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Financial Records

Series 1 - Payslips, 1976?- Series 2 - Membership Tickets and Ticket Register, see Membership Records, Series 2 and Series 3
Series 3 - Receipt Books, 1923-1990 Series 4 - Invoices and Receipts, 1915-1996
Series 5 - Half Year Balance Sheets, 1925-1927, 1929 Series 6 - Financial Statements, 1950-1993
Series 7 - Superannuation lists, see Membership Records, Series 6 Series 8 - Insurance Policy Papers and Contributions, 1938-1986
Series 9 - AMIEU Football Club, 1961-1971 Series 10 - Bank Statements, 1918-1985
Series 11 - Abattoir Tally Sheets, 1981 Series 12 - Stuart Meatwork Documentation Related to Awards (Paid payments, Stuart)
Series 13 - Deduction and Abattoir Summaries and Reports, 1986-1994 Series 14 - Miscellaneous
Series 15 - Audit Records, 1928-1986 Series 16 - Funds

Additional: 4 boxes unsorted in the Archive workroom.

Series 1:   Payslips, 1976 -

Items sorted by year only

AMIEU/PAY/1     1976? AMIEU/PAY/8     1987
AMIEU/PAY/2     1977?      AMIEU/PAY/9     1988
AMIEU/PAY/3     1979 AMIEU/PAY/10   1989
AMIEU/PAY/4     1980 AMIEU/PAY/11   1990
AMIEU/PAY/5     1981 AMIEU/PAY/12   1991
AMIEU/PAY/6     1985 AMIEU/PAY/13   1992
AMIEU/PAY/7     1986 AMIEU/PAY/14   [No date]

Archives Location: 432L

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Series 3:   Receipt Books, 1923-1990

Items sorted by year only

AMIEU/RECP/1     1976 AMIEU/RECP/6     1987
AMIEU/RECP/2     1983 AMIEU/RECP/7     1988
AMIEU/RECP/3     1984 AMIEU/RECP/8     1989
AMIEU/RECP/4     1985 AMIEU/RECP/9     1990
AMIEU/RECP/5     1986 AMIEU/RECP/10   [No date]
AMIEU/RECP/11   1926-1928 AMIEU/RECP/12   1928-1931
AMIEU/RECP/13   1959-1966 - Northern Sub-Branch AMIEU/RECP/14   1972-1976
AMIEU/RECP/15   1973-1977 AMIEU/RECP/16   1980
AMIEU/RECP/17   1925 - Australasian Federated Butchers' Employees Union AMIEU/RECP/18   1923-1926 - Expenditure
AMIEU/RECP/19   1926-1931 - Expenditure AMIEU/RECP/20   Petty Cash 1959-1970 - Northern Sub-branch, Townsville

Archives Location: 432M-432R

Series 4:   Invoices and Receipts  [Mostly expenditure from the butchers' picnic]

Items sorted by year only

AMIEU/BR/1     Cash book, 1915-1918 AMIEU/BR/12   1977
AMIEU/BR/2     Cash book, 1915-1919 AMIEU/BR/13   1978
AMIEU/BR/3     AMIE Union receipts, 1931-1941 AMIEU/BR/14   1979
AMIEU/BR/4     AMIE Union expenditure, 1931-1941 AMIEU/BR/15   1980
AMIEU/BR/5     Captains Flat Disputes Committee expenditure 13 October 1948 to 16 July 1949 AMIEU/BR/16   1980, 1983
AMIEU/BR/6     1959 AMIEU/BR/17   1981
AMIEU/BR/6A  1962 AMIEU/BR/18   Finance Report Brance executive 17 August 1982
AMIEU/BR/7     1964 AMIEU/BR/19   1984
AMIEU/BR/7A  1965 AMIEU/BR/20   1985
AMIEU/BR/8     1971 AMIEU/BR/21   1986
AMIEU/BR/9     1975 AMIEU/BR/22   1987
AMIEU/BR/10   Picnic, 1975-1983 AMIEU/BR/23   1989
AMIEU/BR/11   1976 AMIEU/BR/24   1991


AMIEU/BR/25   1992 AMIEU/BR/28   1995
AMIEU/BR/26   1993 AMIEU/BR/29   1996
AMIEU/BR/27   1994 AMIEU/BR/30   [No date]

Archives Location: 433L-433M

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Series 5:   Half year balance sheets, 1925-1927, 1929?

