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Far North Queensland 2010

The Far North Queensland (FNQ) 2010 was a project, largely advisory in character, that was developed in the early 1990s for the Far North Queensland Region. The project involved extensive consultation with government and non-government agencies and non-government organisations in the region. Government agencies identified the following priority areas that had to be addressed: regional tourism, ageing population, better infrastructure, creative and new industries, environmental sustainability, resource management and community development. The FNQ region in Australia’s tropical north east covers a vast geographical area. The FNQ 2010 plan began in 1992 when the state government initiated a regional planning process that became a comprehensive planning and decision-making framework for sustainable development in a region. The government authority that developed FNQ 2010 was known as the State Government Regional Planning Advisory Committee (RPAC) and its aim was to create an Integrated Regional Development Plan. This plan was to be used as the framework for all three levels of government and the community to assist cooperative decision-making, and to ensure that future planning and development were done in a collaborative, consultative, and integrated way. An large part of the documents concerning FNQ 2010 concern the marketing or 'branding' of this regional development scheme.


Archive Location: 422R-423M, 424L

Detailed Listing

FNQ/1/ Regional Environment Strategy: sections 1-13 and Appendices

FNQ/2/ Brand FNQ: Reference Document, November 1996

FNQ/3/ Population Growth statistics and projections; Census Count Type population estimates 1947-1996

FNQ/4/ FNQ 2010 Regional Planning Process: A Regional Growth Management Framework for Far North Queensland: Technical Working Document for Consideration by the Regional Planning Advisory Committe. Preliminary Draft, November 1994

FNQ/5/ FNQ 2010 Regional Planning Process: Regional Environment Strategy: Draft for Discussion Purposes Only, 29 October 1996

FNQ/6/ FNQ 2010 Regional Planning Project. Stage 2 - Regional Strategies: Cross-Sector Workshop No. 6: Regional Environment Strategy

FNQ/7/ FNQ 2010: A Balanced Future. Stage 2 Regional Strategies. Draft Integrated Report for Public Consultation. Part A: Strategic Directions, Working Draft

FNQ/8/ FNQ 2010: A Balanced Future. Stage 2 Regional Strategies. Draft Integrated Report for Public Consultation. Part B: Consolidated Regional Strategies

FNQ/9/ FNQ 2010: A Balanced Future. FNQ 2010 Regional Planning Project: Regional Structure Plan. Stage 2 Review

FNQ/10/ FNQ 2010: A Balanced Future. Urban Growth and Infrastructure Strategy

FNQ/11/ Market Research and Industry Planning Division, A Profile of Tourism Growth, Development and Potential in Queensland (1991)

FNQ/12/ ABS Survey of Tourist Accommodation; with holiday visitor analysis survey results

FNQ/13/ Untitled folder with following documents:

i. Draft #2: 1996 SWOT Analysis - Brand FNQ

ii. Brand FNQ: A major co-operative Marketing project for 1996 by the NNQPB, QTTC and the ATC: Regional Branding Strategies & Rationales

iii. The Branding of Far North Qld

iv. Brand FNQ: Progress Report to Steering Group, Thursday 11th July, Cairns

v. Far North Queensland Promotion Bureau, Brand FNQ. Briefing Paper, May 1996

vi. Far North Queensland Promotion Bureau, Brand FNQ: More than just the 'game of the name'. The task: Developing a Brand for Far North Queensland

FNQ/14/ Brand FNQ: Overheads, Speech Notes, Handouts

FNQ/15/ Brand FNQ: Meetings, History of Meetings, Implementation, Newspaper Clippings

FNQ/16/ Brand FNQ: Correspondence

FNQ/17/ Brand FNQ: Branding Research

FNQ/18/ Brand FNQ: General Branding Material & Information

FNQ/19/ FNQ 2010 Regional Economic Development Strategy: FNQ REDS (Reports)

FNQ/20/ FNQ 2010 Integrated Regional Transport Strategy; FNQ 2010 Regional Social Planning and Human Services Strategy

FNQ/21/ Regional Tourism Strategy & Management Committee Team Minutes

FNQ/22/ FNQ 2010 Social Profile: A Community Services Development Initiative: Department of Family Services and Aboriginal and Islander Affairs

FNQ/23/ FNQ RPAC Meetings: Minutes (Main)

FNQ/24/ FNQ 2010 Regional Economic Development Strategy; FNQ 2010 Cairns Region Tourism Strategy

FNQ/25/ FNQ RPAC/RGMF Correspondence

FNQ/26/ FNQ 2010 Urban Growth & Infrastructure Strategy; FNQ 2010 Regional Environment Strategy





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