5/23 Miyanoshita prepared by T.W. Cameron, 110 Lyon Street, Carlton. B&W with some colour
AF/5/24 Mt. Fuji. Hand coloured
AF/5/25 Fuji at Summer time. Hand coloured
AF/5/26 Fuji from Shaji Lake. Hand coloured
AF/5/27 Puji from Hara. Hand coloured
AF/5/28Toni gate, Miyajima. Hand coloured
AF/5/29 Mt. Fuji from Btomitoga. Hand coloured
AF/5/30 Gutami. Bay, near Isi. Hand coloured
AF/5/31 Honganji (East) Temple. Hand coloured
AF/5/32 Osaka. Hand coloured
AF/5/33 Shaji Lake. Hand coloured
AF/5/34 No title (Street scene). B&W
AF/5/35 No title (House). B&W
AF/5/36 No title (House). B&W
AF/5/37 No title (Factory). B&W

AF/5/38 – AF/5/41 Factory Scenes (in Japan?)

AF/5/38 Book Binding. B&W
AF/5/39 500 H.P. Steam Engine. B&W
AF/5/40 No title. (Machinery in factory). B&W
AF/5/41 No title. (Machinery and workers in factory). B&W

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AF/5/42 - AF/5/52 Scenes of Japanese Daily Life

AF/5/42 No title. (Rickshaw) B&W
AF/5/43 No title. (Ceremony?) B&W
AF/5/44 No title. (Street scene) B&W
AF/5/45 No title. (Children) B&W
AF/5/46 No title. (Woman passing gateway of house) B&W
AF/5/47 No title. (Procession) B&W
AF/5/48 No title. (Street sweeper) B&W
AF/5/49 No title. (Workman) B&W
AF/5/50 No title. (Bell) B&W
AF/5/51 No title. (Factory) B&W
AF/5/52 No title. (Rickshaws) B&W

AF/5/53 – AF/5/57 Possibly Firemen Demonstrating or Practicing Drill

AF/5/53 No title. (Hosing a house). B&W
AF/5/54 No title. (Hosing a house). B&W
AF/5/55 No title. (Group of men). B&W
AF/5/56 No title. (Groups of men). B&W

AF/5/57 - AF/5/58 Scenes of Japanese Daily Life

AF/5/57 No title. (Boy in street) B&W
AF/5/58 No title. (Japanese alphabet) B&W

AF/5/59 - AF/5/76 Factory

AF/5/59 Synotype. B&W
AF/5/60 Typecasting. B&W
AF/5/61 Sorting and cutting of bags. B&W
AF/5/62 Sorting of straw. B&W
AF/5/63 Sorting and cleaning of Raw Materials. B&W
AF/5/64 Pantographs and Geometrical Lathes. B&W
AF/5/65 Handmaking of Paper. B&W
AF/5/66 Fourdriver Paper Machine. B&W
AF/5/67 Rotary Presses for Govt. Gazette. B&W
AF/5/68 Designing Room. B&W
AF/5/69 Engraving Machine. B&W
AF/5/70 Paper machine. B&W
AF/5/71 Rag Boilers and Paper Mills Department. B&W
AF/5/72 Government Paper Mill - Front View. B&W
AF/5/73 Typographic Department - Front View. B&W
AF/5/74 Stop Cylinder Machines - Typographic. B&W. Department.
AF/5/75 Type setting machine. B&W
AF/5/76 No title (Children playing).


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Box 6

AF/6/1 – AF/6/19 United States

AF/6/1 America (Title and flag). Hand coloured.
AF/6/2 No title. (White hours?)
AF/6/3 New York Lecture – Copyright. Hand coloured.
AF/6/4 Bear River Bay of the Great Salt lake, Utah Territory. Hand coloured.
AF/6/5 Albany Day Line River Steamer, New York. Hand coloured.
AF/6/6 United States. Hand coloured.
AF/6/7 United States. (Industrial town). Hand coloured.
AF/6/8 United States. (Street scene). Hand coloured.
AF/6/9 United States. (Street scene). Hand coloured.
AF/6/l0 United States. (Bridge over river). Hand coloured.
AF/6/11 San Francisco, USA. Hand coloured
AF/6/12 United States. (River steamer). Hand coloured.
AF/6/13 United States. (House). Hand coloured.
AF/6/14 United States. (Willowtree by a lake). Hand coloured.
AF/6/15 United States. (Park with a lake). Hand coloured.
AF/6/16 United States. (City street). Hand coloured.
AF/6/17 Zoological Gardens, New York. Hand coloured.
AF/6/18 United States (City street). Hand coloured.
AF/6/19 Apple Tree Covered with Ice, Niagara. Hand coloured.
AF/6/20 Great Fountsin Geyser, Yellowstone Park. B&W.
AF/6/21 No title (Statue of Liberty). Hand coloured

