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Series 1:   AMIEU, Federal Council

AMIEU/FEDCO/1 Correspondence 1950s to 1970s

AMIEU/FEDCO/2 Federal Branch History Correspondence 1963-1967

AMIEU/FEDCO/3 Federal Correspondence and Victoria Letters 1983-1985

AMIEU/FEDCO/4 Federal Correspondence 1968-1971

Archives Location: 442M


Series 2:   AMIEU, Northern Districts Executive

AMIEU/NDE/1 Northern District Secretary & Organisers Report, 4th and 5th December 1985

AMIEU/NDE/2 Northern District Executive Meeting Correspondence, 4th and 5th December 1985

AMIEU/NDE/3 Northern District Abbatoirs Correspondence, 1976-1987

AMIEU/NDE/4 Completed Correspondence, N/D Committee, June 4 1982 [1979-1982]

AMIEU/NDE/5 N/D Correspondence, Completed 25.6.82 [1981-1982]

AMIEU/NDE/6 Outward Correspondence, Northern District Executive, 13 July 1990

AMIEU/NDE/7 Outward Correspondence, Northern District Executive, 10 May 1991

AMIEU/NDE/8 Correspondence, Northern District Executive, 10 May 1991 [1990-1991]

AMIEU/NDE/9 Correspondence, Northern District Executive Meeting, 1 October 1993 [1992-1993]

Archives Location: 442M


Series 3:   AMIEU, Queensland Branch

AMIEU/QB/1 'In This Bundle':

i. Bennett Award Conference - Brisbane, 2/1/59

ii. Federal and State Award correspondence, 1933 to 1939

iii. Miscellaneous - Starting dates etc., QME, Swifts, Borthwicks

iv. 1960 contracts to Melbourne

v. 1940 Registrations - Ross River and Alligator Creek

vi. J and LC correspondence, General Meat Stock, 1940s

vii. Other historical documents (Meat Industry)

AMIEU/QB/2 1950s-Early 1980s: State Award - Livestock Truckers

AMIEU/QB/3 Correspondence 1950s

AMIEU/QB/4 Correspondence 1960s

AMIEU/QB/5 Correspondence 1962-1964

AMIEU/QB/6 Correspondence 1965-1967

AMIEU/QB/7 Correspondence 1970s

AMIEU/QB/8 Correspondence 1970

AMIEU/QB/9 Correspondence 1970-1973

AMIEU/QB/10 Correspondence 1980s

AMIEU/QB/11 Correspondence 1986

AMIEU/QB/12 Correspondence 1990s

AMIEU/QB/13 Outward Correspondence 1991-1992

AMIEU/QB/14 Workers Compensation For Employees: Common Law Claims for Damages for Personal Injuries, 1990s

AMIEU/QB/15 Branch C.O.M. Correspondence, 1961-1962

Archives Location: 442R-443L


Series 4:   AMIEU - Other State Branches

AMIEU/OSB/1  New South Wales Branch, Correspondence 1960s and 1970s

AMIEU/OSB//2  Perth Branch, Correspondence 1960s and 1970s

AMIEU/OSB/3  Victorian Branch, Correspondence 1960s and 1970s

Archives Location: 443L


Series 5:   Queensland Trades and Labour Council

AMIEU/QTLC/1 Correspondence, October 1962

AMIEU/QTLC/2 Correspondence, February-March 1963

AMIEU/QTLC/3 Correspondence, May-June 1963

AMIEU/QTLC/4 Correspondence, July-August 1963

AMIEUQTLC/5 Correspondence, 1963

AMIEU/QTLC/6 Correspondence, 1963-1969

AMIEU/QTLC/7 Correspondence, 1970s

Archives Location: 443L


Series 6:   Meat Industry Companies

AMIEU/MIC/1 Cairns Meat Export Co. Pty. Ltd., 1979-1980

AMIEU/MIC/2 Swifts' Meat Division, 1976: Workers Compensation Act

AMIEU/MIC/3 Swift Australian Co. Pty. Ltd., Employers History Correspondence

AMIEU/MIC/4 Employers: Swifts - Other

AMIEU/MIC/5 Employers: Borthwicks - Merinda

Archives Location: 443L


Series 7:   AMIEU - Sub-Branch

AMIEU/SB/1 Thomas Borthwick & Sons Merinda Meatworks, 1962-1967

i. Sub-Branch Correspondence

ii. Reports - Individual Members

iii. Agreements - Task Descriptions

iv. Disputes

v. Employers Correspondence

AMIEU/SB/2 Swift Australian Co. Pty. Ltd.: Sub-Branch History Correspondence, 1961-1968

