The H. Neil Smith Prize Archive

The H. Neil Smith Prize was founded in 1972 by Mr. H. Neil Smith with a donation of $700. This prize is awarded to the candidate who submits the short story of not more than 2000 words, judged to be the best submitted in the particular year.

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Detailed Listing

HNS/1 Prize: 'Jean's Sofa' by Maureen Raewyn Marychurch, 5p.

HNS/2 Prize: 'Shoes Thick with Mud' by David N. Hardy, 7p.

HNS/3 Prize: 'Conversation in a Bar' by Peter William Hazel, 5p.

HNS/4 Prize: 'The Wound' by Mark Badham, 4p.

HNS/5 Prize: 'The Cottage by the Lake' by A. J. Coe, 4p.

HNS/6 Correspondence from F E Daveson, JCU Administrative Services, to Ms M G Mackay advising that, as no submissions had been received by closing date, the prize not be awarded for 1989.

HNS/7 Prize: 'The Price' by Gaye Thiel.

HNS/8 Prize: 'My Cousin Normie' by Nerida Day.

HNS/9 Prize: 'Home Beautiful...' by Melody Church.

HNS/10A Prize: 'The Hunter' by Peter Ryle.
HNS/10B Prize: 'Transforming Tony' by M. Wicks.

HNS/11 Prize: 'Never Drive a Car when You're Dead' by Paul Robert Curran.

HNS/12 Prize: 'Cone of Hostility' by Robin Dingle.
HNS/13 Entry: 'The Tree' by Ruth Dixon.
HNS/14 Entry: 'Tears and Triumph' by Gordon Smith.
HNS/15 Entry: 'Abby' by Suzanne Tranter.

HNS/18 Prize: 'Subcity' by Elizabeth Edwards.
Entry: 'Daddy' by Lenore Margaret Smith.
Entry: 'Zelda' by Brett A. Jensen.
Entry: 'Patriotic Love' by Katie Comber.
Entry: 'The Urban Wife' by Michael Riley.
Entry: 'Angie' by Sarah Louise Clarke.
Entry: 'Negative Evolution' by Mark George Mayer.

HNS/19A Prize: 'Snapshot' by Lynn Smith
HNS/19B Entry: 'Miracle Grow' by Andrew Tefft
HNS/19C Entry: 'The Taste of Rain' by Brett A. Jensen

HNS/20 Prize: 'Requiem' by Ann Louise Stewart.
HNS/21 Entry: 'Beginner's Unluck' by Jillian Novelli.
HNS/22 Entry: 'White Crosses' by David Wright.
HNS/23 Entry: 'Life in a Kodacrome' by Gai Johnston.
HNS/24 Entry: 'Top Dog' by Graham Cox.
HNS/25 Entry: 'The Moss Bed' by Catherine Jones.
HNS/26 Entry: 'The Mop Bucket' by Julie Wuth.
HNS/27 Entry: 'South of the Line' by Catherine Baskerville.
HNS/28 Entry: 'Bad Timing' by Shannon Elizabeth Lerch.
HNS/29 Entry: 'An Accident Wanting to Happen' by Alexander Kippin.
HNS/30 Entry: 'Lion' by Annelise Wiebkin.
HNS/31 Entry: 'What the Ladybug Said' by Lana Hanley.

2001(No prize awarded.)
HNS/32 Entry: 'Coffee and Helga' by Adam Brooker.
HNS/33 Entry: 'Just Thinking Out Loud' by Linnea Nielsen.
HNS/34 Entry: 'The Sanctuary' by Kari Richte.

HNS/35 Prize: 'Battle for the Pit' by Brett Allen.
HNS/36 Entry: 'The Inside and the Outside' by Sula Blake.
HNS/37 Entry: 'The Mysterious Statue' by Glenda Bolger.
HNS/38 Entry: 'Mirror Image' by Andrea Dobbin.
HNS/39 Entry: 'The Legend' by Jacqueline Kelly.
HNS/40 Entry: 'A Nice Night's Entertainment' by David Leakey.
HNS/41 Entry: 'Ma Rosie' by Noela McNamara.
HNS/42 Entry: 'Kayla's Dream' by Katherine Poulsen.
HNS/43 Entry: 'A Taste of Fear' by Vicki Stonehouse.