AF/6/22 - AF/6/23 Miscellaneous

AF/6/22 No title (City Building). Hand coloured.
AF/6/23 No title (City Building). Hand coloured

AF/6/24 - AF/6/27 Ireland

AF/6/24 The Mourne mountains from Sandoon. B&W
AF/6/25 S. Kilchurn Castle. B&W
AF/6/26 In the Dargle, Wicklow. Hand coloured
AF/6/27 Glenganiff, Bantry Bay. Hand coloured

AF/6/28 - AF/6/61 Miscellaneous

AF/6/28 Hrad Kiwoklat (Castle). B&W
AF/6/29 Karlud Fyn (Castle). B&W
AF/6/30 Harvesting in Switzerland. B&W
AF/6/31 Immense Watson’s Scotch Whisky (Advertisement). B&W
AF/6/32 Sydney Show, 1922. 3 champion Gold Medals etc…, Caidwells Quality Wines (Advertisement) by Archer Whitford, 114 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. Hand coloured
AF/6/33 Dinty (Movie Advertisement). Hand coloured
AF/6/34 The River’s End (Movie Advertisement), Hand coloured
AF/6/35 No title (Illustration by permission of the Illustrated London News). Hand coloured
AF/6/36 Stromboli viewed from the North West, April 1874. B&W
AF/6/37 No title (Illustration) by Alex Gunn and Sons, 238 and 242 Little Collins Street, Melbourne. Hand coloured
AF/6/38 Willie Wagtail and Scene. B&W
AF/6/39 No title (Battle illustration). Hand coloured
AF/6/40 No title. (Indian children) by T.W. Cameron, Slide Specialist 430 Bourke Street, Melbourne. B&W
AF/6/41 No title (Emus). B&W
AF/6/42 No title (Building), by T.W. Cameron, Slide Specialist, 430 Bourke Street, Melbourne. B&W
AF/6/43 No title (Building) by T.W. Cameron, Slide Specialist, 430 Bourke Street, Melbourne. B&W
AF/6/44 No title (Waterfall). B&W
AF/6/45 No title (Family Group in tropical kit). B&W
AF/6/46 No title (Horses). B&W
AF/6/47 No title (Wheat crop). B&W
AF/6/48 Lakes Entrance. B&W
AF/6/49 Bullock carts. B&W
AF/6/50 Waterfall. Hand coloured
AF/6/51 Botanical Gardens. Hand coloured
AF/6/52 No title (Market scene). Hand coloured
AF/6/53 No title (Falls). Hand coloured
AF/6/54 Orient Line Drawing Room S.S. Ormuz. Hand coloured
AF/6/55 Cattle pastures, Zathroo, W.U. B&W
AF/6/56 Outskirts of Omeo, Livingstone Creek. B&W
AF/6/57 Haunt of Wild Fowl. B&W
AF/6/58 The girl I left behind me, Sassafras Creek. B&W
AF/6/59 Title illegible (House). B&W
AF/6/60 Port Said, Suez Canal. B&W
AF/6/61 Climbing Pyramids. B&W

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Box 7

AF/7/1 - AF/7/14 Queensland and some North Queensland slides Nos. AF/7/1 - AF/7/20 are copied and placed in the Arch Fraley Collection album.

AF/7/1 Camoanora GAF, Killarney River, Queensland. B&W
AF/7/2 Blackall Range, N.C.R.Q. B&W
AF/7/3 Mt. George, Fassifern Int Q. B&W
AF/7/4 Crooked Neck Mountain, N.C.R.Q. B&W
AF/7/5 Townsville Wharf. Department of Agriculture and Stock. Brisbane. B&W
AF/7/6 On the Cairns Railway. B&W
AF/7/7 Shipping Bananas, Johnston River, Queensland. B&W AF/7/8 No title (Camels used as ploughing teams). B&W
AF/7/9 Travelling with cattle. B&W
AF/7/10 No.title (Two boys with date palms). B&W
AF/7/11 No title (Coconuts at bottom of tree). B&W
AF/7/12 No title (Three Australian Aboriginal boys and bark humpy). B&W
AF/7/13 No title (Three Australian Aboriginal boys on beach). B&W
AF/7/14 Australian Blacks 1894 PhotogrAFher: H.P. Bennett, October, 1894. B&W