Not unpacked due to very fragile condition

AMIEU/HYB/1   1925-1927

AMIEU/HYB/2   1929?

Archives Location: 433M


Series 6:   Financial Statements, 1950-1993

AMIEU/FS/1   Financial Statements 1950-1961

AMIEU/FS/2   Financial Statements 1961-1968 - Northern District AMIEU

i. Northern District Financial Statements 1929-1949

ii. Northern District Financial Statements 1950-1961

iii. Northern District Financial Statements 1961-1968

iv. Northern District Financial Reports 1966 Dispute Clause 20K

AMIEU/FS/3   Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1977

AMIEU/FS/4   Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1983

AMIEU/FS/5   Financial Statement for year ending 31 December 1983

AMIEU/FS/6   Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1984

AMIEU/FS/7   Financial Statement for year ending 31 December 1984

AMIEU/FS/8   Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1985

AMIEU/FS/9   Financial Statement for year ending 1 April 1986 - Union administration

AMIEU/FS/10   Financial Statement for half year ending 30 June 1987

AMIEU/FS/11   Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1987 - Queensland Branch

AMIEU/FS/12  Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1988 - Northern Division

AMIEU/FS/13  Financial Statement for 1987 and 1988 - Committee of Management

AMIEU/FS/14  Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1989 - Queensland Branch

AMIEU/FS/15  Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1989 - Northern Division

AMIEU/FS/16  Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1989 - Queensland Branch

AMIEU/FS/17  Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1991 - Queensland Branch

AMIEU/FS/18   Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1992

AMIEU/FS/19   Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1993

AMIEU/FS/20   Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1993 - Victorian Branch

AMIEU/FS/21   Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1972 - Contingency Fund, Northern District

AMIEU/FS/22   Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1973 - Contingency Fund

AMIEU/FS/23   Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1974 - Northern District Hospital Comfort Fund

AMIEU/FS/24   Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1975 - Northern District Hospital Comfort Fund

AMIEU/FS/25   Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1977 - Contingency Fund

AMIEU/FS/26   Statement of Receipts and Payments for year ending 30 June 1976 - Northern District Hospital Comfort Fund

AMIEU/FS/27   Financial Statement for year ending 30 June 1993 - Queensland Branch

AMIEU/FS/28   Financial records on mini floppy disks

i. General ledger: receipts and payments, 5 May 1982

ii. Income and expenditure changes

iii. General ledger: Master chart of accounts, 5 May 1982

iv. General ledger: Clubs - income and expenditure. 19 January 1983

Archives Location: 433R

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Series 8:  Insurance Policy Documents and Contributions, 1938-1986

AMIEU/PP/1 Folder containing insurance policy documents, 1980-1984, 1986
AMIEU/PP/2 Unemployment Insurance Contributions books, 1938-1941 [6 items]


Archive Location - Archives Location: 434L

Series 9:   AMIEU Football Club, 1961-1971

AMIEU/FC/1 Folder 'Meatworkers football club, accounts', 1961-1963
AMIEU/FC/2  Account book 'Golden fleece Mt. Isa stock sheets', 1961-1974
AMIEU/FC/3 Account book, 1966-1969 [Includes other papers such as referees reports and bank account balances]
AMIEU/FC/4 Letter to the President, AMIEU from W. Thomson, act. Secretary, 2 May 1969
AMIEU/FC/5  Account book, Doubles Record, 1971