HNS/44 Prize: 'Because' by Christopher Quirk.
HNS/45 Entry: 'A Secret Life' by Aaron Clarke.
HNS/46 Entry: 'At the Last Moment' by Alex Dundas-Taylor.
HNS/47 Entry: 'With Grapes it Pays to be Picky' by Rochelle Enever.
HNS/48 Entry: 'The Art of Capturing Minds' by Daniel King.
HNS/49 Entry: 'Blot on the Horizon' by Susan Mattocks
HNS/50 Entry: 'The Tunes of Death' by Erwin Van Wyk.
HNS/51 Entry: 'Jenna's Gift' by Alana Ward.

HNS/52 Prize: 'The Notetaker' by David Thornley.
HNS/53 Entry: 'Struggle' by Kathryn Machin.
HNS/54 Entry: 'A Father's Pride' by Brian Welch.

HNS/55 Prize: 'Happy' by Liam Anderson.
HNS/56 Entry: [Untitled] by Belinda Almond.
HNS/57 Entry: 'Not for Nothing' by Marilyn June Anderson
HNS/58 Entry: 'Nothing Like a Story' by Jodi Bradley.
HNS/59 Entry: 'The Thompson Babies Sing the Blues' by Julia Germaine.
HNS/60 Entry: 'Blues Harp' by Gregory Harvey.
HNS/61 Entry: 'The Master Weaver' by Danene Jones.
HNS/62 Entry: 'Melampode Grove' by Alexandria Reichardt.
HNS/63 Entry: 'The Cowboy and the Bumblebee' by Alexandra Te- Loo.

HNS/64 Prize: 'On Truth' by Gregroy Harvey
HNS/65 Entry: [Untitled] by Shannon Allwood
HNS/66 Entry: 'Sands of Love' by Adam Cohen
HNS/67 Entry: 'Bettys Story' by Marian Forster
HNS/68 Entry: 'The untold secret of love' by Linda Hill
HNS/69 Entry: 'The Prison Visit' by Jack James
HNS/70 Entry: 'Canefire' by Brent King
HNS/71 Entry: 'The Scream' by Elke Nagy
HNS/72 Entry: 'Memories Like Solid Objects' by Suzanne Peterkin
HNS/73 Entry: 'Outcast' by Hensllyn Pwea
HNS/74 Entry: 'Swamp Fever' by Lynette Russell
HNS/75 Entry: 'You must be a Libra' by Janne Rytkonen
HNS/76 Entry: 'The Guitar Player' by David Sheldrick
HNS/77 Entry: 'Market Mayhem' by Leah Sladden
HNS/78 Entry: 'Battle for the Bath Tub' by Anna Strohfeldt
HNS/79 Entry: 'Finale' by Emily Vucak
HNS/80 Entry: 'Dark Room, Red Lips' by Kelly Ward
HNS/81 Entry: 'King of the New World' by Nicholas Webb

HNS/82 Prize: "The Fry-up" by Marcus Baynes-Rock
HNS/83 Entry: "Two Worlds" by Inga Louise Alexander
HNS/84 Entry: "The Whisper" by Laura Brodnik
HNS/85 Entry: "The Emancipation of Mr Hudson" by Patrick Ta Chang Hsiao
HNS/86 Entry: "My Time of Dying" by Timothy McKean
HNS/87 Entry: "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" by Brian Ross

(No material received)

HNS/89 Prize: ‘Toothbrushes’ by Eleanor Chloe Doyle
HNS/90 Entry: ‘The Letter’ by Amnesty Achilles
HNS/91 Entry: ‘Into That World Inverted …’ by Karina Andrew
HNS/92 Entry: ‘An Icy Encounter’ by Bronia Jane Cameron
HNS/93 Entry: ‘Campfire’ by Emma Louise Cooper
HNS/94 Entry: ‘Human Nature’ by Noy Gliksman
HNS/95 Entry: ‘The Recreation’ by Andrew Sujeevan Jeyaruban
HNS/96 Entry: ‘The Outback Ghetto” by Jack Koci
HNS/97 Entry: ‘The Amazing Adventures of Captain Luca James’ by Jason Alexander Meldrum
HNS/98 Entry: ‘The Day I Ate a Mosquito – A True Story of Adventure and Heroism’ by Luken Gerrit Rijnbout
HNS/99 Entry: ‘The Train Game’ by Kara Schrader
HNS/100 Entry: ‘Ashes of the Jungle’ by Michael Serenc
HNS/101 Entry: ‘What She Was Looking For’ by Marie Vella

