Series 1 - Personal papers and Autobiography

Date Range1929 - 1968
Quantity6 folders
ProvenanceJohn (Jack) Gargan

This series contains hand written drafts and three typed copies of an autobiographical manuscript of the early life of Jack Gargan, a diary belonging to Lily Claringbold and personal papers relating to Jack.

Inventory Listing

Personal Papers

Undated photograph of Jack Gargan;
Copy of Certificate of Marriage of John Gargan to Lily Claringbold, dated 20 July 1937;
Correspondence from Comonwealth Savings Bank and copy of death certificate of Lily Gargan, 14 April 1938;
Atherton Show prize certificates 1946;
Share Certificate, The Great Northern Cannery Co-operative Association, 25 January 1952;
School Reports of Peter Gargan, 1955 and 1959;
Vaccination Record of Margaret Gargan, 1957;
Examination results for Peter Gargan, January 1958;
Swimmer's Certificate of John Gargan, 22 March 1960;
Examination results for John Gargan, January 1961;
Examination results for Margaret Gargan, January 1962;
Hand written speech, undated
Photocopy of newspaper article from the Maffra Spectator 1927;
Photcopy of two Australian bush ballads "Beyond his Jurisdiction" and "Allman's Bar".

Creator John (Jack) Gargan
Date range 1937 - 1962
Formats General Correspondence, Loose Photographic Prints, Photocopied Documents and Forms
Inventory Identifier GARG00001 Box Number 1 Series 1
Policies and Agreements

Motor vehicle insurance policy, International K4 truck, 21 November 1945;
Life assurance policies for John, Peter and John Ernest Gargan, 24 February 1948;
Dwelling Insurance on Portion 71 Parish of Barron, Maunds Road, Atherton, 1948 and portion 73, 1951;
Life assurance policy, P. Gargan, 12 October 1960;
Personal accident policy, P. A Gargan, 20 April 1960 and 1964;
Partnership Agreement, John Gargan, Peter Alexander Gargan and John Ernest Gargan, dated 31 May 1963;
Motor vehicle policy, 1966 Holden sedan, dated 1 October 1967;
Agreement for sale of land between John, Peter Alexander and John Ernest Gargan, 2 February 1968.

Creator John (Jack) Gargan
Date range 1945 - 1968
Formats Forms
Inventory Identifier GARG00002 Box Number 1 Series 1
Diary of Lily (Claringbold) Gargan

Hand written daily diary of Lily (Claringbold) Gargan, Ellison Farm, East Barron, Atherton dated from 1 January 1929 to Wednesday 25 August 1937.

Lily passed away on 2 October 1937 at the age of 36.

Creator John (Jack) Gargan
Date range 1929 - 1937
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier GARG00003 Box Number 1 Series 1
Autobiography - hand written draft

Set of of three hand written undated notebooks by Jack Gargan.

Creator John (Jack) Gargan
Date range Undated
Formats Notebooks
Inventory Identifier GARG00004 Box Number 1 Series 1
Autobiography - hand written draft

Set of 6 notebooks, loose notes and a typed early version of Jack Gargan's autobiography. This set contains more detail regarding his parents and their origins.

Creator John (Jack) Gargan
Date range Undated
Formats Notebooks and Loose Notes
Inventory Identifier GARG00005 Box Number 1 Series 1
Autobiography - typed

Three sets of typed manuscripts of Jack Gargan's autobiography. Two versions are idenitical while the third contains variations to Jack's story.

Creator John (Jack) Gargan
Date range Undated
Formats Loose Notes
Inventory Identifier GARG00006 Box Number 1 Series 1

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