AMIEU/SB/3 Retail Sub-Branches: General Correspondence

AMIEU/SB/4 Local Sub-Branch: Ross River. Ross River Meatworks Sub-Branch: History Reports

i. Long Service Leave Disputes

ii. General Correspondence

Archives Location: 443M


Series 8:   Livestock Truckers

AMIEU/LT/1 Livestock Truckers History File 1921-1960 [1954-1980]

AMIEU/LT2 Correspondence 1970s-1990s

Archives Location: 443M


Series 9:   Other Unions

AMIEU/OU/1 Building Workers Industrial Union of Australia

AMIEU/OU/2 Australian Railways Union

AMIEU/OU/3 Waterside Workers' Federation of Australia

AMIEU/OU/4 Waterside Workers' Federation of Australia, 1963

Archives Location: 443M


Series 10:   Occupational Health and Safety

AMIEU/OHS/1 Occupational safety news bulletins and correspondence, 1969-1971

AMIEU/OHS/2 H. Fay. Safety. Occupational Health and Safety, 1965-1995

AMIEU/OHS/3 Crimes, 1962-1963

Archives Location: 443M

Series 11:   Peace, Disarmament Issues

AMIEU/PDI/1 Peace, 1961-169

AMIEU/PDI/2 Peace, International Disarmament Correspondence, early 1960s

AMIEU/PDI/3 AMIEU 'Peace Issues' Correspondence, 1963-1964

AMIEU/PDI/4 Peace Issues file, 1964

Archives Location: 443M


Series 12:   Various 'Decades' Correspondence

AMIEU/VDC/1 1960s Correspondence

AMIEU/VDC/2 1962, 1963

AMIEU/VDC/3 1963-1964

AMIEU/VDC/4 1960-1963: Council Correspondence to Members

AMIEU/VDC/5 April, 1963

AMIEU/VDC/6 H. Fay, C.O.M. May, 1966

AMIEU/VDC/7 Letters/Correspondence, 1970s

AMIEU/VDC/8 Correspondence, Mackay, 1970s

AMIEU/VDC/9 Other Branches, 1973-1976

AMIEU/VDC/10 1981: George Linde

AMIEU/VDC/11 Material from folder "Pentland", 1980-1988

AMIEU/VDC/12 Correspondence 1982-1983, I/III

AMIEU/VDC/13 Correspondence 1982-1983, II/III

AMIEU/VDC/14 Correspondence 1982-1983, III/III

AMIEU/VDC/15 1990: Correspondence: ACTU Mark VI Wage Increase & Further 3% Occupational Super Instalment

AMIEU/VDC/16 1982-1985

Archives Location: 443M-444L


Series 13:   AMIEU - Insurance Matters

AMIEU/INS/1 C.J. Wordsworth & Co. regarding Real Estate, 1958

AMIEU/INS/2 Royal Insurance Company

AMIEU/INS/3 State Government Insurance Office, 1942-1980

AMIEU/INS/4 Lease agreements, 1977-1980

AMIEU/INS/5 Other insurance: Victoria Insurance Co. Ltd.; Smart Choice

Archives Location: 444L


Series 14:   Miscellaneous

AMIEU/MISC/1 Unemployment

AMIEU/MISC/2 Other Political Parties

AMIEU/MISC/3 State Departments

AMIEU/MISC/4 Communist Party, 1961-1973


AMIEU/MISC/6 Townsville Local Abbatoir Correspondence

Archives Location: 444L