HNS/102 Prize: ‘Respite’ by Jennifer Holly Francis
HNS/103 Entry: ‘Pink Angel’ by Kylie Berry-Porter
HNS/104 Entry: ‘Wisdom’s Folly’ by Phoebe Jennifer Chisnall
HNS/105 Entry: ‘Mountain Rush’ by Jonathan William Entriken
HNS/106 Entry: ‘Hallway’ by Therese Mary Evert
HNS/107 Entry: ‘Ghosts of the Present’ by Elizabeth Corille Fraser
HNS/108 Entry: ‘One Harmonica Playing’ by Nathan Murray House
HNS/109 Entry: ‘A Deep Odyssey’ by Alan Maxwell Ingram
HNS/110 Entry: ‘Glass’ by Tessa Mary Mackie
HNS/111 Entry: ‘Coming Home’ by Bianca Jayne Millroy
HNS/112 Entry: [Untitled] by Sean Michael O’Neill
HNS/113 Entry: ‘For a Smile – The Things Which Bring Us Together’ by Natasha Anna Pace
HNS/114 Entry: ‘Still Life’ by Sarabeth Emmanuel Petersen
HNS/115 Entry: ‘Going Home’ by Bryn Morgan Smith
HNS/116 Entry: ‘C12’ by Annie Louise Tyrrell
HNS/117 Entry: ‘The Claw’ by Rachael Anne Urquhart

HNS/118 Prize: ‘The Diner’ by Barry Fitzsimmons
HNS/119 Entry: ‘An Unexpected Crossing’ by James Clark
HNS/120 Entry: ‘A Visit to the Doctor’ by Stevie Jean Dilley
HNS/121 Entry: ‘The Bunker’ by Peter Jacob Fisher
HNS/122 Entry: ‘The 3.45’ by Elizabeth Corille Fraser
HNS/123 Entry: ‘Jail Bird’ by Noy Gliksman
HNS/124 Entry: ‘Male Bonding, or, What’s for Tea’ by Francis Patrick Hall
HNS/125 Entry: ‘The Forgotten’ by Carole Anne Hardingham
HNS/126 Entry: ‘The Power of Two’ by Amber Maria Hildenbrand
HNS/127 Entry: ‘Their Last Meal’ by Christopher Kjeld Jensen
HNS/128 Entry: ‘Written Co.’ by Emmanuel Bangoto Kwaw
HNS/129 Entry: ‘Christmas South of the Equator but North of Civilisation’ by Rhiannon Jane Mesner
HNS/130 Entry: ‘Elsewhere’ by Dagmar Neumann-Hoellerer
HNS/131 Entry: ‘The Real Archaeologists’ by Bronwyn Deborah Orr
HNS/132 Entry: ‘I Love Australia’ by Jacqueline Barbara Ranatunga
HNS/133 Entry: ‘The Ultimate Escape’ by Nicola Imogen Santarossa
HNS/134 Entry: ‘Silver Eyes’ by Adam Christopher Stringini
HNS/135 Entry: ‘They Remembered’ by Frankilee Mary Vanderkruk

HNS/136 Prize: ‘Craddock: Magnus Nights’ by Bryn Morgan Smith
HNS/137 Entry: ‘Muff Guns and Doodlebugs’ by Lucy Michelle Bonanno
HNS/138 Entry: ‘Special Delivery’ by Leanne Yee Kuan Chai
HNS/139 Entry: ‘Any Suggestions?’ by Dominique Jennifer Clarke
HNS/140 Entry: ‘The Changeling’ by Carole Anne Hardingham
HNS/141 Entry: ‘Waiting’ by Stuart Andrew Martin Harris
HNS/142 Entry: ‘The Only Moment We Were Alone’ by Julian Patrick Homewood
HNS/143 Entry: ‘Offside’ by Hannah Maree Romano
HNS/144 Entry: ‘Emess Elle’ by Ramiro Xavier Salvador Romero
HNS/145 Entry: ‘A Better Place’ by Nikitha Venkatachalam
HNS/146 Entry: ‘Unseen and Unheard’ by Demelza Gemma Wool