Archives Location: 434L

Series 10:   Bank Statements, 1918-1985

AMIEU/BS/1 Folder 'Statements of accounts Australasian Meat Industry Employees union half year ended 13th July 1927'
AMIEU/BS/2 Statements of accounts, 1981-1985
AMIEU/BS/3 Commonwealth Savings Bank deposit books, 1918-1961

Archives Location: 434L

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Series 11:   Abattoir Tally sheets

AMIEU/ATS/1     Trimming room 24 August 1981

AMIEU/ATS/2     Trimming room 25 August 1981

Archives Location: 434L


Series 12:   Stuart Meatwork documentation related to Awards

AMIEU/SMA/1 Folder 'Paid payments, Stuart'
[Includes other papers such as description of tally and slaughter operations]


Archives Location:


Series 13:   Deduction and Abattoir summaries and reports, 1986-1994

AMIEU/DAS/1  [From folder with no title. Contains AMIEU deduction summaries from Woolworths, 1986-1989]


Items listed in order of appearance

Woolworths, Sturt St., Townsville Woolworths, Atherton
Woolworths, Nathan Plaza Woolworths, Ingham
Woolworths, the Willows Woolworths, Ayr
J.S.T N/Ward. Woolworths, Bowen
Woolworths, Castletown Woolworths, Sydnet St., Mky.
Woolworths, Smithfield Woolworths, Mt. Pleasant
Woolworths, Earlville, Cairns Woolworths, Canelands, Mky
Woolworths, Raintrees?, Cairns .Woolworths, Mt. Isa
Woolworths, Innisfail  

AMIEU/DAS/6   AMIEU deduction summaries from Coles and Woolworths, 1985-1989

Listed in order of appearance

Coles, Ayr Woolworths, Mt. Pleasant
Woolworths, Nathan Plaza Woolworths, Atherton
Woolworths, Castletown Woolworths, Nathan Plaza
Woolworths, Bowen Woolworths, Ayr
Woolworths, Cairns Coles New World, Mareeba
Woolworths, Smithfield Coles Myer, Innisfail
Woolworths?, Cairns Raintrees? Coles New World, Ingham
Woolworths, Earlville Coles Myer, Ayr
Woolworths, Innisfail Coles New World, Mackay
Woolworths, Ingham Coles Myer, Mt. Pleasant
Woolworths, Townsville Coles New World, Mt. Isa
Woolworths?, Willows, Townsville Coles GJ. + Co., Mackay
Woolworths, Bowen Coles New World, Mackay
Coles, Westcourt Coles New World, Mathew St.
Coles New World, Aitkenvale Coles, Townsville
Coles Myer, Innisfail Coles Myer, Sheridan St., Cairns
Coles New World Cairns Coles Myer, Mulgrave Rd., Cairns
Coles Myer, Mt. Pleasant  

AMIEU/DAS/3   Export Deduction Sheets, Ross River, 1987-1988

Archives Location: 434M


Series 14:   Miscellaneous

AMIEU/MISC/1     'The inspection of machinery acts, 1951 to 1963'

AMIEU/MISC/2     A 'Roll-over payment notification'

AMIEU/MISC/5     Letter to H. Fay from M.C. Donovan; 16 February 1970

AMIEU/MISC/6     Hours of work, Queerah, 1973

AMIEU/MISC/7     Letter to R. J. Lawson from W/CO MP. Clerk.; 9 January 1973

AMIEU/MISC/8     Loan documentation; 1973

AMIEU/MISC/9     Information bulletin about “The peoples budget”

AMIEU/MISC/10   Ground Floor Lease: Redford Office Machines Services, 1984-1989

AMIEU/MISC/11   M. Telegren, Ross River, 1979-1980

AMIEU/MISC/12 Farm Holidays and Bush Camping letter, 1987

AMIEU/MISC/13 Council of the City of Townsville letter re Three Mile Creek Park, 1986