AF/7/15 - AF/7/20 Advertisements

AF/7/15 Berger’s (prepared) the paint that spreads well (sold by) S. Allen and Sons Ltd., Townsville. Slide made by: P. Victorsen, maker, George Street, Brisbane. Hand coloured
AF/7/16 Avoid Big Bills for House - Repairs! Protect the Woodwork with Berger’s Paint (Prepared) Samuel Allen and Sons Ltd., Townsville. Hand coloured
AF/7/17 Don’t let Decay grip your property. Use Berger’s Paint (prepared) (sold by) Samuel Allen and Sons Ltd., Townsville. Hand coloured
AF/7/18 First-Aid for exposed woodwork Get your painter to Apply Bergers Paint (prepared) Sold by: Samuel Allen and Sons Ltd. Townsville.Hand coloured
AF/7/19 Wears well everywhere under the sun Bergers Paint, Obtainable from Samuel Allen and Sons Ltd., Townsville. Hand coloured
AF/7/20 F. Perry Townsville’s Leading Jeweller, The House of Quality, Flinders Street, Hand coloured

AF/7/21 - AF/7/25 Brisbane and Environs

AF/7/21 Brisbane, Queensland (Harvesting Pineapples). B&W
AF/7/22 Entrance Mt. Coot-tha Reserve. Department of Agriculture and Stock, Brisbane. B&W
AF/7/23 Summit of Mt Coot-tha Reserve. B&W
AF/7/24 Parliament House, Brisbane. B&W
AF/7/25 Brisbane (View of river). B&W
AF/7/26 Main Range, Toowoomba. Department of Agriculture and Stock, Brisbane. B&W
AF/7/27 Lamington Plateau, South Queensland. B&W

AF/7/28 - AF/7/31 Queensland

AF/7/28 Wicah Park, Maryborough, Queensland (Fragile). B&W
AF/7/29 The Caves, Stanthorpe, Queensland. B&W
AF/7/30 Bald Mountain, Stanthorpe, Queensland. B&W
AF/7/31 Two brothers, Stanthorpe, Queensland. B&W

AF/7/32 - AF/7/62 Miscellaneous Slides (parts of unfinished sets)

AF/7/32 A.D. Gaulesford, New Year 1901. P. Madden, Cobb and Co. from Commercial Hotel Stab - B&W
AF/7/33 No title (3 boats in river). B&W
AF/7/34 No title (View of harbour). B&W
AF/7/35 No title (Moslem women?). B&W
AF/7/36 No tit1e (Men on deck of steamship).B,~W
AF/7/37 No title (View of creek). B&W
AF/7/38 Faynesville. B&W
AF/7/39 Calm weather Falmouth. B&W
AF/7/40 No title (View of creek). Coloured by T.W. Cameron - Carlton. Hand coloured
AF/7/41 Black boy tree near Tallangatta, Hand coloured
AF/7/42 No title (Person on balancing rock). Hand coloured
AF/7/43 No title (Man in landscAFe of rocks). Hand coloured
AF/7/44 No title (Rocks). Hand coloured
AF/7/45 No title (Industrial buildings - Timber Mill?). Hand coloured
AF/7/46 No title (Country scene). B&W
AF/7/47 Carra Linn. B&W
AF/7/48 No title (Two coolies, with a European in a sedan chair). B&W
AF/7/49 Mohamedon Warship. B&W
AF/7/50 No title (Bananas growing by a river). B&W
AF/7/51 No title (Sea creature). B&W
AF/7/52 Human Flea (Male) x 25. B&W
AF/7/53 The Gorge Buffalo. B&W
AF/7/54 Buffalo working water wheel. B&W
AF/7/55 No title (Emus). B&W
AF/7/56 A Day in London (Sculptural Frieze of the poets Pythagoras, Chancer, Cervantes, Virgil, Dante, Homer, Shakespeare, Milton, Goethe). B&W
AF/7/57 Tower from Tower Hill. B&W
AF/7/58 London. General View. B&W
AF/7/59 American Pictures. (Congress). B&W
AF/7/60 Hong Kong. B&W
AF/7/61 No title (A canal). B&W.
AF/7/62 No title (Aeroplane) B&W

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