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The A.H.W. Cunningham Memorial Home in Bowen was founded by the Scartwater Trust in 1961. Since then the home has provided accommodation for aged ex-service personnel. These records give an almost complete history of the home's operations from 1962 to 1992. Also included are ledgers from the Scartwater Station (1952 to 1979) which funded the home. This collection could usefully be read in conjunction with the Scartwater Trust records.

Archive Location: 397-400L, 509

Series Listing

Financial Records

General Ledgers

Working Papers

Scartwater Station Ledgers


Detailed Listing

Financial Records: Invoices and Receipts - A.H.W.C. Home

CMR/FIN/1 1983

CMR/FIN/2 1984

CMR/FIN/3 1985

CMR/FIN/4 1987 A-L

CMR/FIN/5 1987 M

CMR/FIN/6 1987 N-Z

CMR/FIN/7 1987/88

CMR/FIN/8 1988/89

CMR/FIN/9 1989/90

CMR/FIN/10 1991

CMR/FIN/11 1992 A-M

CMR/FIN/12 1992 M-Z

Wages Ledgers - A.H.W.C. Home

CMR/FIN/13 1964-1970

CMR/FIN/14 1970-1976

CMR/FIN/15 1971-1975

CMR/FIN/16 1975-1978

CMR/FIN/17 1978-1984

General Ledgers - A.H.W.C. Home

CMR/FIN/18 1960-1964

CMR/FIN/19 1961-1970

CMR/FIN/20 1964-1971

CMR/FIN/21 1965-1987

CMR/FIN/22 1971-1975

CMR/FIN/23 1975-1983

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Working Papers: includes correspondence, public trustee returns, rent lists, applications, bank statements, etc. from the A.H.W.C. Home

CMR/WP/1 1961-1967 architect drawings, plans and correspondence relating to building the A.H.W.C. home.

CMR/WP/2 1961-1964 specifications, building contracts, correspondence and newspaper clippings relating to building.

CMR/WP/3 1962 specifications x 3 regarding above.

CMR/WP/4 1962 Bill of quantities of buildings at A.H.W.C. home, Bowen, for Scartwater Trust.

CMR/WP/5 1963-1964 group certificate records book.

CMR/WP/6 1976-1977 MLC trust deed and superannuation fund details.

CMR/WP/7 1981-1990 residential subdivision, sewerage plans and related correspondence.

CMR/WP/8 1983 returns, wages and time sheets, rent lists.

CMR/WP/9 1983-1985 correspondence, manager=s reports, public trustee returns etc.

CMR/WP/10 1984 returns, wages and time sheets, rent lists and Scartwater Station returns.

CMR/WP/11 1985 as above.

CMR/WP/12 1987-1988 applications for admission, manager=s reports, correspondence, etc.

CMR/WP/13 1987 correspondence and bank statements.

CMR/WP/14 1987 wages and time sheets.

CMR/WP/15 1987-1988 staff superannuation, wages and time sheets and returns.

CMR/WP/16 1988 Public Trustee returns.

CMR/WP/17 1988-1989 wages, time sheets, cheque lists, etc.

CMR/WP/18 1988-1989 Public Trustee returns.

CMR/WP/19 1988-1989 applications for admission.

CMR/WP/20 1988-1989 employment declarations and 87/88 taxation returns.

CMR/WP/21 1988-1991 staff superannuation MLC and AMP.

CMR/WP/22 1989 rent lists and correspondence.

CMR/WP/23 1989-1990 Public Trustee returns and correspondence.

CMR/WP/24 1990-1992 Public Trustee returns, rent lists, correspondence, bank statements, etc.

CMR/WP/25 1991 Public Trustee returns.

CMR/WP/26 1991 correspondence, wages, time sheets, rent lists, etc.

 CMR/WP/27 1991 correspondence, insurance, rates, bank, legal, AMP/MLC superannuation papers.

CMR/WP/28 1991 time sheets, cheque lists, 90/91 and 91/92 taxation returns.


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Scartwater Station Ledgers

CMR/SS/1 1952-1956 accounts.

CMR/SS/2 1955-1962 accounts.

CMR/SS/3 1956-1960 accounts.

CMR/SS/4 1960-1962 wages.

CMR/SS/5 1961-1977 general ledger.

CMR/SS/6 1962-1977 accounts.

CMR/SS/7 1963-1969 accounts.

CMR/SS/8 1965-1979 wages.

CMR/SS/9 1970-1974 accounts.

CMR/SS/10 1974-1979 accounts.

* Scartwater Station was sold in 1979. Earlier records can be found in the Scartwater Trust Records.


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