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Born in Charleville, Queensland, in 1922, John Handyside Barnes was educated at Charleville State School, Brisbane Grammar School and the University of Queensland. He graduated in 1946 as a Doctor of Medicine. Much of his research on marine stingers was carried out while he worked as a medical practitioner on Thursday Island, Cape York Peninsula, and in Cairns.

The Barnes papers consist of diaries, correspondence, publications and various research materials collected by Barnes during his research on marine stingers.

These papers were presented by the family on Dr Barnes's death in 1985. Conditions apply to their use.

 Archive Location: 179L-182L, Folio 507

Series Listing

Diaries, 1959 - 1975

Correspondence, 1954 - 1958

Publications, 1944 - 1974

Card file, 1950 - 1960

Catalogues, 1960 - 1966

Research notes

Cassette tapes, 1973


News clippings



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Detailed Listing

JHB/DIA 1959, 1960, 1964-1975
JHB/CORR/a Original correspondence between Southcott and Barnes and other correspondence relating to marine stinger investigations. Spiral binder, 1954-1958
JHB/CORR/b A copy of the above but not an identical. Added information is included.
JHB/PUB/1 Queensland. Department of Harbours and Marine. Tide tables. 1962, 1966, 1971-1974. 1974 is in two copies.
JHB/PUB/2a Original set of Flecker's publications.
  1.  Flecker, H. "Injuries produced by plants in tropical Queensland." Reprint from the Medical Journal of Australia, 23 June 1945
  2.  Flecker, H. and McSweeny, Anthony. "Irritation produced by the procession caterpillar (ochrogaster contraria)." Reprint from the Medical Journal of Australia, 5 August 1944.
  3.  Reid, C.C. and Flecker, H. "Snake bite by a Taipan with recovery." Reprint from the Medical Journal of Australia, 21 January 1950
  4.  Flecker, H. "Further notes on Irukandji stings." Reprint from the Medical Journal of Australia, 5 January 1957
  5.  Flecker, H. "Irukandji sting to North Queensland bathers without production of Weals but with severe general symptoms." Reprint from the Medical Journal of Australia, 19, July 1952
  6.  Flecker, H. "Fatal stings to North Queensland bathers." The Medical Journal of Australia, 12 January 1952
  7.  Flecker, H. "Injuries from stone fish." The Medical Journal of Australia, 8 September 1956
JHB/PUB/2b A copy of the above set
JHB/PUB/3 Other publications used by Barnes included in this collection
  a.  Freeman, Shirley E. and Turner, R.J. "Cardiovascular effects of toxins isolated from the Cnidarian Chironex fleckeri." Southcott. Reprint from the British Journal of Pharmacology, January 1971, v. 41, no. 1.
  b.  Endean, R. et al. "A study of the biological activity of toxic material derived from nematocysts of the Cubomedusae Chironex Fleckeri." Reprint form Toxicon, v. 6, 1969 (2 copies)
  c. Marr, A.G.M. and Baxter, E.H. "Effect of proteolytic enzymes on the venom of the sea wasp Chironex fleckeri." Reprint from Toxicon, 1971, v. 9.
  d.  Robson, Elaine A. "The discharge of nematocysts in relation to properties of the capsules." Reprint from publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, vol. 20. (Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Cnidaria). December 1973
  e. Marr, A.G.M. and Baxter, E.H. "Short communication; the low molecular weight fraction of sea wasp (Chironex fleckeri) venom." Reprint from Toxicon, 1974, v. 12.
  f.  Crone, H.D. and Keen, T.E.B. "Chiromatographic properties of the hemolysin from the Cnidarian Chironex fleckeri." Reprint from Toxicon, 1969, v.7.
  g.  Endean, R. and Henderson, Lyn. "Further studies of toxic material from nematocysts for the Cubomedusae Chironex fleckeri." Southcott. Reprint from Toxicon, 1969, v. 7
  h.  Freeman, Shirley E. "Actions of Chironex fleckeri toxins on Cardiac transmembrane potentials." Reprint from Toxicon, 1974, v. 12.