AMIEU/MISC/14 ACTU Townsville & District Provincial Council

AMIEU/MISC/15 Ross River Meatworks repayment letter , 1932

AMIEU/MISC/16 ‘The Reasons for the Increase in Union Dues’, 1974

AMIEU/MISC/17 Commonwealth Bank of Australia letter, 1986

AMIEU/MISC/18 Pamphlet describing benefits of employees’ fund

AMIEU/MISC/19 Letter regarding meal money, 1980

AMIEU/MISC/20 Cost of living increases granted by Federal Arbitration Court for 1976

AMIEU/MISC/21 Builders Workers’ Industrial Union note for rent of room, 1987

AMIEU/MISC/22 Short letter from AMIEU, Queensland Branch regarding deduction sheets, 1986

AMIEU/MISC/23 Electrical Trades Union of Australia letter, 1977

AMIEU/MISC/24 Trade Union Building Society memo, 1975

AMIEU/MISC/25 Rees R & Sydney Jones (Solicitors), letter regarding legal advice, 1993

AMIEU/MISC/26 Queensland Department of Justice letter, Art Union Branch, on financial returns, 1971

AMIEU/MISC/27 Finance Drive to all North Queensland branches and groups, 1968

AMIEU/MISC/28 Master Chart of Accounts

AMIEU/MISC/29 C.E. Finch & Co., Setup Master Chart of Accounts

AMIEU/MISC/30 Two AMIEU letters regarding parking, service for Toyota Camry sedans, 1991

AMIEU/MISC/31 Notice from The Angliss Group advising on AMIEU Provident Fund options, 1993

AMIEU/MISC/32 Two letters advising employees on sale of The Angliss Group Meat Division to Smorgon Consolidated Industries, 1992

AMIEU/MISC/33 Banking procedure memo from the Branch Secretary, 1968

AMIEU/MISC/34 Letter to Mr. H. Fay with balance sheet and final balance of Mackay bank account S671, 1971

AMIEU/MISC/35 Serial numbers of cash notes received from Noel H. Hunt, 1984

AMIEU/MISC/36 F.J. Walker Award, Error in C Class Rates of Pay; Australian Industrial Relations Commission documents with marginalia, 1991

AMIEU/MISC/37 Letter from Senior Production Manager, Smorgon Group regarding Contingency Fund Contribution deductions at Townsville and Rockhampton plants, 1993

AMIEU/MISC/38 Resolution that $25.00 be donated from Banner and Fines Fund to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Students Union, 1976

AMIEU/MISC/39 Members Annual Picnic brochure, 1978

AMIEU/MISC/40 Townsville Trades and Labour Council financial statement for half year ending 31 December 1962

AMIEU/MISC/41 Financial Status of Woolworths Supermarkets employees, 1986

AMIEU/MISC/42 F.J. Walker Ltd. Letters to Secretary, AMIEU, Townsville regarding deductions from weekly earnings, 1980-1983

AMIEU/MISC/43 Meatworkers Reform Committee Balance Sheet, for March-December 1977

AMIEU/MISC/44 Commission Sheet papers, 1980s

Archives Location: 434M


Series 15:   Audit Records, 1928-1986

AMIEU/AR/1   Audit Reports, July 1928 to December 1949

AMIEU/AR/2   Audit Sheets: Rough Working, 1980-1986

AMIEU/AR/3   Letter to the Manager, Commonwealth Trading Bank, Townsville, regarding union’s auditors, Millican and Greensland, 1985

Archives Location: 434M


Series 16:   Funds

AMIEU/FUN/1   Tancred Fund

AMIEU/FUN/2   Contingency Funds: Merinda Benevolent Fund-Rules; Bakers Creek Meatworkers Contingency Fund; Stuart Sub-branch Contingency Fund

AMIEU/FUN/3   Hospital Comfort Fund

AMIEU/FUN/4  Southern District Banner & Fines Fund, 1943-1953

AMIEU/FUN/5  Publications:

i. Meat Industry Employees Provident Fund Pty. Ltd. [undated]

ii. Deed of Trust and Rules for Meat Industry Employees Provident Fund Pty. Ltd., 1981

Archives Location: 434M


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