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Copyright Information for text-based works & images (book chapters, journal articles, charts, graphs) - click to show/hide

  • Copyright exists in texts such as books, manuscripts, sheet music and the artistic works which accompany texts. You need permission from a copyright owner to copy a substantial part of their work unless a copyright exception or licence applies.
  • James Cook University pays a licence fee to the copyright collecting society CAL. This allows JCU staff to copy and communicate reasonable portions of the work for educational purposes without seeking permission from the copyright owner.
  • For articles contained in a journal or periodical publication (issue), the whole or part of an article can be copied; or more than one article in the same periodical publication if they are on the same subject. For books, 10% of the pages, (or 10% of words in the book if it is already in electronic form, eg CD ROM), or one chapter of a book whatever is greater - PER INSTITUTION. This means that if one person puts one chapter of a particular book online, no one else in the University can put any other portion of that book online until the first portion is removed. This is quite different from the print copying licence and for journals.
  • The Part VB copyright notice must be displayed before the work. Library staff will attach this notice to the work.

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