  i.  Baxter, E.H. et al. "Immunity to the venom of the sea wasp chironex fleckeri." Reprint from Toxicon, 1968, v. 6.
  j.  Freeman, Shirley E. and Turner, R.J.A. "Pharmacological study of the toxin of a cnidarian Chironex fleckeri." Southcott (unpublished photocopied article)
JHB/PUB/4 Some magazines used by Barnes
  a.  "A glimpse of poisonous and venomous marine life"
  b.  Animals, v. 2, no. 2, 1963
  c.  Wildlife in Australia, v. 4, no. 4, 1967
JHB/PUB/5 Barnes's publications
  a.  Barnes, J.H. "Observations on jellyfish stings in North Queensland." Reprint from the Medical Journal of Australia, December 24, 1960
  b.  Barnes, J.H. "Siphonophores. Part 1." Reprint from the Journal of North Queensland Naturalist Club, v. 30, June 30.
  c.  Barnes, J.H. "Dangerous Starfish - Acanthaster planci." Reprint from the Medical Journal of Australia, 1964, 1, pp. 592
  d.  Barnes, J.H. "Cause and effect in Irukandji Stingers." Reprint from the Medical Journal of Australia, 1964, v. 1
  e. Barnes, J.H. "Chironex fleckeri and Chiropsalmus quadrigatus - morphological distinctions." North Queensland Naturalist, v. 32, no. 137 (2 copies)
  f.  Barnes, J.H. "The crown of Thorns Starfish as a destroyer of Coral." Australian Natural History, December, 1966.
  g.  Barnes, J.H. "Studies on three venomous cubomedusae." Reprint from The Cnidaria and Their Evolution, Symp. Zool. Soc. Land., no. 16, 1966.
  h.  Barnes, J.H. "Extraction of cnidarian venom from living tentacle." Reprint from International Symposium on Animal Toxins, 1966
  i.  Seminar on Marine Stingers, James Cook University, 1971
  j. "Injuries to man from marine invertebrates in the Australian region."
  k. Barnes, J.H. "A diagnostic procedure for marine stings."
  l.  Barnes, J.H. "Cause and effect in Irukandji stings." Reprint from the Medical Journal of Australia, 1964, v. 1.
  m.  NAZAAS 42nd Congress, 1970. Port Moresby.
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Card File  
JBH/CF/a Locality information sightings and stings of various stingers, 1950-1966
JHB/CF/b Temperature and salinity records of Irukandji, Chironex, Chiropsalmus and other stingers.
JHB/CAT/a Observations of sightings, collection and testing of box jellyfish and other marine organisms. Original copy. 10 loose-leaf binders, 1960-1966
JHB/CAT/b A copy of the above in 11 bound volumes.
Research Notes  
JHB/RES/1-2 Research notes on nematocyst studies. 2 packets.
Cassette Tapes  
JHB/CAS Information on marine stingers collected from Queensland Ambulance Transport Brigade in 1973, treatment and television programmes etc. Two 90-minute cassettes and seven microcassettes.
JHB/PAM Queensland Health Education Council pamphlets on marine stingers.
News Clippings  
JHB/NES JH. Barnes press clippings
JBH/MISC a.  Donation records of Barnes's research material.
  b.  Brief bibliographical notes on Barnes and a report on stinger investigations.
  c.  Notes of lecture by Barnes to students, Townsville, 1966.
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Additions Papers pertaining to the identification of the box jelly fish, chironex fleckeri, by Dr H. Flecker
JHB/CORR/c Photocopied correspondence regarding marine stinger investigations with Dr Flecker and others.

R.V. Southcott and N.S. Powys. "Marine stingers in North Queensland", 1944 - submitted to the Medical Journal of Australia

L.J. Webb. "Present status of investigations on fatal and non-fatal stings of cubomedusae along the Queensland coast" - C.S.I.R.O. paper 1957

JHB/NEW/2 Newspaper clippings on Dr H. Flecker, 1956-1957
JHB/MISC d.  Notes on Ciguatera
  e.  Notes on Chiropsalmus Quadrigatus
  f.  Notes on Chironex Fleckeri
  g.  patients' cards (Ciguatera)
  h. Notes on Chironex sting to child, Thomasetti
  i.  Newspaper articles on marine stingers

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