HNS/147 Prize: ‘The Writer’ by Therese Mary Evert
HNS/148 Entry: ‘The Bush Chorus’ by Riley Paul Adair
HNS/149 Entry: ‘Grace’ by Lucy Michelle Bonanno
HNS/150 Entry: ‘First and Last’ by Sharna Courtney Brendecke
HNS/151 Entry: ‘Oh the Coincidences of Life …’ by Madeleine Majella Cosgrave
HNS/152 Entry: ‘In which some members of the Single Mothers’ Wine Tasting Group convene to debate ethics and strategies for a home invasion, perform a daring covert operation while under the influence of Maglieri Lambrusco – on special for $3.15 – and discover one of the many and varied uses for Roundup’ by Karen Dade
HNS/153 Entry: ‘Judgement Day’ by Mark Stephen Daly
HNS/154 Entry: ‘The Melody of Melancholy’ by Andrew Luke Domadius
HNS/155 Entry: ‘Ties’ by Sarah Jane Downham
HNS/156 Entry: ‘Drop Dead, Gorgeous’ by Ajia-Moon Flynn-Pittar
HNS/157 Entry: ‘Susie’s Adventure in India’ by Sheila Foong Har Gowlett
HNS/158 Entry: ‘Jumble Culture’ by Tamlyn Lee Magee
HNS/159 Entry: ‘Lipstick’ by Oluwatobi Kolawole Martins
HNS/160 Entry: ‘The Party’ by Denise Muir
HNS/161 Entry: ‘Looessa Bay’ by Eleanor Alice Louise Pratt
HNS/162 Entry: ‘The Gamekeeper of Rosings’ by Brent Gordon Rogers
HNS/163 Entry: ‘Young Wheat’ by Hannah Grace Royster
HNS/164 Entry: ‘Chance Encounter’ by Megan Jesse Anne Twine
HNS/165 Entry: ‘Small Lies’ by Travis John Whipps

HNS/166 Prize: ‘Autumn’ by Meg Barnes
HNS/167 Entry: ‘The Masks We Wear’ by Jessica Catherine Turner
HNS/168 Entry: ‘She is Coming’ by Felicity Ruth Sartain
HNS/169 Entry: ‘Good Morning’ by Nicholas James Potter
HNS/170 Entry: ‘The Giant Dog’ by Brittney Maree Moody
HNS/171 Entry: ‘Alice’ by Hannah Luck
HNS/172 Entry: ‘Persecution’ by Erica Jorgensen
HNS/173 Entry: ‘Guilty’ by Kristy Leigh Long
HNS/174 Entry: ‘Africa and the Influences that Led Me to University’ by Neisha Maree Graham
HNS/175 Entry: ‘Newly Adopted’ by Stephanie Louise Ferguson
HNS/176 Entry: ‘From Weeds and Wikipedia to Academia’ by Eva Elizabeth Erhardt
HNS/178 Entry: ‘Duality’ by Ellie Catherine Donnelly
HNS/179 Entry: ‘Unscripted Girls’ by Renee Abel

HNS/180  Minutes of JCU Council, dated 1 August 1985, noting that no entries were received for H. Neil Smith Prize in 1985.
HNS/181  Memorandum dated 24 September 1984, from A J Hassall, Head of English Dept, to inform K N Chester that the H. Neil Smith Prize would not be awarded.
HNS/182  Minutes of JCU Faculty of Arts, dated 27 September 1982, resolving that approval of the award of the H. Neil Smith Prize in 1982 to Ms M Marychurch be confirmed.
HNS/183  Minutes of JCU Faculty of Arts, dated 4 August 1981, resolving that recommendation that the H. Neil Smith Prize not be awarded in 1981 be confirmed.
HNS/184  Correspondence, dated 7 March 1981, from K J C Back, JCU Vice-Chancellor, to Mr H. Neil Smith inviting him to attend the JCU Prize Presentation Luncheon and regretting that the H. Neil Smith prize could not be awarded in 1980.
HNS/185  Minutes of JCU Faculty of Arts, dated 10 October 1979, resolving that the recommendation that the H. Neil Smith Prize be awarded for 1979 be awarded to Ms H. Wellesley-Whitehouse be confirmed.
HNS/186  Correspondence, dated 12 March 1979, from K J C Back, JCU Vice-Chancellor, to Mr H. Neil Smith inviting him to attend the JCU 1978 Prize Presentation Luncheon and regretting that the H. Neil Smith Prize in English Poetry was not offered in 1978.
HNS/187 Minutes of JCU Council, dated 2 November 1978, with resolved approval of amended rules for the award of the H. Neil Smith Prize
HNS/188  Correspondence, dated 2 May 1974, from K J C Back, JCU Vice-Chancellor, to Mr H. Neil Smith inviting him to attend the 1973 JCU Prize Presentation Luncheon and regretting that the H. Neil Smith Prize for English Poetry was not awarded in 1973.
HNS/189  Minutes of JCU Faculty of Arts, dated 13 December 1972, resolving that the recommendation that the 1972 H. Neil Smith Prize in English Poetry be awarded to L. K. Archer.
HNS/190  Minutes of JCU Council, dated 6 July 1972, resolving that the rules for the H. Neil Smith Prize in English Poetry be confirmed.


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